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The Masked - Chapter 6


The Masked - Chapter 6

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

Am sitting here with my annoying date. My eyes fixed on the entrance door waiting anxiously for Emilio...I hope Nils was able to convince him to come. That's when I will rock this party to the fullest. I have something in stock for my prince charming...
" Babe...he's gonna come..."Zena assured me. Why should she be here with me after what I saw. I just rolled my eyes at her comment. If she thinks am happy with her, then she's crazy. Seeing what I did, I think she began to notice that am angry. Nobody told her to start explaining...
"Babe am sorry for what you saw...its not what you think and before I say anything I want to tell you that I think Emilo has feelings for you" I just stared at her. Duhhh...ain't working...try another lie..
"Cut the crap girl I know you have your eyes all over him."
"Emy you know that's not true. I actually have eyes for Ni...never mind "
I raised my brows giving her the do you think am a fool look but she ignored and continued..
" I actually saw Emilo at the party last night. He was with his friends at first and then he went to sit alone with the bar man. He drank a cup of alcohol once not even stopping for a sec. He asked for another and that was when I went to stop him. I asked him why he was drinking and he said he needed it to think "
"And how does that relate to you in his room"
"Hold on..you're just in a hurry"
"Okay..go on"
"He started asking so many things about you..including if you have feelings for him"
"I don't know. But don't worry your secrets are safe. Actually he thinks he's not good for you and he also doesn't want to man up to his feelings.
He diverted and we started talking about me and I also started drinking. I had to stop because someone had to drive. I drove him home and we went up to his room. We were both drunk at this stage. We got into the room and he said I shouldn't leave and that he wanted us to watch something fun. And that was how we started watching porn. He didn't take off my dress I can that remember clearly. We took them off and I started fingering myself while he stroked himself..all this while the video was still playing. I don't know who initiated it but we only kissed once after muttering your name he pushed me and that was when you came in"
"God dammit it how can I believe that"
"Because it's the truth...I swear and I think he left the house immediately I left that's why he came back drunk"
For some reasons I don't know, I believe her.
I just hope she's right and am not being a fool
"But who do you have eyes on"
"Babe that can wait...look who we have here"
I turned to my right only to see my prince charming looking gorgeously stunning. Sorry for saying all that nonsense but this sexy devil right here is beautiful couple with his brown eyeballs...darm..he's cute...I diverted my gaze from him. Focus girl.
I turned to my date...Game time...
"Am feeling bored let's dance.." He nods in agreement,he led me to the dance floor..
We started slowly dancing to Adele's Remedy until the dj changed the song to Kranium's nobody has to know. I started rocking my butt on his hardcore to the rhythm of the song while he went on with romance..
He swayed me gently as I turned my face to his...our breath mixing..our eyes locked together. He used his index finger to trace circle on my lips. As I closed my eyes, I saw Emilio's face..darm this isn't right but I gat to do what I gat to do to gain his attention. I moved and kissed him on his cheek. He made use of this opportunity and grabbed my waist firmly placing it hard on his core. I could feel it's hardness but now is not the time to back down...
He moved his right hand slowly and placed it on my boobs. God this guy have some nerve.
My heart began to race both in fear and excitement. He moved his free hand under my tank top but was interrupted by the loud sound of scattered bottle....
We quickly pulled away from each other only to see Emilio's furious eyes on me...
I felt happy and worried. My eyes moved to Nils who looked just as worried as I am. I prayed silently for help because the guy standing before me is ready to kill....
He looked at me,his eyes reflecting a storm of different emotions....
I expected him to land his fist on my date but he dragged me away. My date tried to stop him but I stopped him as I willingly let Emilio drag me out to a secluded place. He released his grip. I gently massage my wrist. He took a step towards me looking at me like a hungry lion...

I poured my anger on her as I kissed her furiously. The image of her with that guy kept replaying in my mind. I could feel her struggling beneath me but i won't stop.. I need to get this picture outta my head. I want to go back there and rip his d*ck off but I know I might regret it later, so I'll just kiss the image outta my head and deal with him later. His scent on her shirt forced me to pull away from her. We stared at each other breathing heavily and she wiped her lips with the back of her hand furiously...
