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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fourth Six


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fourth Six


©Author Isabel

HYE JI ________
"Miss Park Hye Ji, you're free to go home now! You've been declared innocent of your charges. We're sorry for any inconvenience"
The prosecutor blared out as I walled away from the prosecuting room
It has been over 2 weeks now and it was like hell for me.
Not sleeping well, not eating well and just thinking always.. It felt like death!
The Prosecutor walked towards me. I had become friends with him within the 2 weeks I spent here
He was amazingly friendly and carefree..
"We'll miss you here"
He smiled broadly
"Should I stay back?"
I grinned with laughter
"Wow.. Maybe"
He spread his arms as I walked in for a hug..
I hugged him so tightly
"Thank you Mr Nam, for being there"
I said still hugging him
"It's okay, do you know why I decided to let your case special?"
He asked as I disengaged from the hug
I shake my head in disagreement
"You said I was a good person, I really love that"
He smiled
"Thank you so much"
I said to him as he still smiled
"Hye Ji! Bud!"
I looked back as I saw Jin Ho walking towards me
"Jin Ho"
I was very happy to see him, though he has been coming to check on me almost everyday.
"You're free right?"
He anxiously asked
I nodded my head twice before talking
"Jin Ho meet Mr Nam, Mr Nam meet Jin Ho"
I said facing them both
"It's nice meeting you closely, I've been seeing you almost everyday"
Mr Nam said having a handshake with Jin Ho
"We'll have to go now Hye Ji"
He held me by my hands as I waved to Mr Nam before walking out
I'm so happy to have Jin Ho
Hyun Jung also brought different meal to me but I couldn't eat properly.
Dad almost caused a ruckus with Mr Kim but I was lucky to have him stopped.
Mr Lee also checked on me but I never allowed Mr Jang to know anything..
He's gonna be worried ..
Mr Kim? Wow...
He never checked on me but send a meal box everyday.
Jin Ho said he wasn't really himself at the office..
He also helped me with different things, same reason why they quickly relesed me..
He's at home today and he never knew I was gonna be freed..
I learnt a lesson..
The smallest river is the one capable of drowning you quickly...
I know...
Now I understand what he meant by cut the crap, break the ice...

I picked up my phone immediately I heard that witch has been freed..
I told that crazy prosecutor I never wanted her back but he's just too stupid
He picked up on the first ring..
"Why is she freed?".
I asked without giving out space
" She had nothing to do with the shares but I know it now, she's innocent "
He blabbered out stop lewdly
"What! Are you so stupid?"
I asked disgustingly
"There was no evidence"
He continued
"If there was no evidence, you'll create one"
I said shouting
"I'm sorry, I can't"
He hang up on the call immediately...
What the hell !!
This is crazy!
Why should someone always be hindering my plans?
I hate her..
My stress for the past 7 years mustn't end like this..
It mustn't...

Jin Ho dropped me outside the house, he didn't want to enter because of Mr Kim...
I felt tired and weak. Very weak
I opened the door after entering the pin lock.
I entered the house as Mr Kim was on the chair..
"Mrs Na are you back?"
He said thinking it was the housekeeper, Ajumah
"Mrs Na?"
He called again as he suddenly looked back
He widened his eyes in shock as he slowly walked towards me..
"Mr Kim?"
I called him in silence..
"Hye Ji?"
He screamed as he ran towards me and I threw myself unto him
He hugged me so tight as I was surprised
Mr Kim hugged me?
How many months ago has he done that?
"Are you okay?, is everything fine? Have you been released?"
He asked so many questions as I didn't know where to start answering them
"Yes, I'm fine"
He suddenly disengaged from the hug as he came to his senses...
I smiled in tears..
"I'm sorry Hye Ji for putting you through this"
He said holding my hands
"I tried my best in cutting the crap and breaking the ice"
I smiled as he laughed
"I never knew you understood it"
He smiled
"Of course I did! Mr Kim thank you so much"
I said almost whispering the thank you part
He still has a bit of trust for me
"It's okay, come and shower, eat and then rest"
He said dragging me up the stairs...
I now know it..
Mr Lee is right..
He only lacks courage..
He's slowly giving himself that and I'm glad.
I'm so happy..
I just need to find his mum now for things to go on well..
I hope to see her very soon...
Buddha please help me...


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