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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Twenty Three


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Twenty Three


©Author Isabel

I walked back into my office as I sat down still in confusion..
This is really confusing
I should figure out the reason why she behaved like that to me?
How do I?
In what way?
I angrily flung some files away..
The door to Mr Kim 's office opened as Mr Jang walked out..
I stoood up immediately
"Hi Hye Ji"
He said in smiles
"It's been a while since you came to the office"
I said as I couldn't remember the last time he came to the company..
"Yeah! I'm going for my training at Pakistan"
He said smiling
"Debaaa! Wow! Congratulations Ajusshi"
I said to him
"Thank you"
"So how many months?"
I asked in curiosity
"A year"
He said as I was amazed
I exclaimed
That's kinda long enough
"Hye ji?"
He called me
"Yes Ajusshi"
I answered him
"I have something to ask of you"
He said walking towards me
I asked
"What's it?"
I asked in anxiousness
"A favur!"
He said smiling
"Favor? What?"
I asked
"Could you help me watch over Je Na?"
He asked staring into my eyes
"Je na? You mean Mr Kim?"
I asked bewildered
"Why? I...I mean why me?"
I asked as I widened my eyes
"Because you're the right person"
He said
"Right person?"
I can't understand this
"You'll come to understand later but please accept to be his secretary"
He held my hands pleadingly
"Secretary? That's means.."
I asked
"Yeah, you'll be the Chief General Secretary for Damueng"
He smiled
That's really amazing
"Would you?"
He asked
"Of course I would"
I said happily
"Not that!"
He said in a frown
"Then what?"
I asked in surprise
"Taking care of him"
He said as I became lost in thoughts
Why should I?
Mr Kim?
I should take care of him?
"Hye ji?"
He called as he broke into my thoughts
"I.. I would do as you asked of me! I'll take care of him"
I said smiling
"You swear?"
He asked
"I pinky swear"
I think I did what's right
Taking care of him
I did
It's nothing
"Kumapta Hye Ji"
He said to me
"It's okay Ajusshi"
He held my hands as he looked deep into my eyes..
"Certainly you're the right person"
He said still looking deep into my eyes..
I said like a fool
I didn't understand a bit of all he said but I still answered
Isn't that crazy?
"I need to go now"
He said dropping my hands and looking at me before leaving
He's such a nice man
Just like a father
If only my Dad can be this nice..
I would totally feel on top of everything
But he's just useless!
"Totally useless! "
I said to myself
Another mystery to fight and ponder on..
Mysterious task keeps coming my way..
I was about to sit down when the bell chimed..
Mr Kim needs me now..
I walked towards the door but I stopped!
My heart suddenly started beating fast!
"What's happening to me?"
I asked myself in confusion
I placed my hand on the knob of the door but I couldn't open it..
My heart beat banged so hard..
The only time I felt this feeling was when I was in love with Jin Ho..
So what's this?

She opened the door as she popped her head in a bit
"You need something?"
She asked me
"Yeah, bring in the files of our recent contracts"
I said to her
She smiled to me as butterflies flew in my stomach..
She's indeed beautiful
She closed the door back..
What am I feeling?
Am I feeling something?
Should I...
The door opened as she walked in breaking into my thoughts..
She carried a lot of files..
She walked towards me but pppshh...
The files slipped as the fell free to the floor..
She signed in disgust as she bent low to pack them..
I opted to assist her..
I walked towards her as I gave her some files
"Take this"
I said
"Oh! Kamsamita"
She smiled
I bent low together with her as we packed the files..
I shifted towards her well as I picked some up..
She unknowingly raised her head up!
It happened!
Her face became so close as I glanced through her face
Curved eyebrows..
Long eyelashes..
Pointed nose..
Silky white skin..
Then her lips..
Crimson red!
It looked just like that of a vampire seeking for blood
Thin but sexy!
He lips looked really enticing
I brought my face closer to hers as the files in her hands dropped..
Her lips are enticing..
Our lips were just an inch away from each other...
I became tempted as I lost control of my self...

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