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The Masked - Chapter 7


The Masked - Chapter 7

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

God dammit! Shut up. With my eyes still closed I turned it off. This alarm is so annoying and the only reason I haven't thrown it outside my window is because it's still kinda useful.
I tried to move my legs but something weighed it down. What the hec...
I opened my eyes and there she was sleeping soundly in my arms. Yesternight flashed through my mind and I smiled. I haven't felt this way in a long time. It was a kinda wild and unique sensation...hey I know you think am a player but am sincerely not. I mean a lot of girls run after me buh that's really not my fault and I don't sleep around. They like me but hey, I don't feel the same way. So not my fault.
Her warm breath on my skin was driving me crazy. Like I wanted to f*ck her all over the house. Creating memories you know.
I think my neighbour must have heard me banging her..Lolz My angel is actually a screamer. A novice with a difference. She actually made me reach my climax..
I know this sounds crazy but beside her body i would love to take my last breath. Can't believe am smiling like an idiot. Then it hit me. Nils! He had something he wanted to say to us.. I gently moved my body so as not to wake her up and I went straight to his room. He needs to tell me first. I don't know if she can handle it anyway.
I closed the door gently and to my surprise, the whole place was looking woa...what's going on.
A bold happy birthday was written there. _OMFG_ Emy's birthday and I haven't gotten anything for her. This is so fucked up. I'm gonna ask Nils to go with me to the mall or order something myself. See, cool and easy.
I took long strides and in no
sec I was in his room. This room is too quiet. Nils is a noise maker so is everything about him including his room. I don't mean his room talks. It's just that anytime am here he's always playing loud music. Like he broke the volume button of his stereo or something. He only reduces the volume when Richard is at home. It's like he wants the speaker to burst or he wants the angels in heaven to dance to the rhythm of what's he's playing. Apart from that, his box is not beside his wooden wardrobe as usual. I quickly checked the wardrobe only to discover that his clothes were equally gone. What the hec...my eyes dropped on a nicely wrapped box like stuff. I think that's meant for Emy. I went close to it and beside the gift laid a nicely folded paper reading thus:
"I didn't mean to leave like this without informing you guys but it was urgent. Am actually on my way to Mexico. I went to your room last night to inform you but you guys were pretty busy # wink
#...Richard informed me that my mum is starting chemo tomorrow. It was actually moved backward because of the present situation and I need to be by her side. If you're the one reading this Al, please cheer Emy up and send my love and kisses to her.
Lots of love Nils
He left? When? I mean its just 7 and he should have at least included what he wants to tell us. This is so fustrating.. I hope she makes it out alive. She shouldn't have the same fate like that of my mom.. No one has to pass through the same ordeal like mine.

I was woken up to the strong smell of coffee.. Emilio's favourite coffee.. I lazily opened my eyes to behold a sexy devil...my sexy devil...He's so fucking hot.. But there's a tint of worry in his eyes..Is he regretting last night? I probably was not good..
"What's troubling you?"
Instead of answering me he handed me a letter..It's Nils. I read through it over and over again that i didn't realise that i was crying until i felt a warm hand wiping my tears.. Poor Nils.. Aunt Freda is all he's got..
"My love you gat to be strong. He needs our support to scale through this difficult situation. Here's his gift for you" he said handing me a small box.. I wanted to open it but Emilio ask me to freshen up before i unwrap the gift.. So i took my bath slowly cos the steaming water was too soothing to step out of. After what looked like eternity, I sneaked into my room to get dressed.. I saw two gifts on my bed and I hurriedly opened the first one in anticipation of what he got for me.. Wow.. A diamond braclet and necklace with a letter E cresed in the most sexist way.. I stood closed to my dressing mirror admiring my gift..
"Am glad you like it.." Emilo's voice startled me out of my fairy world..
"Yeah.. I love it. Thank you so much"i hugged him tightly as he wrap his arm around me.. I pulled away as i remembered that have not opened Nils present.. Emilio handed me the gift as if he was reading my mind. I opened the gift and to my greatest surprise its was a fucking key...A darm car key.. I rushed downstairs...
Oh my gosh.
It was exactly my dream car, lexius RX350
I couldn't contain my Joy as I screamed out loud
"Oh my god....
"This is superb...
"Super classic...." I hugged Emilio tightly that I didn't notice that dad was giggling behind me. I quickly composed myself.. I could see insecurities in Emilio's eyes. He's jealous I think but it shouldn't be a big deal..
"No matter the gift I get today yours has won my heart..."
I whispered to his ear as a broad smile appeared on his face. I knew he wanted to kiss me but he did an inner battle that was visible. I giggled silently and walked pass him to my room..

