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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Thirty Three


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Thirty Three


©Author Isabel

I've written down the resignation letter sine no one is ready to believe me.
No one!
I'm leaving this company for good.
Mr Kim has been avoiding me like leper.
He doesn't want me anymore in his office. He hates me bringing in files.
He doesn't even wanna hear from me.
I've been pleading to him but Its not working out.
I'm being framed.
I picked up my phone to call Mr Jang.
At least he must know I'm leaving.
He picked up on the second ring
"Hye ji?"
His voice creaked into my ears
I said as tears formed in my eyes
My heart was heavy
"Hye ji?"
He called me again. He knew something wasn't right.
And that probably I looked a mess.
My eyes has been puffy.
"Is everything okay?"
He asked in a worrisome voice.
Out of nowhere I started crying.
I knew he was one of those people who hated to see someone cry.
"Hye Ji, talk to me"
He asked out of concern
"I was framed!"
That was the only thing that came off my mouth
"Framed? Can you explain?"
He asked as I nodded my head to no one in particular
I ended up explaining everything to him.
Right from when I had to log into the company's site to where I was being framed
Without missing anything!
"I really don't know anything".
I said still crying
" Then go explain yourself "
He said to me but that was the impossible
"He ain't even letting me come close"
I said out of disbelief
"It's okay , so what are you gonna do!"
He asked
"He told me to tender my resignation letter and take responsibility for everything"
I said in tears
"It's okay"
"I'm sorry Ajussi. I failed in what you asked me to do"
I said pleading to him
"It's fine, you're still the right person"
He said out if concern
"I'll calk you back, you're gonna do something for me"
He said hanging up
What's that?
Well...I'm still glad I spoke to him
My heart felt light immediately.
I'm happy I called him.
He's just so nice unlike my dad
My phone rang up as I looked at the called ID
Talk of the devil!
It's been years since he called me
"Yes Dad?"
I said after picking up
"I'm in the company, come downstairs"
He said
I exclaimed
"Appa why?"
I asked
"Just to pick you up"
He said hanging up
Dad wants to pick me up?
Am I dreaming?
I walked over to the window blinds as I looked down.
Dad with a new car?
Oh my!
Why's he?
Did he cause some trouble somewhere?
Not again!
I said walking out...

The day for Mr Lee arrival finally came.
I was like a kid in candy store.
I couldn't wait to see him
The ride to the airport took over an hour. Traffic was backed up like usual.
Mr Lee told me to send a car but I wanted to pick him up personally.
Standing in the terminal was boring like hell.
It was announced that his arrival will be delayed
I decided to look around for a little while but I came back almost immediately.
I sat down engrossed in my thoughts and the next thing, I felt someone tap me on my shoulder.
I turned around and there stood Mr Lee
I jumped out of my seat and hugged him so tight against me.
"Oh my God, I've missed you so much"
I gushed almost in tears
It felt so good to see him. I missed those days. Having him around like my dad.
It was magical.
"Is everything okay?"
I knew it!
He's gonna ask
When you had this person who knew your mood just by the expression on your face, it was something precious
"Yes, I'm good"
I said to him.
"No! You are not"
He said in disagreement
"I'm good! Really, nothing to worry about"
I said trying to calm him
"Okay, let's go"
He said leading the way towards my car
I thought he was gonna talk to me all the way home, but no such luck.
He slept as soon as we hit the freeway
When we pulled into the company's driveway, I mugged him awake.
"We're here? "
He asked in surprise
"I think Yes"
I said to him undoing the seat belt
He came down as I followed suit
My eyes caught a familiar face.
"Hye ji?"
I said as I saw her with an old man
Mr Lee asked
He turned as he saw Her.
He walked up to them immediately
"Ain't you Mr Park?"
Mr Lee asked the old man
"And ain't you Mr Lee?"
He also asked again
I was left in confusion and I guess so was Hye ji too
"Mr Lee, you know him?"
I asked him bugging him
"Of course, together with this young lady"
He said pointing to hye ji
"You mean Hye ji?"
I asked in surprise
"Yes she's your Bride"
He said as I stared at him with in shock
"Your Bride!"
He repeated it again

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