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The Masked - Chapter 5


The Masked - Chapter 5

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

He closed the distance between us sending shiver down my spine as he kissed my forehead gently and quickly. It drove me crazy. Then he let our foreheads touch,our breaths mixing in the space between us. It was getting harder and harder not to rip his clothes off. Slowly, he leaned on me. The moment our lips touched,my eyes automatically fluttered closed. He pulled back carefully,the kiss nothing more than a butterfly landing on my lips....
Then he kissed me again,a bit longer this time. He pulled away in all gentleness but kept our distance as close as possible.
"Am feeling nervous"
I whispered breathing, slightly shaken...
"You don't need to"he whispered. This time, I was the one to close the distance. His lips parted and the kiss was longer,deeper,still gentle.....before placing a hand on his chest and the other in his hair pulling him closer. Every time we pull away,we find ourselves leaning in again and each kiss becomes deeper than the previous one. It wasn't like the normal making out, there was a certain kind of gentleness to it as if we were trying to pass a message to ourselves but my question is what does he want to tell me. Carefully,he pushed me backwards until we were both on the bed. For a moment his lips leave mine and were on my jaws, tracing kisses on my ear. I took a deep breath before he finds my lips again. Mehn am melting ...
"Sh*t. am so wet right now"i confessed shamelessly
"Woa...am equally hard and its threatening to rip through my zipper". He hiss through a moan as I press my hand on his massive erection..f*ck..i want him so badly. Slowly he removed my hand and i asked obviously confused
"what's wrong"
"Emi I can't do this"
"why not"i asked holding his face to look up at me
"because it's like taking advantage of you...and that is totally what I don't want"
I could see the sincerity in his eyes but i want to do this not minding the repercussion. I really want this right now. As if reading my thought he said....
"i don't just want you
to be one of my conquest"
With that I slowly moved away from him,i know he's right but what came out was
"bullshit...i don't give a damn about your reasons" and with that I stood up
"You know what?? All this never happened"he tried to hold my hand,i quickly move my hands away
"you should leave now"
"but Emi.."i interrupted with a yell
"get the fuck out"he relunctantly left the room ~Who does he think he is?? acting like a saint. He made a fool of me and my body.. That's disrespectful..
"You will pay dearly for this. I will so drive you nut and make you strive hard just to be with me...i promise".
I unlocked my phone only to see 20 missed calls from Zena...holy shit..am so dead..that bitch won't spare me today. You need to stay calm and try to stop breathing awkwardly I told myself. i just need to find her and explain myself to her.
I walked out of the room elegantly after adjusting my dress and reapplying my make up...
"hello bestie"a familiar voice called from behind me
"i was looking for you zea"i said smiling. She shook her head with the don't-you-dare-lie-to-me look
"you're so dead"i quickly ran for my precious life
"wait up"she yelled after me as i hurriedly find my way among the crowd. I mistakenly bumped into someone
"i'm sorry" i said without looking at the person i bumped into...
"i'm sor..."i stopped, hissed and tried to walk pass him but he blocked me my path. I tried again and he did the same thing
"Emilia,am not angry anymore am exhausted"Zena said panting heavily...
"Stop pestering me,Walter"i shouted at him ignoring Zena
"what the fuck do you want from me"i yelled louder not minding the attention am getting from the crowd
"i want you"i hissed and i turned to leave holding Zena's hand then i felt a hand on my butt
"how dare you"i said punching his nose,i twist his hands as i push him hard to the floor. Immediately, i pounced on him as i angrily hit him with my fist punching him harder and angrily as someone with a familiar voice pulled me away,i kept struggling to be free
"Emy calm down"
"you shouldn't have stopped me"i shouted at Emilo.
He dragged me out of the scene so I could calm down while walter stands up with the I'll deal with you look. I also gave him the you can't do nothing look. I ain't afraid of no body.