* * *
I still have no clue as to what special gift dad is talking about. Could it be a vacation to my dream country, Paris. Am becoming restless by merely thinking about it. Dad had a girl bring me a dress and she also helped me to get ready. The dress was flawless. It had a beaded neckline with a v curve that's gradually closing till it ends a little above my belly button. It also had a slit by the side which ended above my mid thigh but the most fabulous part of the gown is the tip of the gown. It was long and feather-like making it to have a gorgeous look. A matching pair of high heel sandals came with it and few hours later I was rocking my gown and heels together with a flawless makeup. I didn't forget to put on the bracelet and necklace Emilio got me. After taking several pictures with my phone, I received a text from daddy.
DAD: Angel, did you get the dress I sent?
ME: Yes dad..OMG it's gorgeous and am currently rocking it..
DAD: That's lovely..
ME: Thanks dad...
DAD: sweetie, I won't be able to celebrate your birthday because of an emergency but my surprise is still intact so don't worry. Hum.
ME: Ok dad
If I ain't having a party then why the hell am I dressed up. Few minutes later, I got a call from a hotel suite saying that I should come immediately to identify my father's belongings. My heartbeat accelerated. What the hell is going on. No no no it shouldn't be what am thinking. I rushed downstairs not bothering to pull off anything as I entered my car. I drove out of the house in a not too fast pace so as not to crash into something with my new ride. I've been praying ever since the call that it was a mistake. I finally arrived at the suite and I hurriedly followed a worker in the hotel who lead me into a completely dark room. She asked me to wait while she get the things. So am going to be here alone? Hmm. The darkness of the room ain't helping. 2 minutes 50 seconds....yeah am counting and the lady is still not back. Something is certainly not right. I have to get out of here somehow.
The only sound audible is that of my heart and my heel as I attempt to turn...
"Hello" I called out in fear..
"Is anyone here...???" I waited but no reply..
I turned to leave but I was startled by a loud clapping... Then there was a spot light on me as people sang in the darkness until the lights were put on.
Whoa...this is simply beautiful. The whole hall was designed elegantly as the multicoloured light illuminated it's beauty. Chandeliers were beautifully hanging everywhere and people dressed like kings and queen.
I could see a lot of my friends who graduated with me last month. I spotted Zena and her new boo. My eyes roam around until it landed on the man that my heart beat for.. Emilio... He was walking side by side with dad. I know how difficult it is for him to stay under the same room with dad without fighting and I know he's only doing this because of me. Dad and Emilio approached me as I hug them both.. I was given the microphone to address my well wishers but I became speechless as tears of joy flow down my eyes ruining my make-up...
"I appreciate everyone who found time to come celebrate with me. It really means a lot to me..." Tears kept flowing slowly from my eyes as Emilio held my hand..
I could feel the current running through my vein...
He gently wipe the tears off with his handkerchief carefully not to ruin my makeup. He cupped my face and gave me that charming grin I love the most...
I face the audience with a smile and managed to say...
"Thank you"
I was cheered for my speech as the party started fully. Drinks were passed in red cups and some were dancing already. My dad hired a live band and invited my favourite musicians.. I danced with dad and mostly with Emilio who possessively refused to let go of my waist. What a naughty head. He whispered romantic things into my ear as we sway to the music and I could feel myself dripping wet because of his closeness. When he noticed that I was all giddy, he lead me to a spot to sit with him. He swiftly lifted me to sit on his lap. I glance around to make sure dad was not watching but he whispered as if reading my thoughts
"He wouldn't notice"
I gladly sat on his lap while spreading my gown to cover his legs as he continued his assault on me. He gently placed light feather kisses on my jaws, cheek and neck. I struggled to keep my eyes opened but I failed.
Suddenly I felt his finger as it dug into my core. I gasp at the contact. OMFG..
"My love you need to be really quiet, except you want to draw everyone's attention that am fingering you in your party."
I just nod my head in agreement afraid that I might end up uttering rubbish..
"And add a little smile to your lovely face when people pass by..."
I nod again. I impatiently push his fingers further into me again. A moan escaped both lips at the same time... I could feel his large length arousing to the contact as he continued teasing me..
As he increased his pace, I found it difficult to keep quiet..
I drag him to the ladies and locked the door..
He unbutton his trouser zip releasing his erect dick leaving me a sight to gladly behold..
I undressed myself carefully so as not to ruin my nicely done hair and makeup with my eyes not leaving his.
I watched him touch himself, it's so fucking hot to watch him. His eyes where clouded with desires so I sat on the mirror board and spread my legs wide open.
I couldn't help the sight of him so I slowly started to finger myself. A moan escaped his lip and I could tell he is enjoying the sight.. I continued by adding more pace. I could feel myself at the edge of my come with Emilio grunting in front of me. His head falls on my shoulder as he whispered to me how good it was to watch me touch myself...
We both moan out loudly and released at the same time..
Breathing heavily...
He grab my legs to his neck causing me to lay down on the cold marble..
He surprised me by licking my come clean after which our bodies became one.

