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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Twenty Eight


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Twenty Eight


©Author Isabel

I rushed into my office as I pulled put my tie away in anger.
Sweat streamed down my face as I angrily pushed away all the files on my table away...
Who dared to do this?
Who did this crazy act?
Who's the idiot who did something like this?
Hye ji rushed into my office as she was surprised by the sight she saw..
"Mr Kim?"
She called in surprise
"How was where you went to?"
I asked her in anger
"It didn't went well, no one is willing to help!"
She said in disappointment
"What the fuck!"
I threw the files on my table away
"Mr Kim, calm down please!"
She said walking towards me
"I need to know the fool who did this!"
I said flinging away the files in my hand
"We just need some time"
She said trying to pacify me
"Tell me everything! How it happened"
I said to her as my voice creaked out
"I only wanted to access the new contract this morning when I found out that the site has been hacked! "
She explained patiently
"What could have happened?"
I asked irritatedly
"Someone got to leak the information to an outsider! The new contract has gone into waste!"
She said almost crying
"I promise to ..."
He phone rang cutting me off
"Excuse me"
She said picking up the call
I promise to get to the bottom of this!
I'll find the person who hacked up our site
The person who leaked the information!
"Mr Kim?"
Hye ji called me in jittery
"What's it?"
"There's a problem!"
She said in anger
"Those who invested in the new contract are drawing back their investment"
She said
I shouted
Oh my!
What sort of trouble is this?
"I received a call just now"
She said
"What do we do?"
I asked in confusion
"I have an idea!"
She said
My face brightened up immediately
"What's that?"
I asked in excitement
"We can hack an account!"
She said as I threw my head away in surprise
"Whose account?"
"The account of the person who hacked our site"
She said as I found some sense i n what she said
"Wow..how do we go about that?"
I asked her
"All we need to do is to find a professional computer hacker"
She said to me
I thought hard and long as I suddenly remembered who to call
Mi rae!
She knows a lot about hacking!
"You can call on Mi rae!"
I said to her
"Miss Kang?"
She asked
"Yes. She knows a lot about hacking! Go for her now"
I said as she hurried out of the office
The person who did this is a dead rat!
I promise you hell on earth!
Trust me!

I walked about my office as I signed in horror.
Everything is going wrong!
Someone hacked the site of the company this morning!
The company as been through hell!
Investors kept calling threatening to draw away their investment..
This is bad!
Oh my!
Who tried to hack the site?
Who leaked out the information?
Someone from the company did that!
I'm sure but who?
I walked towards the window as I tapped on the blinds in fidgety..
I was about to turn when I heard a knock on my door..
"Please come in"
The door opened as Hye ji walked in..
I just hate the sight of this crazy girl..
"Good morning Miss Kang"
She said smiling
A fake smile!
I hate everything about her!
"Morning, any problem?"
I asked her
"Mr Kim needs your attention, but ain't you supposed to be with him right now?"
She blabbered out
"And what the hell is your business?"
I asked her as she whined
"Just saying"
She said smiling and walking towards the table
"You have nothing to do with him so back off!"
I shouted at her
"Nothing to do with him?"
She asked smiling
This girl is a devil!
"Yeah. Nothing!"
"How can I have nothing to do with him when I'm his girlfriend"
She said as my heart torn down into sheds
I asked stammering as my heart missed a beat
"Oh! He didn't tell you yet?"
She asked as tears formed in my eyes
"Stop lying"
I said to her as I couldn't believe her yet
"I thought you guys are best friends but you actually keep secrets from each other"
She said blabbering
"Maybe he doesn't trust you all the way"
She said walking towards the door
I exclaimed
"Meet him now"
She said closing the door after her
Je na and Hye ji?
I can't allow this!
I can never!
This is crazy!
I promise to make Hye ji pay for this!
I will make je na hate her with passion
I will!
Trust me!
I said to myself smiling ...


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