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The Masked - Chapter 8


The Masked - Chapter 8

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

I was glued on the spot repeating what daddy had said in my head. The heir? Am the heir. WTF. Dad didn't tell me nothing before now knowing that I'll object to it. How can he do this to Emilio by saying this out in the open. He must feel very bad now. Some of the crowd were clapping and cheering while others whispered.
# what about his son# Not minding the side talks, I scanned through the crowd for Emilio but there wasn't a sign of him. He's gone. Shit! I need to find him.

WHAT? Richard is really getting on my nerves. I practically ran out of the ball room to a bar so I could calm myself but still my thoughts were just flying everywhere. Why did he have to say that in public. Does he hate me that much that he had to spell it out for the world to see?
First he introduced Bill as Emy's fiancé. Who does he think he is to that. What shocked more was the fact that Emilia agreed to his biding. They were whispering and I couldn't get what they were saying but whatever he told her is not enough for Emilia to betray me that way and agree to be with Bill. Bill of all people. Bill is a fucking rascal and doesn't deserve to be with someone like Emy. One part of me is telling me that she loves me while another is yelling that she used me. Am so confused. She even let that son of a bitch lay his filthy hands on her. What is he doing here..? What if he's here to expose my secret or to take revenge on me.? Ahhh. Richard has destroyed me. Will Emy ever love me again after my past is revealed..? Am so fucked up..Bill!!!.. He must be mocking me right now.. He's a smart bastard..He must have noticed my jealousy because if he didn't, it means our years of friendship was a waste and he has proven to be a dumbass scoundrel I always knew he was... Where are you Emy? Prove you love me and come to me.. What am i even thinking? Nonesense!! How can she find me when she don't have an idea of my whereabout... Nor is she even aware of my abscence from the party.. Another part of me still hopes she come running to my arms or something. Oh God? Am losing my mind!!! What have you done to me Emy? I just ordering for more drinks to calm me down.

