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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Thirty Four


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Thirty Four


©Author Isabel

It seems like I have a hearing problem as of lately.
She's your bride?
"This young lady is your bride"
The man repeated almost making me go asleep
Whose bride?
I mean whose bride am I?
Why should I be a bride to someone?
I just can't understand all this bride and groom bullshit
I tapped my dad on his shoulder asking him to explain something
He shrugged my hands off him.
Is he crazy?
He's making me seem like an idiot here.
I screamed out calling him
"Hye ji, I can explain"
He said still not looking up to meet my gaze
I called him again
"It's fine "
He said as I can't believe his words.
"Appa, are you crazy? Like I can't understand this rubbish. Here am I, someone is calling me a bride to my boss and you're telling me it's fine?"
I screamed out to him
"I'm out of here!"
I cut him off his words leaving him behind and walking out of the company's driveway
I didn't even bother to look back despite the way the strange man and my dad were calling me.
This sucks like hell!
I can't believe this shit!
Why should I be a bride?
I went straight to the subway station as I sat down to restart my thinking from a fresh.
To whom?
Mr Kim?
No, Never, Not impossible.
Why should a strange and crazy man just come out of nowhere to tell me that I'm a bride to someone.
I should...
My phone rang up disrupting my thoughts.
I checked on the caller ID
Mr Jang. Just the call I've been expecting.
I picked up immediately.
I said over to him
"Yeah, Hye..."
I broke into laughter immediately.
I just can't understand anything. It seems like I'm in a wonderland. I'm dreaming and having all sorts of crazy dreams
"Hye Ji?"
He called on when he couldn't understand my laughter.
"Yes Ajusshi"
I answered although still laughing
"Few hours ago you were crying and just now you laughed. Is there something going on?"
His voice seemed worrisome
"He said I'm a bride to Mr Kim"
I said with tears almost dripping off my eyes.
"Is he around? I mean Mr Lee?"
He asked as I replied immediately
"Yes he's..." I stopped for a moment not knowing what to say "What!"
I finally found words
"I meant to tell you sooner than now"
He said with an explainable voice
"So you know him too?"
I asked still not sure of myself
"Yes, I do"
"Then you must know I'm a bride also?"
"Yes , I do"
The words crashed almost beneath my feet.
Mr Jang knows also?
This is crazy like hell
"Hye ji, I'll..."
I switched off my phone without even waiting for him to complete his statement.
It seems the world is crazy.
I screamed out loudly as the passer's by looked on at me wondering if I'm crazy.
I overheard one asking if I'm okay.
No! I'm not okay
Here am I, being a bride to my crazy boss who claims he loves me when he can't trust me.
I'm not okay!

"Never! She must tender her resignation letter"
I shouted as I entered into my office
"Didn't you hear me? She's your bride!"
He also screamed out at me
"Did you come all the way from Italy to tell me a back stabber is my bride?"
I asked to confirm my fears
"I don't care if she's a back stabber or a side shiner! All I know is she's your bride"
Mr Lee could be crazy sometimes
"Why should she be my bride?"
I asked still not understanding a single thing of everything
"I can't explain the reason why she's your bride"
He said sitting down in one of the arm chairs
"That's why I'm saying this is crazy"
I shouted.
"You must accept the fact!"
He also shouted back
"Okay, I'll accept the fact! But she's leaving here"
I said in disgust
"She must stay close to you always, she mustn't leave your office"
He explained
I exclaimed
"The truth is she must start living together with you henceforth"
He said as my heart broke down in pain
Living together?
"I can never allow that!"
I shouted at him
Why should I live together with her?
This seems crazy
Damn crazy
"I'm not saying you should accept it. But think deep, do you always feel pain whenever she's hurt?"
He asked as I looked at him in surprise
"Oh my! Perhaps.. Don't tell me..."
This is crazy!
Why ?
Must I really accept her?

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