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Contract Marriage - Chapter 7


Contract Marriage - Chapter 7



©Author jenny's

i went home and the whole house was silent ,i walked upstairs and opened the door to see min shivering under the blanket
"Min are you okay"i asked and she nodded gently
"Obviously your not"i replied as i touched her forehead
"let me call the doctor"i added and brought out my phone
minutes later the doctor arrived and i gave him some space with min
I wonder what will be the outcome of what i was planning to ask her
and somehow am beginning to have second thoughts on talking to her

Min pov
the doctor was done with me and i lay of the bed with tears coming down my eyes ,,i cant believe am carrying a child right now and not just anybody child but tan's child
Thankfully i was able to convince the doctor not to tell tan anything all in the name of surprising him
I held my stomach tightly thinking of what to do and what not to do
"Hey are you okay" tan asked ,,while i wiped off my tears before he noticed
"So the doctor said your having a little fever" tan said and i nodded gently
"Yes " i replied
"Are you hungry for anything"he asked and i declined politely
Hours pass by and it was night already ,,tan made me porridge before we both head to our separate room ,,he was quiet and so was i ,,,it seems we both have a lot of things disturbing us
Well i have more things disturbing me and one of them is removing this pregnancy
I lay on my bed and soon slept off


I woke up feeling a lot better than before ,I took my bath and went downstairs to prepare breakfast
"wow,your okay now"i heard said and i nodded gently
"Breakfast will be served soon "i said and continued cooking
soon i served the food and we both ate in silence
"min can we talk"tan said as we cleared the dishes
" yeah sure "i replied
"You know we havent talked about what happened between us in high school right "he said
"What is there to talk about"i replied sternly
"you see,,you never told me the reason you cheated on me" he said
"what,how dare you call me a cheat ,,or you dont think i will find out how you slept with maria behind my back" i yelled angrily
"What i never did such a thing"he yelled back
"Gosh i cant believe you,not only did you cheat but your lying about it like it never happened,,your so unbelievable"i replied
"wait is that the reason you broke up with me ,,,for something i didnt do" he yelled
"Stop lying ,,i saw you guys naked on the bed in your house and your telling me to my face that am lying,,gosh i cant believe this"i yelled
"what do you mean,,am confused,,,i never remember doing all this things your accusing me of "he replied
"Well go ask the maria you had sex with"i yelled angrily and left the room
This is so unbelievable,how can he say ,,he dosent remember when i caught him myself with maria
i saw them together and now his pretending
I cleaned my eyes got dressed and headed to the hospital
I entered the hospital and head straight to the doctors office
"Ma'am are you sure about this ,,because i wouldnt advice it"the doctor said
"Am ready"i replied
"Okay i will give you five minutes to think about this and when your sure you want it you can lay on the bed "he said
I thought about it and my mind is made up so i walked to the bed and layed on it ...

Tan pov
Is there something am missing or i dont remember,,why is everything so confusing
What is min trying to say,,i dont remember having anything to do with min talk more of having sex with her
Gosh i need to see maria

To be continued

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