We both sat on the bare tiles trying to calm down after that mind-blowing experience.
I can never get enough of her. She makes me feel something that no one has. My special queen. After getting dressed, I watch her dress up as well. This dress really turns me on and
She reapplied her make up...
"How do I look ...?" She asked me..
"You look freshly fucked..." I tease her..she rolled her eyes and we both head back to the hall..
It seems our absence was unnoticed..
"I guess no one notice.." She nods in agreement
"Should we go back for another round..?" I asked her while flashing a mischievous grin... she glared at me
"It was only a suggestion. Your answer should be yes or no.." I slyly push my request further.
"You wish"
As if on cue, Richard called out for her...
She walks elegantly to the stage as everyone became calm and silent..I swear that dress turns me on and I feel like killing those men staring at her right now.
He clears his throat..
"Well I promised my princess a special gift" turning to Emi he said,
"I want you to promise to accept my request princess..."
She nods obediently with a smile..
But I have a feeling that what he's about to say is not of my interest because of a sudden pain in my chest..
"Well...." Richard speaks further..
"I would like you all to meet my daughters fiancé.." My heart drops..
As the spot light move to the entrance ...
"No other than the multi billionaire..Bill Gates Hood.."
The sight of him caused my shoulder to drop.. Richard just killed his only son..

My heart raced when he said i should accept his request. Something obviously didnt feel right in the way he said. I was tensed and when i looked at Emilio, he looked as tensed as i am. It somehow made me feel we are in this together no matter what daddy has to say.
Wait! Could it be that he heard my screams last night or what? He wasnt at home at least thats what i think....OMFG he's not going to refuse me from seeing Emilio is he?
If he does that am definitely going to die.
Then he dropped the bomb...my fiance?? Oh God! This is not happening to me. Emilio's reaction was worse. I just watched his face go pale like blood was drained from him. It was almost immediately replaced by fright when the guy in question came into view and swiftly his face became blank. How does he do this..hide-his-f*cking-emotions. Something aiint right here but that is the least of my worries right now..
I gave my dad the why look. I mean he should have talked to me about this before saying this in the open. I dont think i can accept this. With tears filled eyes, i whispered to him
"daddy you should have discussed this with me before now. Dont you care about my feelings. About who i love? Daddy please take it back i cant marry him. I mean i dont even know him neither does he like me dad...please"
my dad looked at me with pleading eyes..
"you have to my dear. I picked my friend's son for you because i feel he's best for you and I know he will be able to take care of you and my companies. Besides am dying my dear"
when he said those words my heartbeat accelerated. Dying? Why now? I'm about going into college and now this. I asked hoping i heard wrongly
"yes my dear. I have pancreatic cancer. Am sorry for not telling you on time but I didn't know on time too. As at the time I went for the check up, it had gone so bad that the doctors couldn't do much .It is a silent killer and now I have just 6 more months on earth so please grant my last request. Grant the wish of a dying man. Please marry him and strengthen the bond of our friendship. Will you"
NO OOO. Death is so cruel. It snatched mum away from us and now its planning to take dad away soon.
My birthday which supposed to be a happy day for me is turning out as the worst day of my life. Cant i just be happy for once?
I didn't even notice i was already crying until a tear slipped down my face. I quickly wipped it away and replied my dad without thinking twice knowing that my life had just taken another turn..
"I will dad. I will marry him" My dad smiled warmly.
"am proud of you angel"
And as if the crowd had been waiting for my answer, they clapped while others cheered as Bill walked towards me smiling. I looked at the crowd of people who dont know how much i hate the decision i just made and smiled weakly to hide my pain.
All this while i have been avoiding eye contact with him. You should know who am talking about now. He looked dissapointed and heartbroken and this is all because of me. I know that its taking a lot of patience for him not to come up here and claim me and for that, am grateful. He only tears his eyes away from me when Bill was close to him. Both of them starred at each other as if they wanna kill each other.
I was silently praying for Emilio not to hold him by his collar and smash his head on the wall or punch that smile away from his face. I dont know if its just me but there's more to the way both of them are starring at each other. Bill is similing wickedly while Emilio tightens his jaw as well as balling his hands into a fist. Am thankful Bill passed without Emilio punching his face. He tears his gaze away from Emilio and continued walking towards me while smiling.
He is walking as if he owns this place...what right does he have. Now that he's facing me, I take my time to check him out. His tight black tuxedo hugs him accurately. He had black shinning shoes to march. His long hair is the colour of spun gold and it bounces on his shoulder as he comes closer giving me a sly smile. A few locks falls across his prominent eyebrows. His thick golden eyelashes are resting against the top of his high cheekbones. He gat a pointed nose and full coloured lips. I must confess he's cute no gorgeous. He really is blessed with good looks and no one can dispute that fact. My mind we back to Emilio, he is still giving him a death stare and i can already tell its going to be tough with Bill here.
"hello malyska" he greets while taking my hand
"i must say you look breathtaking moya princesa"his hot breath met my skin and i shivered as he swiftly turned my hand placing wet kisses on the inside of my palm. I let out a small groan and snatched my hands from him..WTF..what is he doing to me..
My dad cleared his throat while picking up the microphone again
"hmm....ladies and gentlemen i present to you the future Mr and Mrs Gates and the heir to all I've got. I am so proud of her"
To be continued

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