"what's wrong with you. You dragged me out here just to kiss me"she shouts at me
"have you gone mad?"
"Yes"i yelled at her causing her to shiver..
"am like this because of you"i shouted pointing at her. She took few steps backwards...
"How dare you behave like that before everyone including your elder brother"i paused to catch my breath
"don't you have any sense of dignity. You should be ashamed of yourself"i shouted at her..
"ashamed?"she dared to ask me. She walked closer to me as she looked into my eyes. Her eyes fuming with anger I know am responsible for
"who are you to judge me. You?? who gets drunk frequently or who have no respect nor regard for his dad.."her words hit hard on me. I stared at her confused while she laughs...
"You're messing around with your little sister"she says while laughing at me. I know she has a point but what can i possibly do in a helpless situation like this
"And yet you stand there and judge me?? why all this? Why do you have the habit of kissing your little sister"i stared at her speechless and unable to give her a reasonable answer. I walked out on her while she kept calling my name. I ignored her and hasten my steps heading towards the parking lot trying to make my way through the crowd of sweaty bodies. I could also hear Nils calling out for me. I stopped and turned towards the direction of his voice only to behold that jerk standing next to him..i contemplated on punching his nose but just then Emy approached me. Her determination is one thing I love about her and now she wants to hear my reply. I fought the urge to kill that b*stard and turned but they kept following me. I turned on my engine and saw Emilia standing fearlessly blocking me from leaving. I horned thrice but she didn't move away. I decided to drive with the aim of scaring her off but she remained adamant.. I reluctantly walked out of the car and fought the urge to shout at her
"please move out of my way"i pleaded as i head back to my car. She stepped aside and i drove off..
I drove roughly transferring my aggression on my wheel. Her question kept ringing in my head as I parked my car close to the lake. I screamed out loud and scared some birds away. Why did she ask me such stupid yet reasonable question?.. Can't she see the handwriting on the wall, I want her but why won't she understand me?. I need her. I want to feel her, make love to her, make her mine and the mother of my kids but i can't because she's my f*cking adopted sister.. Damn Richard... I must have her because I can't stand seeing her with those worthless jerks. She's mine...
"I will fight anyone and do anything to make you my woman because i....I love you"i yelled..
"i love you.."I yelled even louder..
"Ahhh..."i shouted stapping my feet hard on the cold sand of the beach
"you don't need to be too hard on yourself" Nils says in a steady voice. I angrily push him down. How did he know am here. How did he find me...
"you don't have the right to tell me that"i told him
"you don't Nils. You have no idea how am feeling right now"
"of course i do.."he says while standing up
"i understand you dumbass. It's like a battle waging inside you involving two delicate parts which are your heart and your mind"i know he's right but am confused on who to obey.. "You're confused on what to do"i nod in agreement.. "What are you afraid of??"he asked.. I shyly turned my face
"You should know that i don't like talking about my emotions so don't bother asking" his hand rests on my shoulder... "I won't rest until you give me a reply,so speak up because delay is dangerous"i know he's a man of his words... "Well...Am confused because i want her as my woman but at the same time the world will surely frown at our relationship,I don't think i can stand it when she's being humiliated. I would never forgive myself if that happens.."what he did next left me speechless and confused...is he having mental problem again??..
I couldn't stop laughing and jumping. I was extremely happy. Never did I think that my brother will someday fall in love nor show his true feeling. This realisation trigger me to jump,laugh,dance and cry.. Mehn this is not happening. He looked confused but what can a happy man in my state do?. When did the impossible become possible..if you know what he has done in the past, then you'll know why am this excited. Emilio kept asking thousands of question
"Am absolutely okay"i said trying to ease my laughter... "am just extremely happy that you're in love. The greatest and most arrogant player has been whipped and has fallen in love with his..."