"Bestie, you did a great job"Zena praised me
"Hi" she greeted emilo
"pardon my manners Zena meet my date Alejandro"i turned to Emilo
"Meet my bgf, zena"they both exchanged handshake
"the sexy devil right"zena said laughing
"don't pay attention to her,she's a crazy bitch" turning to Zena
"i'm sorry for not picking your calls"
"You're only pardoned cos I can see you've been busy you know...having fun"
"dude...you're so hot" she said to Emilo and i looked up at zena rolling my eyes
"relax it's just a joke bestie"she says rubbing my back
"emy,are u still upset with me"
"i don't know. Emilo,how do you expect me to feel after what happened. I'm really mad at you". Zena turned to me looking shocked.
"wait,did you just call him Emilo"zena asked
"Emilo your brother that travelled to Mexico four years ago? The same guy you have a crush on? The same guy who was always annoying and you're making out with him??? Have you gone mad"zena shouted "you disgust me. Gosh! you didn't bother to tell me. Who the hell are you? The Emy I know doesn't keep secrets and would never do something like this" she yelled at me
"am sorry i didn't get a chance to explain everything to you. I was..."
"spare me all that trash. You had a lot of time Emilia but no am not good enough to know the shit you've been doing. Darm it's hurt so much. Now i understand what Lasse was talking about..."
"Zena,you're overreacting,am just here as her date for tonight"emilo said defending me
"Am not blind,have seen you guys making out severally and you still have the guts to defend yourselves"
"what do you mean"emilo asked looking confused
"it's none of your business emilo,this is girls talk please leave us alone"emilo walked out angrily
"he doesn't know about that night. He was totally wasted"I said calmly.
"you're my bestie and you know that I have only loved one man and that's Emilo. i promise, i always wanted to tell you. You need to believe me. Am sorry bestie"
"am sorry i overreacted..am just you know, surprised and confused about everything"she said as she hugs me tightly "So what are you gonna do"
"it's simple bestie,i'm gonna drive him crazy. He has to acknowledge me as his woman"
"But he's your....
"don't worry babe you'll get to understand why"i assured her confidently and i know my plan will be successful with her backing..
watch out Emilo..

It's been two days and Emy has been avoiding me because I don't want to take advantage of her. What kind of lady is she?? She's suppose to be grateful to me..this is very frustrating . My phone beeped loudly . As I rushed to get it I heard a sound of laughter coming from emy's room..i curiously went towards her room to spy on her..her door was widely open and she's putting on underwear...f*c
k..she's breathtaking. I stood there staring at her. i didn't even notice that she caught me staring until she cleared her throat
"em..em..i was just passing by"she laughs
"what i saw you doing was beyond that..anyway you're my brother and you should feel free around me"gosh she's damn lucky that she's my sister i would have banged her right now
"in your dreams Emilo"
"you're a witch"i said recovery from her surprise respond mehn i have to lock my thought or did I say that out loud
"Emy i would like us to talk. I hope you don't mind"
"of course not,sit down"she points to the bed,while she gets dressed
"What do you want to talk about"she asked handing me a glass of mango juice
"let's play a question game"
"i will go first" she says sitting opposite me
"why did you ask me to be your date"
"because i know i can't stand guys flirting with you.." I replied honestly
"you can't deprive me of my freedom. I hope you understand that"
"i know..but am just protecting you"
"But i'm a.."
"are you in love with someone"i interrupt her
"Yes i'm in love but it's one sided. He's actually a player and will always be.." i could see the pain in her eyes..i swear..i will kill that jerk myself..
Do you enjoy being a playboy she asked with a tone of sadness
"no..honestly am tired of it. since last week i've not been with a girl. I think i'm getting tired of it"
"You need to open your heart to love ..love and be loved"her eyes was full of emotions. She looked hurt,i kept staring at her trying to understand her word as they kept ringing in my ear. Wait
"Are you in love with me?" i asked her anxiously afraid to know the answer..
