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The Masked - Chapter 4


The Masked - Chapter 4

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

For the past four years my son has been a real pain in my ass. All this started after the death of his mother. He's been very rude and always getting into trouble. To minimise all this, I sent him to a boarding school. As tough as Brook Hill was, he still made keeping him as a student very stressful. I really don't know what to do about him anymore and now he's back to stay. I might be a very busy father but I still care for my son and I want him to love and treat me as his dad. Since his return, I have been trying my best to show him that I truly love him but he's been frustrating my every move. I don't know if I can keep up with this because am really tired of his arrogance....
"Alejadro"i called out
"am here Richard"
He rudely interrupted me. I guess i should get used to his behaviour because with with the look of things, he's never gonna change
"Richard stop starring at me. Just tell me the reason why you were yelling"
"well son,i won't be around for..."
"like i care".
I think he truly doesn't care. I really don't know why he hates me so much but I'll do anything to find out...
"am going to Bangkok for a while. My coming depends on when the work is done. Call me if you need anything ok?
"Just leave"
Saying that he sat on the sofa operating his phone not minding me. I know am not the best dad but i just want my son to show me a little love. Am just glad my daughter loves me and gives me so much joy. Talking of her where could she be
i called out to inform her am travelling...
"hey Richard don't you know the road to the guest room. Your slut must be there waiting for you and as long as I live here, you need to stop shouting"
He rolled his eyes and drove out. This boy gives me heartache. When my wife died I couldn't take it. I couldn't work for months. I had to console myself with the promise of pouring all my love on my son since my wife is no longer here. But look at what I get for loving him.
my princess tapped my shoulder bringing me out of my thought
"Emilia dear"
"Dad are you going on a trip again"
I nod sadly. How did she know bout it???
"that's bad dad. Am here to stay with you for a while and you're leaving. Are you tired of me or have i offended...
"no my dear. Am going for a business trip in Bangkok for a while. Besides your brother is here to keep you company"
"Really,when did he come back"
she asked happily
"a week ago but he's barely around. All he does is go clubbing and getting himself drunk or even engaging in fights"
her smile suddenly disappears
"come give dad a princess hug"
she smiled happily as she locked her self in my arms. She has been a source of joy to me ever since I saved her...

Am all alone in this mansion doing nothing and am so bored. What am I going to do?
My dad looked hurt when he talked about my brother and to think that he's been in this house with me for a whole week yet i've not seen him is alarming. Anyway am so anxious to meet him and i hope we get along...
OMG am running late for Zena's party. Yea, Zena is my bgff (best girl friend forever) and she's having a party today. I don't even know what am going to wear but I need to look good. I ran upstairs to freshen up. I am a very beautiful girl and I know that. After searching for over an hour I finally took out a backless mini dress that hugs my shape perfectly. After applying my makeup, I left the house. I don't own a car yet. Don't get me wrong, my dad is rich. He promises to get me my dream car when I clock 18 and that's few months from now. I can't wait.
"Watch it you idiot"
he yells at me. i didn't even know when i bumped into...OMG he's so cute..i manage to say am sorry in what looked like a whisper.
I crossed the road hurriedly so I could get a bus. Michael is supposed to drive me but this is my only way to get freedom. That stranger is really rude and super hot. He's a sexy devil. Well that's what I'll call him from now on...I can't even stop thinking about those deep brown eyes of his. I hope my brother would be more handsome and polite than him so I can have all the girls at my call because of him. I giggled...
oh no 5 missed calls...from who? Walter? why is Walter calling me..I'm gonna switch off my phone so i can enjoy Zena's party to the fullest.
Wow..the whole place is buzzing with light and loud music... Zena must have put in a lot to make this party a success. Girls are everywhere with their dates. Others are dancing while some are already drunk. Spotting her brown hair I walked up to her...
"Hello cutie"
Zena hugged me
"you look stunning dear"
i compliment her
"come on Emilia, you know the whole world bows down at your feet because of your beauty".I giggled at her comment...