The truth just hit me back to my reality as i try to digest and summon the courage to believe and accept the truth. I finally completed my statement
I sat down on the wet sand.. The weight of the truth weighed me down.. They are both in love and I know neither of them will let go of their feelings and they'll fight the truth to be together and never separated. Am the only one aware of this fact and the key to their happiness but Emilio has to prove himself worthy of her.. Then and only will I reward him with the key. Let the game begin and one more thing..you must win Emilio don't let me down
"let's go home. We'll figure out a way"
"No, you head up i'll catch up with you later"
"i won't allow you to sit here all by yourself sulking"
He opened his beer and attempts to drink from it but I quickly snatched it away from him and smashed it on the ground. I held him up by his collar
"Drinking is not the solution to this problem and you know it" I said shouting at his face which i know he hates. He pushed me hard and stumbled. I wasn't expecting that. He tries to punch me but I was lucky to dodge. I pushed him to the floor
"it will only result to bigger problems"i yelled. We remained silent both breathing heavily.. I know by the look of his face i got into his head... Sometimes, violence and words of wisdom help to calm an arrogant person like my brother..
"Let's go back now, emy will be worried"i said in a steady voice like I wasn't the one shouting few minutes ago.. He stood up without uttering a word. He walked passed me. I hurried after him and he drove off without looking back..
"That's the brother i know" i hooped into my car, brought the engine back to life and headed back to my uncle's mansion.
On my arrival, I noticed the absence of Emilio's car and I was equally welcomed by my sister who looked worried and stressed out.. Myself and that jackass of a brother is responsible for this..
"Hey, where have you been,I've tried calling you countless time" she said worriedly...
"Am sorry, my battery is low..." Her eyes where searching around for someone
"He's not here...I thought he was coming ho......." Alejandro's horn interrupted me. He must have a good explanation for arriving late. I could clearly see relieve in my sisters eyes as Alejandro steps down from his precious car..well that's what he calls it... I walked passed her and am sure she's unaware of my absence as her eyes were fixed on Alejandro. I bumped into my uncle and I know am in for it today...

I don't know how long we stood there in silence, as we expressed our feelings in silence. Her pretty eyes looked worried with conflicted emotions. I couldn't stop my self from staring hungrily at her perfect curved lips. Those lips that I have become a prisoner to ever since the day I kissed her at Zena's party. How can I ever forget that special moment after a long time of been away from her. I mean how can a simple kiss trigger so much emotion and send so much pleasure down my spine and giving me a hardcore. Mehn that's how whipped I think I am and ever since, I kept yearning for more.
How do I cope with all these f*cking feelings i have for her...
"Am sorry... I was out to get fresh air" I hope she won't bother me with load of questions because that's one of her greatest talents....
"I was only worried about your well being and dad too....."
I nod and walked past her only to face my biggest problem in life. He walked up to me majestically. I hope he stays within his limit as I don't want our relationship to affect the one am trying to build with Emilia...
"Where have you been? And why are you back this late?" My God... I can't stand Richards arrogance
"I don't remember, you having any right over me and by law I have all the right to do what I wish to..." I walked passed him and climbed upstairs
"Stop!!! I dare you to move an inch from that spot!!!" Emilia commanded... I was extremely surprised that i halted at her command. She walked up to me and dragged me down stairs... Am standing opposite Richard, side by side with Nils... This will certainly not end well...I have to play my cards well to earn her trust... I hope she doesn't push me too hard....
Richard and Nils stared at me in total shock.. I turned to Emilia who was gesturing me to say something.. I was standing there with conflicted emotion.. Still battling with my head and my heart. As much as i hate Richard, i wanted to really render an apology all because of my feelings for Emilia but what came out of my mouth was "Bullshit" i walked past Richard and Nils.. I halt and take one more glance at the only woman my heart longs.. Her charming eyes that cast a spell on me.. Those eyes stare at me in disbelief and anger.. Why can't she understand that fire and ice don't ever agree..
