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The Masked - Chapter 21


The Masked - Chapter 21

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

OMG! That's the same girl who my nephew is in love with.. The same girl whose father my brother despise so much.. Oh my poor nephew. He finally found the girl who he has loved for so long only to receive this heartbreaking news. I know he might not notice that he's in love with her but I know that he is. From the way he talks about her to the way he has been keeping tabs on her.
"Why are you both yelling..?" William shouts. I know he must be surprised.
"William ..."i inhaled deeply to calm my nerve.
"please keep your voice down"i let out the breath i didn't know i was holding..
"William am very much aware of the dispute between you and Roderico.."
"yes..I won't deny it.. But it's business" he states
"There's no permanent enemy in business.. But i won't try to.." his phone began to ring.
"I gat to take this"he excused himself.. Turning my attention to my nephew.. I noticed that my bottle of whiskey is empty..
"Shit" i spat..
"What the hell are you doing... This" i raised the empty bottle of whiskey
"will not solve anything.. It'll only cause more harm than good.."
"am okay.. Infact i feel better than before.. Moreover one bottle is not enough to make me drunk. Am good"
Williams walks in as he drank the last drop of his whiskey
"i have to leave Sola.. Hope to see you at the wedding" he bring his hand forth and i lock mine with his..
"Definately brother.."
"i too will be on my way uncle" edwardo said and walk out hastenling. Me and my brother stared at his weird behaviour. I know his dad may misinterpret that as his son not wanting to see him but I know better I just pray he doesn't do something stupid.
Preparing for the wedding has been very stressful for me but i'm really thankful that Edwardo has been assisting me. I know he just want to be a good friend but I don't trust him totally. If there's anything I've learnt in the few years I've spent on earth is that nothing goes for nothing.
I was woken up by a screaming Zena and a laughing Lasse. Zena was jumping up and down screaming 'IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY' while Lasse was laughing at her childish behaviour.
Zena forced me to hold a girl's night which we had yesternight. It was done here in my room consisting of me, Lasse and Zena. Oh! I know what you were thinking. But that wasn't what happened. Zena ordered fries and took drinks from Edwardo's bar. I only ate fries cos I didn't want to have a hangover. Honestly, Edwardo has been nice to allow me live in his house, eat his food and accommodate my friends.
I checked the time and it read 6:00am
"God! Why are you guys disturbing me? It's just 6"
"We have a lot to do before your makeup artist come over" Zena retorts
"What could that be cos I honestly don't see the reason why you guys woke me up from my beauty sleep"
"Well, you need to have a long cold bath cos it's going to be a long day and secondly, that thing on your head you call hair needs to be taken care of"
"Why don't you go ahead and get married you seem more excited than me" I spat. She rolled her eyes..
"You should be thankful I like someone else already "
"Really" I asked in anticipation but instead of the details she dragged me into the bathroom. She obviously doesn't want to tell me and it makes me more anxious.
I stayed in the bathroom for about thirty minutes and finally came out. The artist who was to dress me was already there. What is with the people this morning. I thought I would be able to sleep a little while those friends of mine get ready but now she's ruined my plans. We exchanged greetings and she got into work. An hour and thirty minutes went by before she finished with my hair. Just my hair. The makeup artist continued from where the other stopped. Right now my butt hurts and yet she's not done with my face.
Few minutes later Zena came in fully dressed. When she got to where I was her lips formed an O shape .
"OMG! What a beauty"
I had to restrain myself from rolling my eyes.
After what looked like eternity, I was set to walk down the ile. Edwardo's driver drove me to the venue of my supposed wedding. Security men where everywhere and the outside of the hall was filled with people and the press. What the hell! Why is this place filled with paparazzi. I turned to Zena...
"Why is this place filled with so much paparazzi "
She stared at me as if I had grown two horns all of a sudden.
"It's like you don't know who you are. You are the heiress to everything your dad got and equally have full access to half of THE RODERICOS a company that is known all over the globe and for tops, the man you're getting married to is also rich, the son of the renowned Mr William's Gate who is one of the richest men around here so what are you saying. No one would want to miss an event like this for anything in the world"
Hmm. That's not my problem now. My mind is occupied with so many things other than that.