"Bae you're party is classic"
i said as i grab a drink and a sit..
"why didn't Walter come with u"
"Sweetheart we finally broke up. I might find my prince charming here you know"she winked me. I knew she never liked Walter so her I don't care attitude is understandable...
After chatting and drinking a bit she told me that a particular guy has been staring at me for a while now. Turning, my eyes met with that stranger. Yea I mean that sexy devil. I quickly turned away. Darm! I never thought I would see him this quickly...i felt very uncomfortable under his gaze. Seeing my uneasiness, zena asked me if I knew him. I told her I don't which is true...I tried to steal a glance at him once more but he caught me starring. I walked away shyly to sit at a hidden spot. I felt so embarrassed. That sexy devil really got a hold on me. I've never been this shaken by a man. I mean its been the other way round. The presence of someone sitting close to me brought me out my own world.
"hello beautiful...nice to see you again"
he smiles at me. God, his smile is so beautiful that it makes me blush. His face is so chiselled..his pointed nose..full lips and those deep brown eyes that makes me wanna melt.
I didn't even know that I have been staring at him without saying anything. I try to say something but couldn't even form a single sentence. I opened my mouth again but nothing came out. Jeeez...I just looked at him and smiled..
"You seem a little distracted..are you ok"
I just nod in a silent yes...he moved closer to me but I moved away..i mean I don't understand what this is that keeps pulling me to him. As if explaining, he said..
He moved closer to me again gently removing a strand of hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear. The closeness of my body to his made my brain stop functioning for a while. Why did he do that? His hands moved to my cheek gently caressing it while looking into my eyes. My heart beat increased in loud beats as he came closer. I don't know who initiated it but I felt his lips on mine. Whoa it tastes just like strawberries and he's really not a bad kisser. I mean this is really different from all others..he deepen the kiss pressing his body to mine leaving us with no space. I lost my principles and all, I just want to enjoy this moment to the fullest....
A familiar voice called out my name and I jerked off his laps breathing heavily ..i mean when did I climb him???
It's been two days and i just can't stop thinking about that stranger. The way his hands felt on my skin, the way he caressed me, oh my the way his lips tasted. How can I forget such. Even when I got home I went to the bathroom and starred at my lips and I could still see the way he kissed them. Crazy me. I didn't even get a chance to know his name or any other thing I can identify him with. But I can never forget the structure of his face. Gosh he's so beautiful like he was made in a lab or something. It's all your fault Walter. I mean he still doesn't know his place,why did he show up at that time?..
Woa I think am really going insane. I mean I kissed a total stranger and am angry someone interrupted. How did I become so naughty.
As if this is not enough to drive me insane, I still haven't seen my brother. How can I live in the same house for weeks with him and I've not seen him. It's so strange. He's barely at home and even if he come home it would be when am asleep because I sometimes wake to see his stuff on the couch. I'll just take a nap and stop thinking about that sexy stranger or my brother.
As I climb up the stairs I heard the horn of a car. Daddy isn't coming back yet, he called me yesterday. I didn't tell the Michael to get me anything. Who could that be??? OMG I think he's home. Am gonna see him, there's no way he'll run out of this house without me getting to see him today and he must have a good explanation. I hurried down the stairs. I opened the door and saw him pressing his phone.
"hello bro..."
With that, he looked at me.."oh no" i gasped under my breath. This can't be happening. How can this be.... I think my brain is giving me a hard time. Could it be that the sexy stranger traced me to my house. No no this can't be. I turned to run away but he grabbed my arms and spinned me around to face him. I looked directly into those deep brown eyes i will gladly become a prisoner in. Searching his eyes, I discovered he was confused... then he spoke up..