As I hurried to my room, Emilia called after me. I locked my door. Am not in the right frame of mind to exchange words with her.. I failed her once again.. She stood at the door step and knocked lightly begging me to open up for her. I Stood close to the door in confusion.. I could sense a little anger through her pleading voice...
I opened the door for her in defeat..
"I just need a quite time to clear my head" she shot the door behind and locks it...
I couldn't assimilate what's happening before she locked her lips with mine.. Wild sensation boiled in me as I take her happily..
Our tongue both battling to over throne one another..then we pulled away gasping for air...
"What was that for? I thought you came in here to scold me but you did the otherwise...What's going on with you because I don't understand...Holy f*ck.. Say something"
"I just did what I had to do
to help clear up your head so you could be in the right frame of mind to answer me clearly..." What the heck is she saying??
"Why can't you forgive dad. He's yearning for your love..."
"Can't you see that he needs to know that deep down you miss him too. I know you're affected by all this commotion. You just fail to accept the fact"
"You know how much I hate Richard. You don't fucking expect me to say sorry to that asshole you call your dad.."
I raised my voice at her for the very first time after mom died all because of Richard. Why don't he give up...
"Please don't ever interfere with my issues with Richard..."
"Try and understand me..."
"This is also hard for me...I know you don't get it but I need you now more than ever.." My voice brokedown as I let my pain out
"I need your support to scale through..." I could feel the hot tears that I was striving hard to hold wet my cheek...
She wiped the tears away and cupped my cheek gently. I wanted to say something else. To tell her how seeing Richard reminds me that he killed my mum. Killed the only woman who loved me and how he's also obstructing me from getting the love I deserve because of him adopting her. I also wanted to tell her how I want her not to keep talking about this cause anytime it comes up, I feel like am a monster and I always fail her cos I don't always do what she wants me to do but she placed her finger to hush me from saying anything further...
"You've said enough and I want you to know that I will be here and that's a promise I don't intend to ever break.." She gave me a light kiss on my lips and locked me in her warm embrace.. It feels too good to be in her arms...

I couldn't believe my eyes what just happened. I sat on my bed still in shock.... Emilia has so much effect on Alejandro even if he denies it. It's clear that he would never intentionally hurt her. Even though he didn't apologise, I know he almost did anyway. He's ego wouldn't be bent so easily though...
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I guess it's time to let the secret out...
I can't hold back anymore.. It's due time to release the cat out of the basket...

Tomorrow is my Queen's birthday yet I haven't gotten her a present but I plan on confessing my feeling to her tonight because tomorrow she will be too busy since Richard is throwing a huge party for her...But what I still don't understand is what he meant by she's ripe for her biggest surprise... What could that be?
On the other hand, Nils sent me a message that he has something important to say to me and Emilia. I hate it when am kept in the dark, it can be so frustrating....
A knock on my door interrupted my thought. I lazily stood up to open the door. Emilia and Nils?...
I ushered them in as we sat in a triangle-like structure anxiously waiting to hear what Nils has to say...
I might end up punching the hell out of him tonight if what he has to say is not worth this fucking attention...
"You must be wondering the reason for this meeting but before I go further I would like both of you to talk in private because I know you both have something to disclose to each other..."
He stood up and walked out of the room...
We stared at each other in an uncomfortable silence for few minutes. I had to muster the courage to confess my feelings for her just like Nils advised me few days ago...
"I know i've not been treating you with utmost respect lately. Am sincerely sorry about that...I don't know why I can't control myself and I can't stand you being around another guy either" I paused to catch a breath. "Watching you dance with him really made me loose it. I know I had no right to do what I did but I was so fucking jealous..." I explained truthfully....
She raised her eyelids and starred at me for a while, looking and scanning to know if I was lying..
"I didn't cause all those commotion as a brother but as a man who is in love..." My words came as a shock to her as she scratches her hair nervously.. An old habit of hers...
"I really love you... I love you Emilia. Have always loved you not only as a brother but as a man.." She attempts to say something but she only stammered...
"It's okay...you don't need to feel the same way but always remember that I love you.."
