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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fourth Four


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fourth Four


©Author Isabel

JE NA...
I picked up some files in utmost anger.
Someone stole my shares. I'm one of the major shareholders in the company.
Who dared do something like that?
I've called on the police and they've been doing their investigations
Everyone in the company as been called upon and investigated. The results will show up today.
I'm expecting the police anytime from now. No one knows the amount of my shares. No one knows my net worth.
I'm curious to know that...
There came a knock soon after I heard a pandemonium.
The police are here I think...
"You can come in"
I said immediately
Three uniformed policemen and a prosecutor ..
I said to them after they all bowed.
"How was it? I mean the investigation?"
I asked immediately
"It was great"
The prosecutor said in smiles
Is he trying to pull my legs?
How can what seems to be hell to me be great to you?
"We discovered something interesting"
He said smiling again
"And what's that?"
I asked afraid of any surprising news ..
"We found the person who linked into your shares"
He said removing out some files and passing them to me
I accepted it, opened it but couldn't find anything reasonable in it
So I returned them
"And who's the person who linked my shares, I can't understand a bit of what's in the files"
I complained
"Who's Park Hye Ji to you?"
He asked as my heart missed a beat
"She's the General Secretary of Damueng"
I said in fear
"What does she knows about your shares?"
He further asked
I replied him bluntly
"She's the suspecting culprit"
He said standing up
My heart heated vastly in shear pain
What's this again?
Hye Ji?
"She's not..."
"We'll need her at the police station for further investigations"
He said holding out the files..
"What did you just say?"
I asked standing up in surprise
"I won't repeat myself, you can follow us if you have any doubts"
He said walking out
What's this?
Am I in dreams?
Hye Ji?
Hell no!
She can't!
I said walking out of my office..
I sat on the table as Hye Ji sat on the chair opposite me.
We were talking about her recent development as a bride
"So how was it then?"
I asked curiously
"It was amazing"
She said holding a hamburger
"So he now cares about you right?"
I asked smiling
"Yes I think"
She laughed out loud
I screamed out
"But I'm worried about something"
She said worriedly
"What's that?"
"He's going through another trouble, someone tried to link into his shares"
She worriedly said
"The investigations reports will be out by today so don't worry"
I said trying to calm her down
"I hope so, I hate to see him in pain"
She said as her face seemed pale
"But are you okay?"
I asked
"Yeah, why?"
"Huh? Nothing, just asking"
I said smiling
Her face seemed very white and pale like someone who needs enough rest.
Like someone who's going through something..
"Okay, thank you"
She said smiling
I haven't noticed all this while but she's really cute and beautiful.
I promise to always help her in times of need..
"Hye Ji, you...."
The door suddenly opened as I stood up in surprise
Three uniformed policemen and a prosecutor

He was about to say another thing when the door suddenly opened as three uniformed policemen and a prosecutor walked in
"What's it?"
He asked them as I stood up surprised
"Are you Park Hye Ji?"
The prosecutor asked facing me
"Yes, I am"
I replied him
"You'll need to come with us"
He said holding out his office ID
"Why does she need to do that?"
Jin Ho asked
"She seems to know something about the recent case going on but she'll just follow us for a while"
He said
I exclaimed
"Give us your cooperation Miss Park"
He said removing out a handcuff
"What! Me? I don't know anything about this"
I said in fear
"Let's go"
He handcuffed my hands dragging me out..
" I really don't know anything about this, I don't know... "
I stopped when I saw Kang Mi Rae smiling and walking towards me
"You really cause troubles so much for us"
She said in smiles
"Really? You think?"
I asked sarcastically
"Now you're a culprit, you won't be able to free yourself!"
She said as I suspected her
"If you're involved in this, you're dead!"
I said grinning
"Maybe after you're dead in jail first"
She said moving out of my way
I got dragged on as people pointed their fingers at me talking
I promise you Mi Rae, I'll come out after clearing out my name. I promise you that!
Mr Kim ran so fast as he catch up with me
"Mr Kim?"
I asked as tears formed in my eyes
"Hye Ji?"
He called struggling for breath
"I don't know anything about this"
I said maybe he believes me
He asked as I nodded my head in agreement..
He moved closer to me as he whispered into my ears...
I became surprised..
"You can take her away"
He said as the policemen took me away...
Oh my!
I looked back at him..

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