"who are you"
gosh what to do. Does it mean he didn't remember that night and the moment we shared? So why did he trace me here. To tell me that he doesn't remember me?? I knew it from the very start that he's rude but not to this extent. With all the boldness I could get, I answered
"am supposed to be asking you that question. Who are you and what are you doing in my house"
He grinned at me which left me more confused.
"What the hell...how can you ask me such a question in my house...you're just silly."
He brushed past me and went into the house leaving me outside. What's going on. I followed him quickly. When I got inside, he was already at the door of the kitchen. How does he even know our kitchen.
"Hey stranger, you have no right to go into my kitchen like that."
He just laughed and brought out his phone and paced a call through. I heard the following conversation...
"Hello Richard
Who did you bring into this house without my permission..."
When i heard him call out that name, I knew he was talking to my dad. After all that, he handed the phone over to me.
"Hello daddy....this guy just entered the house and went straight to the kitchen..i don't know who he...."
Before I could complete my sentence he gave me the shock of my life. Oh kill me now, the sexy stranger is my brother. Before I could process the information he took the phone from me and am sure daddy told him also because I saw the life drain out of him but he quickly mask it with a big smile that didn't reach his eyes.
"Hello sister, I can't believe I couldn't recognise you. You've become so beautiful"
my cheek heat up immediately when he said that making me forget all my worries.
"You were gone for like five years."
giving him my cutest smile, i replied
"Almost. It wasn't up to five years"
"why were you shocked when richard told you am your brother and that I am back for good"
Am definitely not going to be the one to bring up that issue..
"yyyeah...I was just shocked I couldn't recognise you..you've become super hot"
he laughed as i also joined him to laugh at my foolishness
"we have a lot of catch up to do you know" he said palming my cheeks. Awwn he's so adorable and i can't stop myself from crushing on him..
"we could play random games together"
"truth or dare"he says like he was reading my mind
"yeah..that's if you're not too busy"
i said sitting next to him
"of course not. Am never too busy for you"
"Lets go to my room"
he says stretching his hand for me as i gladly hold up to him as he leads the way. His room is breath taking,though my room is quite bigger but his design is superb
"so any rules"
i ask sitting on his bed
"It will be truth only,if you want to ignore any question then u will do anything i want"
he says handing me a glass of orange juice
"that's fair enough. You go first"he smiled and thought for a while..
"do you know the lady that Richard calls princess"
i burst into laughter
"what's funny"
he asked looking confused but i can't stop laughing at his foolish question.
"it's me jackass"
i replied and he joined me laughing
"i thought she was one of his mistresses". I rolled my eyes at his comment.
"so while you were away did you fall in love cos I was praying for you to"
"yes"he replied
"Why, am human you know"
"Oh, no one is disputing that fact but we both know...
i sat closer to him,raised his chin so that we'll be looking eye ball to eyeball...
that you're a player"
he looked broken when i said that, anyway the truth is always bitter
"when u get to know me better your opinion will change babe. I promise"
gosh i could felt the butterfly in my stomach when he called me babe. What is wrong with me...wake up Emila, he's your brother.
"so sweetheart do you have a boyfriend"
"No we broke up weeks ago. His demands became outrageous"i told him truthfully
"who was the first girl u kissed. I mean the one you loved not the one you did for fun" he suddenly looked sad,i could see tears in his eyes,i wish i could take back the question but just then he replied...
His answer came as a big shock to me. OMG does this mean he remembered that night?
"about eight years ago when i first met you. You were looking so angelic.. I just had to"
Oh he doesn't remember that blissful moment we shared but he remembered what happened when we were younger...
"At first, you were so arrogant. With that attitude of yours, I would never have imagined that we will get along so well"
"You were also annoying. You talked a lot"he replied. Something changed in his mood but I couldn't place my hands on it..
"But you always made me smile. Even when mum died you were always by my side"
"i was only keeping my promise"i said to him..