I turned to open the door. I was actually broken but she surprised me by saying those magical words..
"I love you too...very much"
"I've always loved you mi amor...."I smiled in satisfaction and turned to face her pretending I didn't here a thing. I gave a the pardon?? look...
"I love you Emilio...." I could feel the sincerity in her voice...
I took few bold steps towards her...
"Say it again..." I commanded her mischievously..
"I love you asshole" On her declaration, I hungrily placed my lips on hers as i coax her hip lightly....

My pulse began to increase as he kisses me. He presses his lips along the line of my neck and I moved my head to the side to grant him full access. I closed my eyes and I could feel his hands all over me even if he's barely touching me. Shit! am so wet and my nipples are so hard that they might burst through my dress. How can kisses be this is intense.
His lips worked on my neck to my ear and he licked it before biting it. He did it again and I shivered. Mehn I love this kind of biting not that I like it generally. He turns me and hungrily placed his lips on mine. He teased me with his tongue. What the hell are you doing to me asshole?? I gripped his hair and pulled him closer to me. He really has a soft hair you know. I ran my fingers through his hair scalp and I can bet he loved it.
I felt his d*ck pressed against my abdomen. OMG he's hard. Thank goddess he can't push me away this time. Am f*cking sure of it.
He moans against my lips and sucks my tongue while his hands roam around my back. He took his hands a little downward, caressing my waist before bringing his hands to my butt holding it and caressing it. He holds my butt firmly and lifts me off the ground swiftly and quickly. I in turn wrapped my legs around his waist while he carried me to the bed. Looking at him, I licked my lips and he groans at my action. I think am ready and if he rejects me again tonight then I'll have to plead..beg him to have him inside of me.
"You look so sexy doing that" he starred at me with those deep brown eyes of his. It shines brighter tonight or maybe it's my desire that's blurring my thinking ability.
"You wouldn't imagine how much I wanted to tear your clothes off that night. When I kissed you, his scent was all over you. And if I had pulled that sexy dress off of you, I knew i wouldn't be able to control my self from not having you there and then" whoa that would have been raw.
"Well it would have been a wild night you know " I winked and he smiled..
He pulled and tossed his shirt in a second and i was mesmerised by what I saw. His bare chest is a wonderful sight to behold . It's kinda broad and sexy as hell. I noticed a tattoo on his right breast and don was crested on it. I don't know what the hell that means and I don't wanna ask any questions right now cos am a girl in need.
He is muscular and he has six beautiful packs. I know I shouldn't be staring at him with no shame but I can't keep my eyes off him.
My eyes move towards to his trousers as he unbuckles his belt and steps out of his trousers leaving him with a hard erection that's threatening to pop out of his boxers. Hmmm just as I envisioned it to be. I could suck it all day if he let's me.
He dropped to his knees as if he wants to plead or something. What the hell is he doing. But just then he pulled me by legs to him. I gasped. I wasn't expecting that you know. He giggled as he dropped my legs over his shoulders.
"I need to taste you". What???? He's dirty...
He raised my dress up to reveal my thong. Actually Zena made me start using this cos she believes it's sexy. Now am happy for adhering to her advice. I am so loosing my virginity to him.
"I want you to come on my lips love"
Shit, he's a rude sexy devil and he's gat a dirty mouth too. Well let's see what he got.
He groaned and I felt his hands running up and down my thong.
"Uh...huh" was all I could say at that very moment. I couldn't even say one meaningful thing. Dammit.
"Hmm..you're so hot and wet. You smell good too...I gat a feeling that you'll taste good too"
With that he made a first lick and I almost jumped out of the bed.
"Holy shit..what was that? I mean that was.."
Shut the fuck up girl. You're babbling.
I pressed my thighs together hence suffocating his head and he still managed to move. He eats me like his life depends on it. I want to close my eyes but I bet he wants it open, so it stayed opened. I watch him intensely as he alternates his move. I swear his good...really good at this. Am so fucking feeling this and I think he's enjoying it too.
