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The Masked - Chapter 22


The Masked - Chapter 22

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

Am frightened to close my eyes.. My encounter with Emilia keeps mocking me through my imagination...She has destroyed my life..
I felt my aderline rush through my vein urging me to smatch Bill's head while others were cheering and clapping as they exchange their vows.
She has not been like this. I mean we were very close until after my dad's declaration. Everything worsen after the kidnap incident.. She drifted futher apart from me and her family..
"Fuck" i spat as i held the last bottle of beer.. When did i empty all these bottles?? Well there's no big deal getting another drink. I decided to go down stairs with the aim of getting more beer but my feet denied me and led me to Emilia's and Bill's chamber...My heart skip as I heard her moans.. I couldn't control my body as the uncertainity and curiousity overwhelm me. In anticipation to verify my doubt i peeped into the room slowly and unfortunately I came face to face with my worst nightmare.. I felt like a dagger pierce through my heart.. A sudden need to destroy something purge through my vein as I fought an internal battle within me ...
I closed the door when i noticed a presence behind me.. I knew it was Richard because his perfume said it... Not wanting to cause a scene i hasten my steps downstairs to the kitchen so as not to vent my anger on him but the stubborn old man won't take head rather he keeps ranting and asking torns of question that's adding fuel to my anger.. I emptied another bottle of beer and tried to grab another drink but Richard dragged it from me..
"Give it back" i spat with venom in my heart..
"No son.. I won't watch you destroy your life.."i laughed mockingly..
"You've destroyed my life Richard.. You put me in this state..it's all your fault.."i shouted
"i don't need your sympathy.. It's not right for you to stab me and wonder why am bleeding.. It's rubbish"i yelled on top of my voice...
"You contributed to all my pain, agony and mistery..."I continued..
"That's no way to talk to your father.." he raised his voice at me..
"How dare you lecture me.. My heart is consumed with bitterness.. "You.. You're to be blamed.."
"That's enough.." nils shouted interrupting my statement.
"stay out of this Nils.." I warned him while trying to control my temper in the best possible way
"But your sister and her husband are in this same house celebrating their honey..." he preaches again..
"Don't you dare say another word.."i warned him bitterly..
"You're going back to the rehab centre first thing tomorow morning.." he said pointing his finger at me.. I stalked toward him like a predator aiming at his prey.. I grabbed him by the collar and smatched him on the wall next to the door frame..
"You have no right to point your finger at me.. Am not your son just as you're not my father..".
"you're my offspring and my blood runs through your vein" i tightened my grip as i continued to strangle him..Nils tries to pull me off him but my grip was tight on him.. He grabbed a flower vase and hit it hard on my head making lose my grip on Richard..I punch him on his stomach and pushed him hard..
"Stay out of this.. Don't infuriate me futher.." i could see fear and disappointment in his eyes..
"you should have stayed away when i asked you to but you chose to infuriate me.."i knelt down and helped him to his feet..
"What should i do with you Richard.. You shouldn't have grumbled in this state that i am.. You've made me this monster standing before you, Richard"
"Calm down dude.. Come with me.."he grabbed my wrist and tried to pull me away but i didn't bulge..
"She's having sex with another man right under this very roof where i first made love to her..." i hit my chest proudly..
"You took that right from me.. Richard. I love her.. I fucking love her with every thing i got.. My heart.. My mind.. My soul.. My body.. All belongs to her" i turned my back at him
"She was mine.. Only mine.. I hate to share when it involves her.. But you took that right away from me.."he(Richard) holds me by my shoulder..
"For the first time she's moaning another man's name.. It's replaying in my mind.. Mocking me.."
"am sorry.."His pleads cause a storming rage in my heart and my body trembled fuming with anger..
"get off me.."i yelled and a loud sound echoed behind me. Before i could turn to see the reason behind the noise Emilia approached with shock on her face as she scream louder than i've ever heard her before..
"Daaaadddd" i quickly spun around to behold my father lying in his own pool of blood. I rushed to him at the same time Nils and Emilia rushed towards him. Am too shock to make a sentence all I did was stare at my lifeless looking father..
"Someone get the car keys.. He's still breathing.." Emilia examined him while Bill grabbed the key.... I watched as they rushed him to the hospital and i couldn't move an inch as i stare at my father's blood..
What have i done..? Why did i vent my anger so irresponsibly..?.. I killed my father..
"am a murderer now."i sobbed out loudly.. "Am a monster.. I'm cursed.. Why...?" I sobbed till my body began to fidget.. My hands became too heavy that i couldn't stretch it forth......