When mum died, we were all alone. She was a good mother to me even if am not her biological daughter. When dad saved me, I was in comma for days before I woke up and I had a memory loss. She cared and loved me so much..she even gave me her name. When mum left us, dad was broken and would lock himself in his room for days. It was just us all the time. So we made a promise to always be supportive to one another through thick and thin but he broke that promise and I never questioned him
"am sorry i broke my promise"
he said like he was reading my thought
"i just had to leave. Richard was frustrating the hell out of me and when he brought the idea of going to a boarding house, it was the freedom I desired"
I could see the pain in his brown eyes but now is the right time for an explanation "is that the only reason why you left"
"i was tired of everything. Seeing his face irritates me.... He killed my mom"

Emila has grown into a very beautiful woman. Her sea blue eyes still prominent and her figure intact.
Am not proud to be called her brother. Hey don't get me wrong...i adore her a lot..it's just that i know she's off limit and the society will frown at it especially Richard but she's the only woman I want. The only one I fell for and will ever be in love with. From the first day I saw her lying on the hospital bed I've always longed for the day she will be mine...my parents took her in as a daughter and it has been really difficult to stop that feeling. So when mum died I left so as to run away from those feelings and my dad. Even when I came back home I didn't know she was in the same house with me because I never asked.
I stopped thinking about her when I met a charming princess sometimes last month. I was rude to her at first but immediately I saw those sea blue eyes I was swept off my feat . I followed her to a party...please don't call me a stalker. I just go for what I want and when I got the chance I kissed her. It was way more than I imagined.
Since then the thoughts of my sister subsided and was replaced by the thought of the charming stranger.
I was happy that I'll finally be over Emila...I swore to find out everything about this stranger and make her fall for me...everything changed when I saw her this morning in my house...the charming stranger is my sister..my Emila...tell me how life could be more frustrating...I don't want to bother about that now..circumstances separated us once and i really missed her..
Somethings about her didn't change..like the way she usually bite her nails when she's sad or controlling her tears.... scratch her hair out of anxiety and pick her eyelashes when ever she's trying to hide something.. chatting with her reminds me of the good time we spent together....she deserve to know one of the reasons I left. I mean I cannot tell her how much I love her. She would despise me. I could see confusion and disbelief in her eyes when i told her that her precious father killed my mother...she's blinded by the love she has for her dad
"Mum was suffering from breast cancer" she tried to explain...
"yeah,i know"
"she died of cancer"she said looking confused...
"that's right"i said"but that's because we found out when it was too late. Richard was always on business trips...he didn't even notice that his wife was ill...he never cared for her...." i said in tears. She's the only person that has seen me this broken
"ssh..it's okay" she said stroking my hair gently
"you don't need to be too hard on dad or yourself. You need to forgive, that way you will have inner peace"she said calmly,i know she's right but it's not easy
"it's too late Emily"i said sadly..
"anyway are you still disturbed by those scary nightmares"
"when u left it became frequent"she replied
i failed her..i wasn't there for her when she needed me the most...how did she cope through all those years..am such a jerk..i never thought of all that before leaving "hey"i felt the gentleness of her touch...
"it got better few years ago. I barely dream now"she reassures me with a smile. I have this feeling that she's just saying it to make me feel better...
"emily you're lieing to me". I didn't want to push the issue far so I tickled her,the sound of her laughter echoed in my room filing my heart with joy..i missed her......
"i missed you a lot emily"i finally confessed to her
"i missed you more than you can imagine Emilo Roderico"...did she just call me Emilo Roderico??
"Does that mean Emily still have a crush on me"i said happily as she shakes her head in disagreement
"Have gotten over it dumbass"she replies confidently
"Are you serious"i asked anxiously
"yes of course"
this girl knows how to hide her true feelings so now i can't tell if she's lieing or not
"okay i believe you"i said defeated
"Am going to Lasse's birthday party will you come along"she asked me
"who is Lasse"
"Lasse is my best boy friend"
"you mean that german guy that had a crush on you years back"she nodded
"but that's in the past now"
am not convinced..how could she befriend someone like him,i will definitely attend that party and take a close look for myself
"I am definitely going with you sugar"she giggled and stood up to leave
"Do you have a boyfriend"i asked her mischievously
"no, we broke up recently"i gave her a look for her to explain further
"it all started when i lost a bet to him. The price to pay for losing is to be his girlfriend for one month"
"what he's name"i asked nervously
"Walter"she replied. What?? you mean that jerk that interrupted our moment..Darm him..