The car came to a stop and the security men that excorted me opened my door while parting the way for me to go through. The press where throwing questions at me..
'Miss, is it true you are the heiress to your dad's properties? '
'Are you marrying for love or a business contract? '
'Do you love your fiancé?'
I ignored them and followed the security men.
When I got into the hall, people there stood up to acknowledge my presence. I looked around to see men and ladies dresses in exotic dresses. You could tell at once that this gathering is not for mere people. It's a form of business meeting.
All my life I've imagined my wedding to be small and filled with a few people I love but fate planned something else for me. The people I see here are just part of my second life not the initial one.
My dad smiled and walked me down to the alter where Bill was already waiting for me. As I walked to the alter, I saw Walter who winked at me. So this guy still exits. By the right I saw Nils and the man I thought would be on the alter waiting for me right now, Emilio. Immediately I saw him my heartbeat changed. He was putting on a tuxedo that hugged him so tightly. He looked handsome even in his state of tiredness that was visible because of the dark circles under his eyes.
I forcefully tore my gaze from his eyes and looked forward. There was my suppose husband in a few minutes standing like a soldier.
After the boring speech by the priest, the moment came.
"Bill Gates do you take Emilia Roderico as your lawfully wedded wife. To love and to hold, to cherish and be with in sickness and in health till death do you path"
"I do" he answered. What nonsense is he saying he doesn't even know my date of birth. The priest turned to me....
"Emilia Roderico do you take Bill Gates as your lawfully wedded husband. To love and to cherish till death do you path?"
My eyes immediately drifted to Emilo. His eyes were pleading....
I couldn't tear my gaze off him.. His pleading eyes held mine captive.. The church became uncomfortably quiet with heated gaze towards us with anticipation of what my reply would be.. Shockingly Emilio's cheek became wet and as i looked down i noticed mine was also wet..
That's the confirmation i need to make my decision.. I boldly looked up at Bill and then at Emilio..His cheek were still wet with tears.. That's what i need..his pain.. I smiled as his shoulder stiffen..
"Yes.. I do" i replied as my eyes held his captive.. His shoulder dropped and he tightened his fist.. Bill suprisingly removed my viel that's when i realised that we were already pronounced husband and wife. I glanced arround and i noticed a strange expression on Edwardo's face. His eyes met with mine but i didn't fidget..I mean, there's alot of emotion like the day he appologized for trying to assault me. I was still trying to understand his emotions when Bill cupped my cheeks and without wasting time he kissed me.. I felt absolutely nothing.. No burning desire nor aching passion.. No butterfly building in my stomach but all I could think of was Emilio. I can't wait to see your face Emilio.. I pulled away before he could deepen the kiss futher.. As the guest kepqt cheering and applauding classically, I smiled. Not at them but at the havoc am creating.. This is just the beginning dearest Emilio.. I will make your life a living hell that you'll beg for death.. My precious toy.. I will use you to achieve my ultimate revenge. No commitment, No forgiveness, only punishment with God as my witness. All the love and passion i felt towards him has turn into hatred.. I've gotten my memory back so I have to muster all the courage i need for this task. Bless me lord..
"Congrats bgff" Zena, my brides maid hugged me as my father approached me with Nils and Emilio my his side.. Poor guy.. Muster courage man..
"congratulations princess"dad embraced me as the guys exchange pleasantries.. Game time..
"Big brother won't you hug your little sister as an encouragement that I'll need to start my family.." i said to Emilio who looked shocked but foolishly embraced me.. I felt a little spark as i felt his warmth..OMG..
"I'll miss you so very much Emy.. Don't forget that i love you... We'll always love you" he said. That's what i need for my revenge.. Your love.. Faithful but wounded dog..
"Thanks.. I'll keep that in mind.." I replied casually
"best ofluck.. Have a wounderful new beginning" Nils pecks me..
"Definately Nils"
I purposely missed my balance and as expected Emilio came to my aid.. I used the oppourtunity to grind my hip seductively and his arousal harden.. I quickly turned around coming face to face with him.
