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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Sixteen


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Sixteen


©Author Isabel

I looked at him bewildered...
Am I being bewitched or something?
Like I don't understand his language anymore
"Your Girlfriend?"
I still asked again to be perfectly sure I haven't heard the wrong statement..
"Yes. Anything wrong with that?"
He asked staring at me..
I stammered without knowing what to say.
"Perhaps did you think I don't have a girlfriend?"
He asked me in surprise as I nodded my head
"Jeez! I have a girlfriend and you'll meet her soon!"
He said in smiles
What the hell does he think he's saying
I'll meet her soon?
This is driving me crazy!
"I don't wanna meet her!"
I screamed at him making him stand up immediately
"Hye Ji?"
He called me in surprise
"I thought you loved me all these while! Was I wrong?"
I asked him as tears formed in my eyes
"Wow! How can I? Like how can I have feelings for you?"
He asked in laughter
Is this funny ?
Do I seem like fun?
"Why can't you have feelings for me?"
I asked in irritation
"It's obvious. Who will have feelings for someone like you?"
He said in laughter
I never knew words could hurt until they hit you hard
Does that mean no one can fall in love with me?
"You knew I had feelings for you right?"
I asked in anxiety
"Yeah, I knew all these while"
He said in smiles
"So my love has been one sided?"
I asked again
"Hye ji?"
He called me again as I was angry
"But it felt like you had feelings for me. You were being protective"
I asked still in doubts
"That doesn't mean I have feelings for you!"
He said bluntly as my heart hurts
My emotions has been tampered with
"But you took my feelings for a joke!"
I cried out
"Hye ji no! I can explain"
He said trying to come closer but I shifted backwards
"You're a real crazy jerk! You deserve the name more than someone else;"
I said in frustration
He sounded surprised
"I hate you and I promise to make someone capable fall in love with me!"
I uttered bitterly
"Hye ji?"
"You hurt my feelings and I'll likely do the same to you!"
I said before storming out of his office
By then tears had been streaming down my eyes.
I possibly can't control them as they fell free
I can't believe I had been a fool all this while..
Falling in love so easy...
Dedicating my time to the crazy love to get nothing!
I hate myself for this
I've been so stupid!
The tears kept falling as I let them fall without trying to stop them...

I walked out of my office as I thought Hye ji is supposed to be back
She's just creepy.
We've a lot to do and probably she's spending time with that crazy guy...
I just hope her love isn't one sided!
That'll will hurt
I walked towards Jin Ho's office as I saw Hye ji coming from there..
I grinned to myself as I walked towards her
Something seems off!
She only walked without knowing where to go
She kept bumping into people
Is she blind?
She got closer to me as I saw tears coming from her eyes
Oh my!
I walked towards her fast as I held her
"Hye ji what's wrong?"
I asked as the tears kept flowing
"I've been a fool all these while!"
She said still crying
My chest hitched again as tears formed in my eyes too
Not again!
She's in pain!
"Hye ji it's okay, what's wrong?"
I asked again
"I've been so stupid!"
She said as she pointed her index finger towards Jin Ho's office
What did he dare do to her?
I'll kill him if he tries something crazy
"What did he do?"
I asked anxiously
"He played on my feelings! He took me for a fool!"
She said in tears as I also felt her pain
I asked again
"He has a girlfriend!"
She said as I was surprised
The guy really made it seem he loves her!
Was it all a joke?
I anticipated this!
One sided love!
She covered her face as she cried
I looked at her as my heart felt pains
I've come to accept the fact that her pain is my pain
Without knowing why!
I must always try not to make her hurt
Hurting herself is the same as getting me too in pains!
I hugged her as I tried to console her
"It's okay, you can cry. I'll lend you my shoulders to lean on"
I said to her
She hugged me back tightly as she cried without minding those who passed by
I pat her back as I comforted her
This is the first time I'll be comforting a woman...
I raised my eyes up as I met the gaze of Park Jin Ho and Kang Mi Rae
They both stared at me from different directions..
Will this be a love triangle?

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