"that jerk is a complete flirt"i said angrily
"You know him?" she asked. I just starred at her not wanting to tell her I remembered that night.
"How did you meet him"
"At a club..Opposite Ice bar. That's one of his regular joint"
"Am going with you as your date"i told her angrily. I don't even know why am suddenly worked up....She looked at me with those charming eyes full of questions i know she would ask later but am not ready to answer
"ok"she replied
"But at least tell me your reasons why we should put up an act"i can tell by her looks that i must answer her question
"Because you are a queen and should be treated with utmost respect...that's what a queen like you deserve"she smiled as i told her half of the reason why I want to go with her as her date. For some crazy reason I wanna mark my territory.
"I want to be there for you Emily. Just trust me"she nods as she locks herself in my arms saying..
"I trust you Emilo"I felt contempted and happy.....
When he asked me if i had a crush on him, i gulped. All I did was lock my emotions and answer him convincely because he can't find out that he has a place in my heart that's irreplaceable. I just hope he will begin to see me as a lady not his sister someday. Asking to be my date at Lasse party is so weird and exciting. There's something mischievous about all this but who cares...he's mine for a whole day and am gonna take full advantage of his insecurity and make it work in my favour. Who knows, he could even be mine and then I'll waste no time in putting all those shameless bitches in their place....
Can't believe am dressing up like a bride...ain't my fault I just wanna look drop dead gorgeous...OMG 4 o'clock?? Its time to be a bitch. Should i go down or wait for him to call me?
I'll just wait so it won't look like am too excited...
"Emilia"he calls out for me but i ignored him
"sweetheart ain't we running late"he says while knocking. I quickly checked myself in the mirror for the last time and smiled in satisfaction to what I saw. I proudly opened the door to see the only man that my heart longs..darm he's looking breathtaking
"you look handsome asshole"i complimented him. He didn't even flinch, he looked lost in his thought as he stared at me....i had to tap him hard
"yyyou lookk...hmm...I mean uree..."
"Shut up asshole, let's go"
With that, I took his hands and laced it with mine. The fun just started. As I stepped into his classic car, his exotic scent filled my nostrils.
"thank you for allowing me go with you my lady" he said as he brought the engine of the car alive....
"its no big deal Alejandro, let's just have fun"i said happily but he suddenly looked away. The drive became awkwardly silence
"what's wrong"i asked nervously
"you called me Alejandro for the first time. It felt strange"
"am sorry"i never knew he didn't like the name that much
"let's just enjoy the night to the fullest"he tells me as he pulled over in an empty space outside lasse's mansion . We walked majestically into the compound as i waved Lasse
"hi"lasse greeted Emilo and the two of them exchanging glances
"nice party"Emilo answered him pulling me by my waist closer to him
"You look beautiful bestie"lasse complements me ignoring Emilo who was beginning to tight his fist. I quickly rest my hands on his chest as i kissed his cheek and he immediately relaxed to my touch
"bestie, meet my date Alejandro"i turned to Emilo
"meet my best boy friend, lasse"they both shook hands
"have heard a lot about you"emilo tells lasse who smiled in return
"enjoy the party folks"he said and he walked away..
"your bestie has an attitude babe"i nod in agreement and walked over to the bar and ordered for drinks.
As if stalking us, Walter sat opposite us not quite long and two shameless bitches started flirting with my date and he was smiling at them in my presence. What nonsense. I felt so angry and jealous but quickly shook it of.