"i would like to skip the question"she request
"no i need an answer"
"please" she pleads holding my hands but looking at our hands
"then you must do something in return"she locks her eyes with mine... "What do you want"she asked calmly
"kiss me"
"well am not sure that's the best idea"she says looking away from my gaze
"You have nothing to be afraid of"
"I can't do..."i interrupted her as i crash my lips with hers. She granted me access as i held her waist firmly...damn i love what she's doing with my hair. I teased her with my tongue and gently pulled away as we kept starring at each other breathing heavily. Now, I'm sure that she loves me,her eyes,her lips and her body tells me that. She can't deny it anymore
"you're in love with me?? since when"i asked smiling as she shyly looked away
"since forever"she replied walking towards the door
"I hope someday you feel the same way i feel for you"she said while opening the door for me to leave but i have other plans. I shut the door and pulled her towards me closing the distance between us,i raised her chin up urging her to look directly into my eyes
"What will i do to have you as my woman"
"Just be mine alone"
"I can't"
"then you can't have me.." Even if i want to change,somethings keep drawing me back. I really want to change just for her but it's so difficult to. Am afraid to hurt her cos I know am bound to misbehave and my past will hunt our love
"I need you"was all i could say and i meant it. I bent down as i kissed her forehead..i could feel her shiver as my arms caress her hair gently. I want to take her right here but i have to restrain myself. I opened the door my eyes not leaving her as i force myself out of her room but definitely not out of her life..
I know i've always wanted her but i'm not qualified to have her now..i wanted to tell her to wait for me but i'm scared..i don't trust myself..i will right all my wrongs and make myself worthy of her..
"Hello son"richard greets me bringing me out of my thoughts...
"please..richard i'm not in the mood to talk right now"
"you could at least welcome me son,don't forget that am your father"
"i don't give a damn about you. I don't care if i came from your sperm or not"
"Hey!!!young man am your father...show some respect"richard shouts on top of his voice....i was shocked..he has never raise his voice at me,i felt my blood boiling in rage as i grab him by his shirt tightly
"how dare you. Don't you ever raise your voice at me or else..."
"emilo"emilia calls out for me as she hurriedly ran towards me.. She placed her shivery hand on my shoulder...
"please let him go. You're hurting him"she says calmly but her voice broke into quiet sob. I reluctantly released my grip on richard,he stumble as emilia helped support him to gain his balance as he kept on coughing..i watched her as she hurriedly gets him a glass of water..all her attention and love was on him..why would she care for so much for this man who killed my mother..he's not her biological father but she loves him a lot..why?... she has a lot to know about him and when I tell her, I bet, all this nonsense they call love would no longer be there....

I kept trying to figure her out but was interrupted by that special voice as she calls out..
"emilo..here" handing me a glass of my favourite mango juice mixed with vanilla flavour. I gladly collected it
"i'm sorry i lost my temper"i said sipping my juice. I followed her to the barcony as we sat side by side..her silence is bothering me...she must see me as the monster that i am..i kept quite in defeat as i stare at my drink
"you almost killed him..."she says passionately...
"i know you have always been aggressive but how long are you going to continue like this"she asked holding my hand
"I don't know. The hatred i have towards Richard keeps growing every waking day. I hate myself for becoming the monster i am today. Sometime, I wish i could turn back the hand's of time but i know it's too late"i stare at my unsteady hand
"this is who I've grown to become...a mon..."she place her index finger to silence me
"you're not a monster. You need to stop all this. You're a kind guy"i know she's saying all this to make me feel better
"you're a smart liar"i said smiling
"you know when to use your words at the right time and you always succeed in making me smile"i hugged her tightly sniffing in her scent as it's the only thing that calms my nerve,she forcefully pulled away from me
"how dare you sniff me. I told you i hate it when you sniff me"
"and i told you,you're not the boss over my nose"she climb on top of me as she tickle me harshly....
"am sorry...you're the boss..."i proclaim in between laughter..she surely knows how to make me happy... "Thank you"was all i could say.. We both sat in silence,our eyes locked together..then my phone beeped..it was a message from santiago inviting me for a party..i know i'll definitely attend
"are you free by 8pm today"i ask in a steady voice even though I know she won't accept to go out with me
"no..am busy tonight...." well that went well for starters like me....