We've been perambulating in front of this ward... I couldn't hear who Emilia was talking to on the phone but she seems to open up wholeheartly to the person.. I could see the pain in her eyes.. Bill attemptIed to hold her but I stopped him..
"What's your problem man.." Bill asked me
"if she needs your help she wouldn't hesistate to come to you.." I stated. He still looked confused..
"She's your wife and you're her husband.. But before she became your wife she's my sister..I understand her better.. So please let her be for now.." he nods as he takes his sit.. I dailed Zena's number but she didn't answer my calls.. So i assumed she may be driving or doing something else..
Suddenly my phone rang.. It's Zena.. So i hurried outside to answer the call..
"hello dear"
"am sorry i was having a shower when you called.."she replied which means Emy wasn't talking to her. Who the hell was she talking to then..
"What's wrong.. Hello.. Get your head straight and talk to me.." She raised her voice diverting my attention back to her..
"Am sorry.. Come to my family hospital my uncle had an accident"
"i'll be on my way.."she interrupts me and hang up.. As i walk back inside.. Emilia stared at me happily... Wait.. Not me... But someone behind me.. I followed her gaze and saw a man.. Edwardo!!!.. Bills brother??.. She ran to.. wait.. Not me... But someone behind me.. I follow her gaze i saw a man.. Edwardo!!!.. Bills brother??.. She ran to embraced him as he wraped his arms around her.. I stared in awe as my eyes wander from Bill to Emilia and Edwardo..
I stared at them in disbelief. Speechlessly i fold my arm arround my chest as i watched the drama that's about to unfold.. Emilia continued to cry on his chest muttering something I couldn't actually comprehend..
"Am here for you... You have to be strong and have faith... He'll make it out alive for you" he consoled her.. His words carried alot of emotion along with his facial expression.... I take a side glance at Bill and he's raging with anger and jealousy..
"Thank you.." Emilia said to Edwardo ..
"You would have paid for the damages because i was driving like a mad man for you.." Edwardo said to Emilia cupping her cheek as she laughs slightly..
"It wouldn't have been that bad.. Ardo.."
"Hmmn.. Ardo.. Nice... I like that.. Anyway a friend in need is a friend indeed.." he rested his hand on Emilia's shoulder as he dragged her closer to him.. That's when he acknowledge my presence..
"Evening to you Nils.." he stretched his hand and i return his gesture..
"Nice for you to come to our aid.. I see that you've been able to put a smile on my little angel's face.. Thank you for that." i embraced him..
"Oh come on brother.. Am a married woman and you still call me your little angel?..." Emilia complains pretending to be upset..
"So you do acknowledge that you're married and you sway your butt on another man in my presence.. Such insolence... I forbid.." Bill spats grounding his teeth as he steps closer to Emilia.. He grabbed her arm roughly and looks deep into her eyes and i could tell that he's trying to control his temper but Emilia losens his grip as she push him hard on his chest.. Woah.. She look really pissed off..
"You need to check your eyes regularly.. Or rather get a medicated eyeglass.." yeah.. That's my girl.. She stands next to Edwardo.. She raised her head like a queen holding Bill's gaze..
"He's your brother.. My brotherinlaw and my good friend.. So you should trust him even if you don't trust me.."..
"Trust.. Trust.... I do trust him but am not blind nor do i need any checkup sweetheart.. but you my beloved would surrender quickly to any man" before i could interfere Emilia had already given him two thundering slaps..
"You have no right to insult her dignity Bill.. Absolute no right.." Edwardo says grabbing him by his collar and slamming him hard on the wall..
"let him go.." i ordered Edwardo..
He stared at me like he was ready to attack me. Seconds turn into minutes. His hand still tight around his brother but his eyes never left mine.. surprisely he released his grip.. Just when i thought the drama was finally over i saw Emilio and Zena standing at the entrance of our private ward.. Bill grin evily.. What havoc is he cooking up now.. When did he even arrive.. Emilio stalk toward Bill angryly..... Shit.. He witness that commossion.. Reaching Bill, he punched him hard on his nose that blood gushed out...
"You have no right to say such rubbish about my Emilia.." he yelled..
"But it's the truth my friend.. You weren't able to satisfy her.. So she went to my brother and then she.."
"don't you dare.." Emilio interputs him..
"Then why did she run off to his house.. You banged her in your own house.. Why wouldn't Edwardo do the same in his own house.. i have proof.. Concrete facts.."
"what!!!..?" we all exclaimed in disbelief.. As emilio steps backward.. OMG..
To be continued....

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