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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fourth Three


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fourth Three


©Author Isabel

The window blinds raised up as the rays of sunlight creaked into the room thereby making automatic entrance to the reams of my eyelids
I opened my eyes slowly. Even after waking up, I still stayed on the bed like an old company computer refusing to boot up on time.
It takes about 45 positions and shifting, opening and closing my eyes before I could be satisfied that I'm truly awake indeed.
My sleeping position to remind anyone of a full grown foetus refusing to be born therefore giving its mother trouble.
My sleeping position probably gives my bed trouble and peace of mind streams in after I must have left the bed.
I stared at the window blinds. White and blue curtains on the window while mine is white with pink stripes
Black wardrobe while I have white, different laptops on the desk, the bedsheets too..
Where am I?
Where did I go?
Am I being kidnapped?
Buddha please save me..
I promise to go to the temple always..
I'll go to church for offerings and pray
Thy Lord,save thy servant
I stared at everywhere as I tried to remember what happened yesterday
I left the office due to headache.
I came home and slept
I woke up for dinner
Mr Kim shouted and I screamed at him
I almost fainted but he helped me to my room
Gave me some medicines, we talked together and he accepted to sleep together with me because I was scared..
Now I remember, I smiled to myself but stopped immediately.
Then why am I here?
Was my room redecorated?
I scatted my hair as I tried to remember something..
Nothing is coming.
There came a knock on the door as I picked up the pillow for self defense.
"Come in"
The door opened as Mrs Na walked in.
I heaved a big sign of relief
At least I'm still in Mr Kim's house
I was only kidnapped to another room
"Are you feeling better now?"
She asked walking towards me.
"Yes Ajumah, but whose room is this?"
I asked curiously
"Mr Kim's room"
She said as I shouted in shock
"What! No, why am I here?"
I asked
"I have no idea but he asked me to check on you, then tell you not to come to the office"
She explained
"Ah! I see"
I still wondered about the fact I slept in my room and I woke up here in his room.
"What do you want for breakfast?"
She asked still standing
"I'll prefer Black noodles with jeokbodhi"
I smiled at her as she walked out of the room closing the door gently
I'll ask Mr Kim why I found myself here in his room.
I laid on the bed back as I felt a gush of happiness run through me
I'm finally coming closer to him and it's fun..
I stood up as I lay the bedspread neatly
I walked out as I found my way up stairs..
I opened the door to my room as I sighted the piano.
I sat up decked at it
Beautiful life, I need it together with you
Beautiful life, I need to spend it with you
Beautiful life, beautiful days, I know I can be together with you
Beautiful life, beautiful time, I know what my heart wants
Beautifully hearted, Beautiful in your mind
Beautiful you..... Beautiful life.... Beautiful time and beautiful days
I hope to find you in my happy ending
Searching for me in your heart..
That's the world of a beautiful life....
That's because I love you...
Mr Kim, I love you so much and I'll go extra miles for you..
Trust me for that.
I stood up and went for my bath..
I rushed out back as I tied a towel around my head like a turban and another round me.
I picked up my phone to calk Hyun Jung
She picked up on the first ring
"You're enjoying yourself"
She said immediately
"I missed you fool"
I laughed over the phone
"That's why you decided to call today"
She laughed
I missed home girl a lot
"Where are you?"
She said as I heard some noise
"I'm coming over, hanging up now"
I hang up on the call or she'll ask questions.
I wore a black jean with a white jacket and white sneakers, picked up my phone and walked downstairs
I rushed over breakfast as I walked outside and I picked one of Mr Kim's car to go out with.
I entered into the white car as I drove off immediately...
I anticipated Hye Ji's arrival so much and now she's here..
I'm so glad to see her
"You really missed me?"
She asked sipping from a cup of coffee
"Of course, but ain't you supposed to be at work?"
I asked curiously
"I'm not well so I decided to take the day off"
She dropped the cup as she looked at me
"Your groom?"
I asked as she understood my question
"I'm trying my best"
She said worriedly
"His mother?"
I asked as she already explained everything to me as I support her fully
"It will be hard to find her since he doesn't know where she is"
She drank from the cup again
"I'm with you in anything, you have my support Hye Ji"
I said to her smiling
"Thank you, Hyun Jung"
She said as she smiled back
"A minute please"
I said standing up..
I really love Hye ji so much ..

I decided to leave the office earlier than expected because of Hye Ji
She really had a bad fever all night along.
I was damn worried about her
I stopped by a restaurant to buy coffee . I'm thirsty
I walked down from the car as the restaurant held memories of Hye Ji
She called me a porn star here as I got embarrassed here..
I smiled to myself entering
The lady at the counter said
"I need a hot coffee"
She stared at me as I was confused
Does she know me?
I looked at her as I searched for an answer.
She turned her head side wards as my eyes followed her to a lady sitting down
"Park Hye Ji!!"
I screamed as she stood up immediately
"Mr..Mr Kim?"
She stammered
"What are you doing here?"
I asked expecting her to be home but here she is.
"I...I on..."
She looked down trying not to meet my gaze
"Hey, let's go"
I collected the coffee as I dragged her out, opened the door and threw her in
I entered also
"What are you thinking? Coming out when you're ill?"
I asked her immediately
"Mr Kim, I.. I brought a car here"
She said as I stared at her
"Hye Ji! How could you drive all the way here? What if something happens?"
I asked worriedly
"I'm sorry"
She said solemnly
"It's okay, we'll come for the car later"
I said driving away
I stole glances at her as she didn't talk
"I said Its fine".
I assured her before she could smile
I love that smile
It was a lie when I said I don't care
I really care about you a lot...
I really do..
I'm sorry

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