He increased the rate at which he was fingering me and then I lost it. My body begins to vibrate, pulsating, I think am close. This is it! oral sex. So raw and undiluted. Fuck!
"What...are you...oh my"
I'm panting and speaking in tongues. What the fuck!
"Yeah babe, that's your G spot and am definitely gonna make you come"
This sexy devil is really incredible. How could he have known that in such a short time.
He presses further into that spot while his other hand pushes down on the front of my pelvis. My body is changing and I gat a feeling that he know exactly what's going on.
"That's it babe, give it to me"
I couldn't hold it no longer. I locked my eyes with his as my orgasm rips through my entire system shredding me into pieces.
"Holy shit! you're so beautiful when you come"
He stood up and pulled his boxers while he licks the hand he just used in fingering me. That did turn me on.
He pulled my dress and stared at me for what looked like eternity....
I think I should just let him stare after that mind-blowing orgasm. I'm gonna allow him do whatever he wants with me. With a tongue like that and fingers I'd give my life for, I can't imagine how good the rest of his body is. Speaking of the rest of his body.
My eyes dropped to his massive erection and the need in me grows to a palpable hunger.
"Umm, is something wrong?" I whisper my fear, seeing his eyes jolt up to mine, finally leaving my breasts.
"Your tits are phenomenal." His hands squeezed them and I arch my back off the bed, pushing them farther into his palms.
"I want to slide my cock right here and come all over them." He trails a finger down the center, his eyes turning roguish. Jesus. This guy excels in the dirty talk department and I never thought I'd be into that. But coming out of that mouth, from those lips, I'm way the hell into it. I've never been so turned on in my life.
He leans forward and presses my body into the mattress.
The sensation of him over me is perfect. Every part of his body is touching mine, and I never want him to move. His erection pushes against my clit, and I moan into him as his mouth collides with mine. His tongue twists and dips, licking and swiping into my mouth. God, he's so good at this. I feel like I'm just babbling or screaming but he isn't complaining. I run along his back with my hands, feeling them flex against my touch.
His mouth breaks free of mine, and he slides down slightly. "I gotta suck them, baby." He flicks my nipple once, twice, and then draws it into his mouth.
"Oh, yes." I hold his head to my breast, not ever wanting him to stop this amazing sensation.
He alternates between them, giving each nipple equal attention as he sucks, twists, and bites. The pain is just enough that it blends into pleasure. Intense pleasure. It feels amazing and I want more. He moved and I miss his cock already, now that he's moved down my body.
"Can you, oh..."
His head tilts up. "Can I what?" He keeps his eyes on me as he licks my left nipple. "I'm not doing anything else to this beautiful body unless you beg me to do it." His hands continue their sweet torture on my breasts. " So you've never done this before? Even with Walter?
I glance down and meet his smirk.
Christ, he's sexy as hell and he has every right to be cocky. I'm all for begging if it puts him inside me.
"Um, yea. I've never done anything like this. I've kissed boys and they've touched me a little, but that's the only experience I gat."
"Are you sure you wanna do this? Do you trust me enough to be the one to do this. I mean I could eat your pussy some more or fuck you again with my fingers. It doesn't have to be my cock getting you off."
I bite my lips while looking at him. I think he cares but he shouldn't even pretend cos I know he wants this more than I do.
"Tempting. But I want this to be with you." Our eyes stay locked as he sits back between my legs. "I don't want to stop."
"Show me you want this." He holds me with his stare, commanding me to do what he's asking. "Show me you want me to be the one to take it."
I reach for his cock, sliding and rubbing his length. His groan vibrates through his entire body and I feel it tickling my palm.
"Do you think you can make me come with this?" I whisper my tease. "I'm betting you can. I'm betting you can make me come all night with it."
The biggest, sweetest grin spreads across his face and I swoon. I'm fucking swooning here.
He stood up and I was wandering why until he pulled out a roll of condom from his drawer.
"I don't think we'll be needing that"
"Why? You ne..."
"I know but this is what I want. I want to feel you and I don't want anything coming in between that" he sighed in defeat and returned to the bed.