After talking with Emilo a little longer I left him and went to look for dad.
I was super shocked to see dad crying while talking to mum's photograph... I know he failed her and blames himself for her death. I wish emilo could see through the mask that daddy is always putting on. He misses mom so much. i didn't know i was also crying until i felt the wetness on my cheek
"Dad"i called out as i walked slowly towards him,he quickly wiped his face with his hand towel
"dad...I saw you crying again"i told him so that he knows i saw him. He tried to say something but i cut him
"and don't tell me that something flew into your eyes or that you're eyes are itching you. Don't you lie to my face again. I know you miss mom a lot but you act like everything is alright. I can see through that mask what you really feel"i said crying..dad embraced me warmly as we stood there consoling one another.. Emilo why can't you understand dad like i do,we need to stick together and support one another..
"I love you so much my angel"dad said looking into my eyes
"i love you too daddy. I want you to always be happy, and know that someday your son will come around..."
"All these years,you've been my only source of joy. You gave me all your love,care and attention that my son would never give me. How can i repay you,my priceless fortune"
"Dad, all i want is for you to be happy"that would be my biggest achievement.
We stayed like that until I fell asleep in his room.
I later woke up about ten minutes to 1 o'clock .Woa I've been sleeping since forever. I stood up and tiptoed out of the room.
On my way to my room, I heard an unpleasant noise coming from Emilo's room..i tried to ignore it but curiously opened it slowly but the noise became louder. I still couldn't see the source of the noise .I angrily pushed the door... My heart sinked...I felt like an arrow pierced through my heart as i stood there in disbelief hoping it was all dream.....
I kept wishing it was all a dream... Hoping that someone will wake me soon. But then i realized that it wasn't a dream. I felt a hot liquid on my cheek
"How dare you!
you disgust me brother.." I stated with mixed emotion
"Zena that's my brother you're f*cking with" she immediately started picking up her clothes which were littered around the room.
"Am so sorry babe, we got carried away watching porn" Zena tried explaining.
I turned my back as they hurriedly dress up while I run downstairs.
How can Zena do this to me. I've always known Emilo to. be like that but why would my friend do that to me. I thought he was supposed to be in a party. How did they even end up here. God dammit this sh*t hurts. I entered the kitchen and poured water into a cup to drink. This might help me.

* * *
My annoying alarm woke me up.
"Shut up, you annoying little thing"
with my sleepy eyes I turned it off. I sat down slowly and faced the mirror close to bed. Whoa who's that.
My eyes are very swollen...asking myself why, I remembered last night. The image of both of them on that bed still replays in my head. Aaarrrhhh no more..i don't want to think of that anymore.
I stood up, washed my face and went downstairs.
Descending down the stairs, my eyes caught someone sitting on the couch. That's certainly is not Emilo. I deliberately went to stand in front of him. I have a right to do that cos this my house.
"Emy..." he stood up and hugged me tightly...
"i missed you so much"
"i missed you too"he said squeezing me tighter.. We stayed like that until i broke free..
"You almost choked me" we burst into laughter.
"You've grown to be a very beautiful girl you know" I blushed..
"Anyway don't feel too good, you're still my little sister" I laughed
"when did you arrive"i asked curiously"few hours ago..and i witness the family live show"i was about to say something but Zena interrupted me
"hey bestie...i will leave you guys to chat while i relax in your room"
"And don't keep me waiting for too long"
She walked out smiling mischievously. What in God's name is she up to. She's smiling and there's certainly no sign of remorse over what happened. God I don't know what to think
nymore ...
Nils and I sat side by side a little longer chatting... How have you been"I asked in a steady voice...
" I'm superb.."he flashed me that gorgeous and charming smile of his...."Uncle called me to come visit for a while. He's really disturbed by Emilio's behaviour......"I could see how concerned he is...
"Moreover am glad you're back"
"This is where you belong Nils" I hugged him. Don't you think I deserve one. I sure do. At least he didn't get to see how broken I am and for that am grateful...
We quickly pulled away when we heard a loud thud on the door...