* * *
The familar scent caused me to raise my head up.. "Emilia." I blurted out in surprise. How the hell did she find me. She didn't even look at me. She sat down opposite me looking pissed.. Well I guess I was wrong and unnecessarily having wrong thoughts about her..well don't blame I was jealous, angry and frustrated at the same time.
I watched as she snapped her fingers to get the attention of the waitress. The way her lips moved while making her order. The way she shift uncomfortably waiting for her order to arrive. The way she drank her beer with an irritative expression. She's hot and I can barely stop starring. I ordered more drinks for her "Are you drunk"
"No.. Am good"she lies.. "Am really pissed off" "Should i calm you down" She didn't reply me.. I placed my palm underneath my chin watching her. We both tipsy. I drank another shot and watched her. "Are you sure you're not drunk?" I asked her while pouring her another shot and she drank it.. She lied but i know she was totally drunk. She kept biting her bottom lip at me. I rested my hands on her thigh and squeezed it gently. I know am dirty but it aiint my fault, I can't get enough of her. She got up and sat on me. She tilted her rear end over my dick and moved against it real slow. I held her waist.. I licked my lips and bit the top of her ear softly. She licked her lips and bent her head back on my shoulder. She turned around and sat forward. She placed the front of her on mine and grinded on it while looking down. She unzipped it really fast and when she felt my erection she shuddered and i could tell that it was having a strong effect on her. She bit her bottom lips and a moan traveled across her lips. I licked my lips when i saw that she lifted up her dress a little. It wasn't noticeable that we were about to have sex in a bar right across the tables because we were in a position that seems like she was just siting. She unbuttoned my pants and took my dick out and slid down on it. I held her waist firmly
"Be quiet ok"
She nodded and started to slowly grind on top of me. She placed her palms on the table behind her and kept sliding off and back on I quickly texted my personal driver to meet us at the bar. The way she did it made me want to take her down right here. But i couldn't. I pumped into her a few times and she bit her bottom lips. I knew that she wanted to do more than that. I wanted to increase my pace when my driver texted me of his arrival. Fuck. I picked her up and slid off completely. I took her purse and walked out. I walked into the back of the limo. I placed her on the leather couch.
"knocked out, hey" The driver asked. Emilia was just watching us.
"Yeah..Roll up the partition and take the other road to my mansion". He nodded and did what I said. My partition is sound proof and taking the other way will guarantee me a little more time with Emy. You must be surprised. Well I own a mansion and nobody knows about except me and my mom. God bless her soul. We were planning to move out of Richard's house but she suddenly died of cancer. Fuck you Richard.
I learned toward Emy and told her
"Scream as loud as you want". She nodded.
"Let me feel you".
I pulled out of her and she started to flick her hand on my dick. Giving me a darm good hand job. After few minutes, I pulled up her dress halfway. She pushed my dick back into her and i unclipped her laced bra from the front. I pushed into her and she shrieked. I pounded into her once and she gripped me tight. She looked at me and I held her thighs smashing into her. She held my shirt and arched her back.
"Harder" she moaned. WTF since when did she become a pro to say that. I am definitely spoiling this girl. I pounded harder and faster. She opened her legs a little and i laid my tongue on her breasts. I swirled my tongue around and she placed her hair into a bun....she's hot.
I flickered my tongue and a couple of moans flowed out of her mouth. I made her stand up so i could lay down. She climbed on top of me. Her back was facing my face and she laid back. She placed her hands on the leather and spread her legs. I held under her thighs and started to thrust upwards. As soon as i started she let out a huge moan. I pushed all of me into her. She flipped her long hair to the side and gripped the leather couch tighter than before. I started to pound into her harder. She shrieked and started to moan louder. I went faster and she yelled my name. "Emilio." i had a little smirk on my face and went faster than before.
"Oooooh mmmy Goood!" she managed to moan out. I gripped under her tighter and continued my assault. She started to breathe heavy and reached for where we connected, holding me in her arms. That feels good. She closed her legs tight.I guess because i was going too fast and out of no where she started to twitch. I held her waist and she kept twitching. She turned her other side to me and i placed my d*ck back into her. She placed one foot that still had on heels in the middle of my legs. She placed the other over my head. I took off one of her heels and licked up her leg towards her thigh. She closed her eyes and slowly brought her body down. I placed one hand on my dick so when she slid down it would go inside of her. She slid down on it and bite her bottom lip. I thrust in and out of her hard and rough letting out all the anger and frustration. Her moans were definitely turning me on. She gripped my thighs and her head kept bouncing back everytime i thrust. I held her tight and she started to bounce on me I bent her body back and rocked back and forth. I started to breath hard. The way she was rocking her body felt so good. I bent her head backward and allowed her to be in control. She rocked a little rougher and i grunt a few times followed by my hard pant. She kept grinding the more.
"Give it to me. harder".
She did as i told her and my grunt slowly turned into moans. I don't think she knows how good that felt. She grind harder and faster... She popped her behind and i started to pound into her. I lifted her up and placed her over my head. She deserve this. No bitch has ever made me grunt or moan like that. I placed her down and she was above my head. I raised my head and licked her clit. She did a small pant and i started to lick her some more... I placed my fingers on her inner thighs to keep her up. She bent her head back. I started to lick her some more. She sat on my face directly and i placed my tongue in the part that my dick was in. I flickered it and placed it inside.... She started to ride my face. I placed out my tongue so when she rid my face she would feel my tongue. I licked down her thighs. She climbed off my face and turned facing me. She slid unto my dick and soon began to ride so fast. I can't let Bill or any man see this side of her as she's obviously is a freaky girl. I guess she has been watching alot of porn lately. Don't judge me but I know for a fact that i got her drunk on purpose. I bent my head back and she started to hop unto me. I held her waist and smashed her on me a few times. Soon i felt her climax slide across me. I wasn't done yet. I pulled out of her and zipped up my pants. i licked her area before sliding back on her underwear. The limo stopped and he rolled down the partition.
"Bye flynn". I told him, i lifted Emilia up and we went into the house. I carried her into the elevator. I placed her down and throughout the elevator ride she was all up on me grinding on my front and everything.I picked her up and took out the keys for my room. I opened the door fast and softly pushed her inside. I got in and closed the door behind me.. She watched me and I knew that the haziness she was feeling was beginning to wear off. I pulled off my pants and she took off her dress. I smirked. She held my dick and moved her hands around it. She laid on my massive bed and I pushed myself into her. After few minutes Surprisely, she got on her knees and fuck. Her soft lips ran across my dick. She licked the top and brought her tongue down on it. Her hands went for my testicles and soon her lips was also there. I grunt while she filled her mouth with my testicles. I placed my hands on her head and she licked back up my dick. Damn. She's really good. She slid back on and started doing that grinding thing again and i felt my climax riding up.
"Emila" i whispered. She looked at me.
"I'm close.." her eyes lit up and she grind faster. I turned her to face me and i slid back into her... My climax came like bullets. She just watched me as i climax out on her. My climax took about three minutes to finish. I exhaustively laid beside her. She smiled and wrapped her legs around me. I placed a hand behind her head and placed my lips on hers. I kissed her so forcefully yet, so lovingly. I could taste the patron on her tongue .
"I will never forget today"she whispered.
"Neither will i"she gave me a smile. I pass my hands through her hair and pressed my lips on her forehead. Soon she drifted into sleep. I hope she becomes pregnant. What? I know am being selfish but that way she will remain mine and mine forever... Richard and Gate won't be able to take her away from me. She belongs to me...

