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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Thirty Seven


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Thirty Seven


©Author Isabel

I breathed hard as I knocked on Mr Kim's door. Entering his office now seems like hell to me. I really don't fancy the idea anymore.
He called on me to come in. I opened the door and tried to walk smartly as ever, holding on to the files with me tighter.
I told him to treat me anyhow in the office so I'm wondering how he's gonna do that.
I walked up to him as I bowed slightly and smiling.
"I have brought what you asked for"
"And why are you smiling?"
He didn't even bother to look up at me
"Should I be crying perhaps?"
I stared at him in surprise
"You'll be having a board meeting with the partners of JB Group in 3 hours, then dinner with the vice president of Zeus Hotel"
I cut him off..
"Then what else?"
He still didn't bother to look up
"In 5 hours, you'll be having a shareholders meeting here in Damueng"
I dropped the files in front of him
"Is that all?"
He asked as he lifted the files up
"Yes, for today"
I replied him standing straight back
"Then Get out"
He said as I looked at him in disbelief. He's really a jerk. Very bad one. How can he throw me out if his office.
"Not Get out, you'll say it nicely and properly. You can leave"
I tried to correct him
"Why should I talk nicely to you?"
He finally lifted his gaze up
"Because I'm your bride? Yes I think"
I said smiling widely
"Then get the fuck out of here, your presence sucks"
He said as I looked at him in disgust
I never wanted to stay either.
It's crazy staying with someone who has zero IQ for trusting people. Hell!
I turned as I made my way out of his office closing the door hard and loud.
I walked into my office as I sat down.
After working for over 45 minutes, my stomach grumbled in pain reminding me that I probably didn't take breakfast.
Mr Kim didn't allow me eat anything before leaving.
"It's time for lunch"
I whispered to no one in particular
I stood up as I found my way into the company's cafeteria.
I ordered for my food as I looked for a benefiting seat.
My eyes caught Mr Kim and Mi Rae from afar laughing and eating at the same time.
How nice would it be to join them?
I grinned widely
I carried my food as I walked towards them. Mi Rae caught me walking towards their seat as she looked at me with shock
I got to the seat as I sat down without asking for permission.
I started eating immediately as they looked at me with a bad expression
"What the hell are you doing?"
Mi Rae asked immediately
"Why does everyone likes asking crazy questions? Of course I'm eating!"
I replied without looking at them
"Who said you could sit here?"
She continued
"Here? Is it a personal seat? I'm allowed to seat anywhere. Isn't it Mr Kim?"
I asked lifting my gaze up
"No! Leave here"
He said eyeing me
"Oh my! You hurt my feelings. Well,you'll have to wait till I'm through"
I said as they both looked at me as I continued with my meal
They also continued eating and talking as I kept to my silence. The laughed and said all sort of crazy things..
I finally finished my meal
"You guys can't allow me to eat in peace, behaving like elementary kids"
I walked out of the cafeteria..
I was about to turn into the direction of my office when Mi Rae crossed my path
I asked her as she folded her arms
"Why did you come back?"
She asked eyeing me
"Didn't he tell you? I'm now his bride"
I said smiling
"You have no shame, isn't it embarrassing stabbing someone in the back and then trying to crawl into their lives back?"
She asked as my anger boiled out but u maintained and controlled myself for it.
"Yes, Its embarrassing"
I said smiling..
She exclaimed
"It's embarrassing coming back here when I love someone who can't trust me"
I said to her
"You really have no shame"
She screamed out
"I came back for a reason, I didn't come for fun"
I backed up myself
"Crazy reasons!"
She laughed out loud
"I'm the Chief Secretary for Damueng so I'll love it if you stop talking to me with disrespect"
I explained to her
"I'm also the bride to the CEO, instead of bothering your time into our lives, do something meaningful"
I said to her smiling
"Move out of my way"
I pushed her side wards as I walked away..
What does she really think she is?
A demigoddess?
Or a Greek fosses?
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
I'm done acting like a fool!
I can't believe Hye Ji talked to me like that earlier..
She seemed like she's partners with courage now
My plan is going deep down the drain and I can't allow that..
This seems crazy..
I raised my head as head as I saw him walking towards me
Park Jin Ho?
What the hell does he wants?
"Are you okay?"
He asked in concern
"What do you want?"
I asked him standing up well
"Me? Nothing, just trying to act nice"
He said in smiles
"Stop being nice"
I said eyeing him
"Stop being rude"
He also said back almost immediately
"I can clearly see the reason why no one wants to be friends with you"
He said walking away
What was that?
Why is everyone picking on me today?
Jeez! This sucks!

I walked into my office as I held my head. Headache?
"Can I come in?"
I looked up as I saw Jin Ho poking his head in a little
"Yeah, come in"
I said sitting straight
"How have you been?"
He asked smiling
"Good, thank you Jin Ho"
I said not looking at him
"It's fine, is he still treating you badly?"
He asked me as I nodded
"I just need to find the truth and change his perspective about me"
I said smiling
"You can try this out"
He said holding my hands
I asked curiously
"Make him crave for you"
He said smiling
"Huh? Crave?"
I asked in surprise
"Do things that will make him love you back, things that will make him go crazy for you"
He said laughing
"Yeah, he'll walk back to you in no time"
I stared at him as I reasoned hard and deep
Sounds nice..
Can I really do that?


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