"Sweetheart. I'm gonna go slow, but I need you to tell me if it's too much for you.
He braces himself on either side of my face, taking his weight on his forearms. I feel him at my entrance and he gently places kisses to my lips as he slowly slides in with a muted grunt. I inhale sharply and clamp my eyes shut.
Holy shit, he's big. Really fucking big.
He stills, not all the way in, and I let out my air.
"Jesus. So damn tight." He groans and drops his forehead to mine. "Are you okay?" His concerned words blow across my face. "Do you want me to pull out?"
I open my eyes and meet his. I have to keep going. I know the pleasure will come after the pain. "No, don't pull out. I want you to fuck me."
His hand strokes my cheek in the most intimate way. "Baby, I can't fuck you until you're ready for me. It'll hurt if I try to do it right now." He reaches down and grabs my hand, moving it around him. "Grab me and pull me into you. That way you're controlling it."
I nod once, grabbing on to him with both hands and guiding him into me. The pain hits me again and I tense. Every muscle in my body contracts against his. I can't stop. I need to do this. I clamp my eyes shut as I pull him in.
Deeper. Deeper. Fucking hell. My nails dig into his skin and I sharply suck in my breath again.
"Oh, God," I pant.
The pain begins to shift, slowly disappearing into nothing. I lock onto his eyes and bite my lip, seeing his apprehensive expression.
He's just as tense as I am.
He doesn't want to hurt me.
I'm in love with the right guy.
I relaxed my body completely and become familiar with the sensation. "I'm okay," I reassure him, seeing the tightness in his jaw disappear and his eyes light up.
He slowly pushes in all the way, checking my reaction closely. Studying my face. His lips are parted slightly and his eyes are so bright, they seem to light up the darkness of his bedroom. A deep noise escapes his throat as I open up to him, spreading my legs as wide as they'll go.
"I'm all the way in you, baby, and it feels so damn good." He brushes his lips against mine. "Fucking perfect," he whispers.
"I'm ready for you to move," I say, assurance in my tone. I'm more than ready. I tilt my pelvis up and wrap my legs around his waist.
He slowly slides back out, keeping his eyes on mine and watching me closely. The pain is gone and the only thing I feel is pure ecstasy. Elation. Fucking euphoria. I moan and lift my hips, urging him farther.
Oh, yes. That feels good. Amazingly good.
"Holy fuck," he grunts, sliding back in slowly. He bends down and kisses the corner of my mouth. "Does it still hurt?"
I smile against his lips and shake my head.
"Good. I'm gonna really move now, pretty angel. I don't know how long I'll last though. You're squeezing me so God damned tight, baby." And then he picks up rhythm, his hips crashing against mine.
My breasts bob against his muscular chest and I kiss him deeply, exploring every inch of his mouth with my tongue. The room fills with our moans that are in no way muffled. I'm certain people in the next state over can hear us..no me cos it's just too much to hold in.
Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.
"Oh, my God," I say as he licks and sucks my breast. And I know I'm close. I'm familiar now with what he can do to me and there's no stopping it. The build up is coming from deep within me, and it's coming quick. Like a wildfire spreading.
"You're right there, baby. Are you ready?"
How fucking hot is it that he knows when I'm about to come? I don't even need to tell him.
"Yes. God, yes," I answer.
He slides his hand between us and rubs against my clit. Thrusting harder and harder, deeper than I thought possible, and my orgasm rolls through me like a current.
"Oh!" I'm coming, clutching his body, and this is even more intense than the first.
My entire body trembles against his as I dig my nails into his back and rake them along his skin.
"Do that again," he demands urgently.
I repeat the action and he groans loudly, ramming into me and finding his release.
"Baby. Fuck!"
He twitches inside me and stills, relaxing his body against mine as we both slowly come down.
But I don't want to come down. I love this high. This high is incredible. Now I understand what appeals to sex addicts. I'm elated and completely spent. I looked at him "I love you Alejandro Emilo Roderico" he smiled.... 

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