Emilo..We hurried there only to find him drunk laying on the bare tiles. Is he not supposed to be in his room. Did he go out after what happened??
"Emilio.."I tried to raise him...
" Nils...help me let's take him to his room"
As I was struggling with Nils to take him upstairs, Zena came out and gave us a helping hand.
We laid him on his bed and sat there quietly for what seems like ages... I finally broke the silence
"Nils you need to rest. You just got here.."he nods in agreement and walked out of the room without uttering a word...I know he's annoyed and disappointed in Emilio... Then I turned to Zena who looked extremely tired...
" You also need to rest. We'll talk later.."
"No babe I will stay..."
"You need to freshen up, okay." I know she's worried but I want to be left alone
"I'm fine.."
"I really want to be alone with him" she hugged me and gave me a reassuring look before she walked away.. I sigh as I took a staggering step toward Emilio. I felt disoriented. What the hell is going on. First he cheats. Not like he was mine in the first place but I still feel hurt. Zena is pretending as if what happened ain't mean a thing and now he's drunk. Why would he go out at that time. Does he really want to kill himself..
I watched him sleep soundly. Who would ever believe that after all this years i will still be madly in love with this scoundrel who held my heart captive in his cell...I lay my head on his chest as I was transported back to time...
When we where kids, he used to be full of life. But death took that boy away the same day he took mom away from us. I miss mom a lot. I also wish to see that Emilio again. He's drowning in so much pain and keeps hurting those who love him. Am supposed to be angry but am here waiting for him to open his eyes. Am so f*cked up.
I felt a hand on my shoulder but I couldn't turn. It was so cold..just like...Oh God...He's here...
"Hey..it's me Nils...." he spoke up..I turned in relief
"You scared me...
Don't ever do that again" I squeezed myself in his arms as I let the tears roll down eyes freely...
"Am sorry....Emy. I never intended to frighten you."
"Hey..." He shook me in fear when I didn't respond to him. I was just there...starring at him, trying to calm my nerve. He's eyes soon began to water and I struggled to smile...
"Am fine...I'm glad it's you."I know by his look that he wasn't satisfied with my answer. I looked away feeling uncomfortable but I could feel his eyes on me like they were searching for answers.
I sat next to Emilio stroking his hair gently...
" You're still in love with him"he spoke in a steady voice....
"You can't deny it Emy. Hey talk to me. Your silence is killing.." He stood up to leave seeing I wasn't ready to bulge...I summoned the courage I needed and finally spoke up..
"Yes...I do love him" he turned to look at me...I walked up to him and held his hand firmly....
"I've always loved him. I know I shouldn't love him but I can't stop myself. Am crazy about him..." He didn't say a word as he starred at me then he turned to leave but I held his hand as I drag him closer to me...
"He's my life and I need your support. He's kinda aware of my feelings but I think he isn't interested and am really crazy about him. Say something Nils. Scold me, slap me but don't leave me alone in this. I love him a lot and it hurts a lot knowing he don't feel the same towards me...Despite knowing this fact, I still love him"
He placed his index finger on my lips
"I'm not angry with you. Am just worried that he's only gonna hurt you. Nevertheless, you have my total support. I will stand by you. I promise you... Emy...I piomise"
I know Nils is a man of his word...He will surely fulfil his promise and now it's time to make Emilio want me so bad...
"I'll be going for a party later tonight and I need you to bring Emilio over there"
"I know you won't tell me what you have in stall for him...."he said smiling
"But don't do what I wouldn't do with Zena......"
"Of course I won't"
"I value my v. card a lot to dish out to all those worthless guys..." I reassured him
"But make sure he's sober through out the party. He's unpredictable.."
"I understand....." He cup my face as he look deep into my eyes
"Your fear is justified and that will be difficult because if he loves you he could kill for you" He's word cause a thunderstorm in my head...
"But I will keep him under control. Trust me on this.I will ha 't get to
"Thank you Nils..."
"I got to go now...I need to prepare for tonight. Tonight is gonna be a stormy night"I hugged him briefly and walked out...

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