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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Thirty Eight


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Thirty Eight


©Author Isabel

I sat writing on my bed. Ajumah had said it was surprising how I had made the room mine so quickly .
A little sanctuary. Fresh pink and white sheets on the bed and framed photographs on the desk.
Pink curtains on the window blinds, white wardrobe, everything was in order. Pink and white like a typical girl's room.
Photographs of my mum and dad, Hyun Jung and I when we graduated from high school, different photographs.
Everything was always spick and span with the smell of air freshener .
I had cultivated the act to always call Mrs Na Ajumah and she didn't dislike the idea either.
I opened the second page of my diary as I picked up my pen to write:
'Dear Diary, it's been long since I visited you. Things has been hectic for me. I suddenly got to be the bride to my boss and I'm living in his house. '
I opened the third page as I continued:
' Jin Ho talked about making Mr Kim crave for me and I'm ready to do that. Nothing is stopping me. I'll seduce him and I'm starting today. I'll see you later diary'
I closed up the diary as I stood up, I was about to enter the bathroom when Ajumah knocked on the door.
"Come in"
She entered smiling
"Dinner is ready"
She said holding my hands.
"Okay, is he around?"
I asked as I meant Mr Kim
"Yes, dress well"
She turned as she walked out back.
I don't know why but it seems like she's on my side and I love that.
I opted to wear a white gown which didn't even reach a half length. Very tight..
I grinned widely
I picked up my phone as I walked downstairs. He was already there eating dinner. I only joined him
He stared at me as his eyes tore my clothes off me. I smiled to myself.
Ajumah dished out my food as I started eating immediately
I looked at him with one eye as he still stole glances at me. The silence became awkward as we watched each other eat.
My phone rang saving neither me nor him.
Jin Ho?
Wow.. I picked up immediately
"Yes Jin Ho"
I intentionally mentioned his name as Mr Kim looked up
"Yes, I'm fine.. Oh tomorrow? Yes, don't worry. Okay, bye"
I hang up smiling and expecting him to talk
And he finally said something
"You really have no shame, talking to the one who played love on you"
He said as I looked up
"Do you know what shame is? Living together with a nan who never trusted me when he claims to love me"
I said dropping my chopsticks and facing him
"You stabbed my back first"
He said calmly and facing me
"You never bothered to know if I was framed or not"
I screamed out
"Look, I don't know why I'm having this conversation with you, I'm off. Enjoy your meal"
He stood up as I followed suit.
I grabbed his arm as he faced me
He shouted
"You can't have this conversation with me right?"
I asked in anger
"It's useless talking like this with you, back off"
He said grinning
I turned to his front as I guided as didn't want him to pass
"Go ahead!"
I shouted
"Move away!"
He said
This time I left his arm alone
"I don't want too"
I smiled to him
"Don't make me try something crazy"
He said shaking his head
"Go on, try it"
I smiled seductively
"Hye ji move!"
He shouted
"I won't!"
I shouted back too. He ain't the only one who got the voice to shout.
He got angry as he tried to push me towards the chairs. I got smart enough to drag him along
I slumped on the chair as he fell on top of me. The force became too much that his lips landed itself on my own lips
What an accidental kiss!
He widened his eyes in shock as he immediately removed his lips from mine.
I pulled him close back as I locked lips with him. He tasted like honey as he didn't even hesitate to kiss me back.
The kiss got too tough as he played his tongue in my mouth.
This is getting interesting.
He caressed my hair as he got lost in my lips. I tried my best to make him love it.
He found his hands to the hem of my dress as he played his hands with my thigh.
He used the other hands to unzip my dress from the back. It became uncontrollable as he made me wet.
Mr Kim is lost!
This has to stop today. I'm not going further.
I pushed him away immediately in pretense. He got the greatest shock of his life!
"What the hell are you doing?"
I asked shouting
"Shouldn't I ask you that?"
He asked in surprise
"You seduced me"
He said calmly
"Why should I seduce a crazy jerk like you?"
I asked as he tried walking away but stopped
"Zip up"
He said as he walked towards his room
What just happened?
Mr Kim kissed me?
Oh my gosh!
It's working. The plan is working
I love this!
Next time it wouldn't be here, your room is the next and I won't stop you.
I'll tempt you till you try something unpardonable..
Trust me!

I rushed into my room as I slumped on the bed in horror.
What happened just now?
I kissed Hye Ji..
I can't believe this!
Oh my!
I rolled desperately on my bed as I heard a knock
"Mr Kim?"
Hye Ji?
What the hell does she want?
"Your cellphone is with me, can I bring it in?"
She asked calmly
"No, never. Not possible. Get away"
I screamed as I heard her climb the stairs
She left!
I don't know what might happen if she comes in.
She got me hard!
Isn't this a mistake living with her under the same roof?
I'm lost?
How do I face her tomorrow?


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