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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fourth


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fourth


©Author Isabel

She wrapped her hands around my neck as I lost myself in the wonderland of her dreams.
I kissed her passionately like my soul depended on it and she gave in to.
She opened her thigh is I forced my body in between them.
Her lips were so sweet that I couldn't dare forget about the taste in a hurry. Everything about her body seems so perfect.
I used my hands to play over her buttons as I drafted them under her shirt. Her body moved in vibration to the hum and beat of my fingers.
She allowed her tongue in and out of my mouth as I guess we walked away from the path of kisses.
In a world of lust, I unbuttoned her shirt faster than I could imagine revealing a Blackburn's bra waiting to be removed..
This seems like office romance that I can't stop.. I removed my lips from her mouth as I stared at her in silence..
I looked down to the shirt I unbuttoned as I thought of a way to make the buttons go back into their holes.
I intensively pulled her closer as I slumped my mouth in for another kiss. My mouth playing the piano in a sound of heavenly kiss.
I gently buttoned up her shirt as I disengaged from the kiss. Time to talk!
I looked at her as she slowly opened her eyes in surprise.
There's this charm she has that wants me to join her body together with mine in a depth of shallow romance.
"Why did you tell him?"
I finally found my voice sharply
"Tell who?"
She asked in surprise obviously
"Mr Jang, must you always run your mouth?"
I asked still standing in that awkward position together with her
"I didn't tell him anything"
She said trying not to meet my gaze but seductively stealing glances
"What do you think will happen if you continue talking seductively with me"
I traced my hands to the tip of her skirt
"Probably another round of office romance which I would like to have, but I didn't tell Mr Jang anything"
She removed my hands from the tip of her skirt and placed the on her laps as she rubbed her hands over them
"You did, don't lie"
I calmly said as I couldn't believe if that voice belonged to me
"Till the end, you can't believe me"
She removed her hands off my own hands
"Hye Ji ?"
I called so nicely
"You can't trust me and think of what I could do or not"
She stared at me deeply as a burning sensation ran into me
"It's fine" She cut me off but continued
"I'm okay with that"
She placed her hands on my shoulders as she gently got down from the table making my hands go down.
She faced me, straightened her skirt and readjusted my tie as I only stared at her.
She's the only woman whose hands got to make to hard, hard down and deep here.
"I'll see you at home"
She winked her left eye at me as she dropped my phone and slowly walked out.
I'm left in confusion now. What I have left for my bride, is it love or lust or I have both?..
I can't seem to answer the question..
I'm still in love with her, only that something isn't allowing her into my heart.
I still love Hye Ji but it's a secret henceforth!

I walked out of his office as I stared at my hands. I love Mr Kim so much but I don't think he does..
He doesn't trust me and that hurts so much. He isn't even in live with me but he plays on my love..
I tried walking towards the ladies room but my mind kept drifting to what we just did earlier.
What if I tempt him till he tries something else?
Will I accept the Blame?
I guess not!
"Hye Ji?"
I looked back as u saw Mr Lee walking towards me..
I bowed to him immediately
"Can we talk?"
He said as I nodded my head
I led him towards the company's cafeteria as we sat together over a cup of coffee
"Are you doing well with him?"
He asked at first
"Even though he's treating me badly, I'm still okay"
I smiled as I dropped my coffee
"He lacks courage Hye Ji"
He said as I lifted my gaze up
"He loves you but he's a coward to accept that fact, he's in love with you"
He held my hands as he smiled
I stammered but stopped
"Do you know his mother is alive?"
He said as my ears stood up long
"What! I thought she's dead"
I said in exclamation and surprise
"She's only missing, she left 10 years ago, she got burnt in a house but we couldn't find her remains so she's alive"
He said as I opened my mouth in bewilderment
"I can't believe this!"
I screamed out
"You need to that's why you're gonna help him out"
He said still holding my hands
"Why am I his bride?"
I asked the question I've been trying to ask since
"You'll know that if you help him, he needs your help"
He said holding his coffee and sipping it slowly
"You can do this, you're the right person"
He said smiling
"Mr Lee, he doesn't believe me anymore"
I said closing my eyes
"That's because he lacks courage to believe you, so will you help him overcome the courage?"
He asked still smiling
Tears formed in my eyes as I couldn't help it. It flowed down stream loosely.
"I will help him! Am I not his bride? I'll help him overcome the courage, I'll help him find his mother, I'll do everything for him"
I said still crying
Mr Lee held my hands
"It's okay daughter, you made the right decision, it will be well"
He whipped the tears off my face as I smiled
I'm ready to do anything for him
For the man I truly love and care for
I'll do anything for him
If I have to seduce and tempt him, I'll do it
If I have to render my lips,I'll do that
If I have to give my body to him, I'll do it too
This is the path I chose.
This is the risk I must bear and I'm ready..
Ready to win my battle ...

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