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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 19


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 19

Fight broke out early hour of the new day, The Red Devils and Black Angels started exchanging gun fight when they clashed in the night club, All the students leaving within off-camp started running to hostel for shelter. Cynthia didt know what to do cause is her first time, the sound of the gun increased and is also drawing near to her Lodge, she passed through the back door and off she went, She ran as fast as possible to the Hostel. She got to Tracy Hostel and met them there.

Tracy; Babe, what’s going on?
Cynthia; I don’t know, may the cultists are fighting with themselves I just don’t know
Tracy; Is ok, just stay here till everything is settled.
Cynthia; Ok thanks.

The School Authority called the Army Headquarters and they promised to arrive soon.
Within few minutes 5 Army Hilux filled with Military men arrived the school.

They drove straight to off-camp where the gun shot continued.
They got there and asked the Cult guys to drop their weapons and surrender but the 2 deadly group now joined forces and started shooting the Military men while the military men also started firing back.

The fight got more mercy while the Military men called for backup cause those 2 groups weapons are too heavy for them.

7 more Hilux arrived and when the 2 Cult group saw this, They started running.

The Military men pursued them and caught only 4 of them, 3 from Red Devils and 1 from Black Angels, they were taken back to the barracks for more interrogations.

The Red Devils got to their Lodge and started shouting in anger.
Scope; No, this must not be, How can they take 3 of my men, let me call the boss.

He put a call through their boss
Boss; Hello, what am I hearing now?

Scope; Boss na those useless Black Angels, they attacked us at the night club, but the problem now is that 3 of our men have been caught by the Military men.
Boss; ok, Let me see what I can do, but next time do let me know before you guys take any other action.
Scope; Ok boss
The call went dead.

The Black Angels got to their own lodge while their Leader placed a call to their own boss
Boss; Hey Sky, how far
Sky; Fine boss, wahala dey
Boss; What’s that
Sky; Na those Red Devils o
Boss; What did they do?
Sky; They tried to take 4 of our girls from us last night and as we were still bragging the issue, they started shooting at us
Boss; Hmm, hope no one died?
Sky; Yes boss, but the problem now is that the Military men came and took one of our men
Boss; Ok, I will see to that
Sky; Ok boss
the line went dead.

All the girls that Gallant asked to come that day in her lodge came and stood at the front of her lodge.
Gallant and Sparkling came out together with some of the Viqueens.
They welcomed them and thanked them for coming back, Sparkling took down all their names and attached it with their numbers and school reg number.

4 other Viqueens gave them small orientation on the things that will be needed for the initiation.
Gallant felt so happy and she walked over to sparkling
Gallant; Babe, how far nah
Sparkling; Am fine jaree
Gallant; Abeg, how many them dey?

Sparkling; 81 girls
Gallant; Wow, that’s cool, that means we are 5 girls ahead of the ANGELS
Sparkling; Yes, You can say that again.
The Orientation was over and Gallant addressed them again and told them that they will be messaged for further arrangements on their initiation, she dismissed them and they went back to their different Hostel since the school is still in great tension after the clash of the 2 deadly cult few hours ago.

Cynthia was scared to go back to her lodge but she was encouraged by Tracy.

Tracy; I will sleep over, If you don’t mind.
Cynthia; Ok no problem
Tracy; Ok I will, let me get some of the things I will be needing
Cynthia; Thanks dear
Cynthia sat down on Tracy bed while waiting on her, Cynthia doesn’t trust Tracy that much cause of her past experience but she had no choice now
Tracy finished with her preparation and they went back to Cynthia’s lodge.
Tracy helped Cynthia in cooking the food they will eat that night and they also gist at the process of the cooking.
Cynthia; Can I ask you a question
Tracy; Ok ask
Cynthia; Do you have a Boyfriend?
Tracy; Haha, Yes I do
Cynthia; Here in this school?
Tracy; Yes
Cynthia; But I haven’t seen him with you
Tracy; Yes, his studying Law and he barely have time so i do go over to his lodge and he do come to the hostel anytime his chanced.
Tracy; Ermm sorry to ask, have you had sex before?
The question threw Cynthia off balance, she was about to speak up when a heavy knock landed on the door
Thunder; Open the door now or I break it down
Thunder waited for few minutes without any sign of the door opening, he gave order and one of his men shot the door at that spot the key is and the door opened immediately.

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