"Babe your ex has been staring at you for a long time now. Why don't we send him away"
i starred at him with utter disbelief. I mean he's the one that has been flirting with those in my presence and this is what he says...what the hell is going on in his brain but before I could give him a piece of my mind, he placed his lips on mine. I tried to wiggle out of his hold but he's darm too strong. Instead he deepen the kiss and after what looks like forever he pulled away
"lets postpone this for later. We kinda have the night for ourselves. So can I have this hand my lady"he says with pleading eyes. He really is a sexy devil. How can he make me angry and try to be nice at the same time.
"Please babe don't leave me hanging " with that, he started singing with his husky voice. Oh God he's so off key. I just love this sexy devil. I put my hands in his and he pulled me up as he led me to the dance floor his eyes never leaving mine. He swung me gently as he locks his arm on my slender waist dancing to the beat of music. He trailed his finger slowly on my waist placing light feather kisses on my neck....his breath creating wild sensation as i felt heated up. He pulled me closer to him as he breaths on my neck..I just wanted to pull him closer to me but i don't want to ruin this moment. He moved his hand to rest on my lady bumps as he hands tightened around it. I brought my face closer to him as our breath mixes. I rest one of my hand on his back and the other locked around his neck and i forgot about everything else i just want to live in the moment. He bent down and claimed my lips. Just what I need, he sure knows what I want. Immediately his lips touched mine it drove me crazy and my eyes automatically closed.
I felt a cold hand on my shoulder as it pulls me away. I turned to look at the jerk only to see it was no other than my ex... Why does he always interrupts my good moment
"walter get lost"i yelled at him drawing attention towards me
"leave me alone" i yelled even louder
"my love i can't because you're mine"he tried to grab my hand but was stopped by Emilo. Those deep brown sexy eyes have being infuriated and looks like bloodshed
"don't you ever lay your filthy hands on her again or else"
"what would you do" Walter said interrupting Emilo
"babe please calm down"i said resting my arms on Emilo chest
"why are you doing this to me"
"Doing what Walter"
"You are bent on ruining me"
"what have i done for crying out loud"i said shouting at him..
I could feel Emilo's fist tightens as he drag his sleeve up ready to descend on walter
"Why are you fucking around bitch..." Walter barks at me but before i could digest his words, Emilo landed his fist hard on Walter. I was shocked. I never expected it. Before I knew it, Walter was on the floor and Emilo's punch became harder and harder on walter
"stop"i cried out but it fell on deaf ears,i tried to pull Emilo off Walter but i couldn't
"let him go" I commanded and whole crowd suddenly became calm
"Emilo let him go"i broke down in tears
"please"it only came out as a whisper.. Emilo seem to come back to his senses as he grabbed my hands and led me to the counter. We sat side by side but none of us spoke. I just watched him in awe. This guy is something else. When I sniffed, he turned to me,held my cheek and wiped my tears.
"Please stop crying"
I ignored him and checked if he sustained any bruises but thank God he's fine
"am okay" he reassures me
"you almost punched him to a pulp"i stated angrily
"you know i can defend myself. I ain't a kid no more" "I know babe but that is why am here...to protect you. Anyway he asked for it"can't believe his saying that after almost killing someone. As if reading me, he said
"Look am sorry ok. I had to do something"
"Nope ain't forgiving you yet"
"Really?? For trying to protect you"
"So what am I gonna do to get your forgiveness mi amor"
After thinking for a while, he stole a kiss.
"What! That's not going to work. You have to try harder"
As if charging him, he traced my cheek with the back of his hand slowly, spreading tingles where his skin touched mine,moving until his fingers were pressed against the back of my neck..his thumbs were tracing circles on my skin and I couldn't fight the pleasure that ran through my spine. Shit am so turned on, i don't know what's wrong but his hand on the nape of my neck made it really hard for me to think clearly
"Lets go up stairs"he whispers into my ears. I followed him to an empty room and he locked the door his eyes never leaving mine...

To be Continued

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