I don't know how long i slept, or where i am.. I barely have knowledge of what happened last night only faint memories of wild romance. I tried to get up but my core hurts. Oh gosh!!. A sore as my reward is fair enough for you know....I will definitely miss his touch, his scent, the electric current i feel when ever he's close to me, the way my brain starts to malfunction whenever we're close. I don't know what to do? Am so confused. I can't risk my fathers happiness for my own selfish motive.. "Hey!"his voice brought me out of my thought...
"Good morning". I greeted.. We starred at each other in an awkward silence..
"Breakfast is ready" he finally broke the silence as i tilt my head in surprise. "When did you learn how to cook...?"
He laughs beautifully at my question. I am definitely going to miss his laugh. He didn't reply instead he helped me up as he assisted to brush and clean me up cos my core hurts. He washed my hair gently and he bath me clean he walks out and came back with a towel in his hands. I picked up the cloths i wore yesterday but he stopped me and handed me a bag.
"Please wear it. I hope it fits you"he left me speechless with complex questions which he alone has to answer.. He's will make it too difficult for me to leave him if he continues to show this sweet side of him reminding me of our childhood days.
Wow!! I exclaim as i admire myself in the mirror. After taking enough time to admire myself and all the bite marks that Emilio left on several parts of my body. I decided to dress up before Emilo begins to brag of how talented his lips are. Blah blah blah. I laughed as the little memory i have of last night comes flooding my mind.. That is definitely the last time such erotic romance will ever happen between us. Sadness immediately consumed my heart but I pushed it aside, grabbed my purse and descend down the stairs. It took me like forever before the parlour came into view.
i exclaim.. This is paradise. Whoever designed this house needs to be rewarded, the structure of this house is superb. Suddenly i felt the presence of someone behind me with a familiar scent.. I turned slowly mesmerised by his mischievous smirk. That smirk of his turned me on but i stood against my desire, last night will not repeat itself. Am gonna keep my promise to dad..
"I'll be on my way now"i finally broke the uncomfortable silence
"thanks for the dress.. It's really look good on me"i compliment his choice not minding his frightful stare.. I stood for minutes waiting for him to say something at least a good bye kiss but he didn't even flinch from..I guess this is our ugly ending. Well i asked for it.. With a heavy heart I head towards the door. I wanted to turn back but i withhold myself.. As i grab the door knob, he pulled me from behind and slam me to the wall hitting my back hard.. I grunt in pain.. He pinned me roughly to the wall
"You're hurting me Emilio...Please.. Stop hurting me" i blurted out a little louder but he tighten his grip and grin evily.. "You're the one hurting me Emy"he barked at me..
"Why are you doing this to me? You're bringing out the beast i once was out of me" his eyes look at me with so much pain and anger. His grip soften.. I took advantage and push him off me. He started to laugh at me. I looked at him confused..
"This is what you're good at. Pushing me away."he moved closer to me and grab my waist. This time i couldn't push him away. His words kept ringing in my ears. I could feel his hand on my butt gently caressing me
"You can't deny the fact that you crave for my touch"he said kissing my neck while his other hand roams under my gown. I gasped when he dug his finger into me with a slow and teasing pace. My brain stopped working as the pleasure builds in me.
I want him...
I love him...
but i can't do this again.. I pushed him away breathing heavily. His eyes which were clouded by desire were suddenly consumed by anger and took that as a clue
"This.. This thing we have.." i took a deep breath to calm my nerve..
"It's over.."
my heart drops.. I couldn't look at him even if i wanted to...am afraid of what the outcome will be..Please forgive me . I opened the door, waited for a while hoping that he stops me and beg me to be with him.. Gosh.. Am in insane..

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