"Thanks.." he nods trying to compose himself
"You should keep that thing in check.. Dearest brother" i whispered to him refering to his arousal.. He nods.. hmm.My puppet.

The wedding was a success. I wouldn't deny the fact that i thought Emilia would change her mind.. Well i wasn't the only one with that perception.. But she proved us all wrong.. I still don't understand the reason she delayed to reply the priest?.. What's her motive for accepting to go through the marriage even though Emilio has proven that they are not siblings??.. Why did she stay away from her home after regaining conciousness...?.. Why would she choose to stay at my brother's house..?.. How the fuck did they meet..?.. Was she also one of his fling..? What kind of game are you playing.
"HEY" Emilia shouted breaking me from my thoughts.. By the look on her face i know she's annoyed..
"We arrived ten minutes ago but you seems lost in thought neglecting the fact that I have been talking to you.. Is this how our new begining ought to be.." she spat with bitterness..
"Am sorry sweetheart but i'll make it up to you.. I promise.."
My guards opened the door as i stared at another one of my would be achievement; the Roderigo's mansion...
I don't give a damn as to why she chose this place for our honeymoon but it's worth more than several suits I've been to in the past. At least I'll be able to know more about this family and how to run them down. I know you may be thinking am mean but trust me Emilo deserve what I'll do to him and his dad also deserve what will befall this family after I take all they own. I know I don't like my dad very much but Sir Richard has to pay for playing him back then.
She sat quitely sipping her wine as she sent withering look at me.. I couldn't withhold my hunger to lavish what's mine. So, i took her wine, put it down next to mine, drew her closer to me and kissed her gently.. Her body responded.. I took her hand and pressed it to my heart..
"It's beating this fast for the second time today and you're the first woman who's capable of doing this to me.. "
She smiled and ignored my piercing eyes
"save the lines for other women.."
"ooh.. Unfortunately.. There aren't any".
"No?"she mocks. I swung her legs over easing her into my lap.. She became tensed and uncomfortable..
"You miss him don't you." she raised her brow questioning. I continued..
"Emilio..Or is it my brother Edwardo.." she laughs but didn't reply..
"It depends on your defination of miss my husband. Regardless of that.. I do miss them as i ought to.." my heart started thumping unusually for the first time..I dropped her on the bed .. Just as she straightened her self, i lunged up and tumbled her onto the bed covering her body with mine.. I unziped her gown leaving her in her in pant and bra.. What a beauty!. I took in a sharp breath, gazing at her. I kissed her neck down to the valley of her breast..
"Now mine.. Mine forever" i proclaimed lustfully.. I unclasp her bra as my phone began to ring..
"I'll be back.." i hurried to grab my phone as i switched it off.. Going back to my lovely bride.. I met her naked sitted on the bed.. Without wasting anymore time i undress myself and climb onto the bed.. My mouth held her pointed nipple captive savouring it with toturing strokes giving equal attention to each of them. I kissed down her stomach as her legs wraps on my hip inviting me to stroke her.. It's been long since i made love to a woman.. The realisation made my erection grow harder.. I entered her slowly and lazily. Fuck! She's tight. I don't know how long am gonna last. Then I started thrusting in and out..thrust...thrust...thrust...getting harder and faster.. Our moans becoming louder urging me to go faster.. Thrusting with all i've got.. Then i felt her orgasm inevitably, her body gathering for it.. Her eyes closed , hissing breath through her teeth, moaning loudly.I began to grind my pelvis on hers. Then moved out and plunged in again, am close to my release..
"Look at me.." i urge her.. She met with my eyes. Losing total control, i thrust again and her orgasm hit.. As mine shots into her.
"Emilia.." i whisper dropping my head next to hers.. Pressing our cheeks together, digging my hands under her back to hold her tighty against my body..Woa that was..... am not telling you..
I could hear whisper.. No it's an argument.. I listened further and i noticed Emilio's voice. I unwraped my hands and grab her nightgown from the wardrobe.. she rushed to the bathroom insisting to change there. I would have followed her but maybe she's still shy. I'll give her a little privacy just for tonight.
"Get dress quickly.." i obeyed without complain as i trail behind her and she opened the door and the noise became clearer and louder.. It's obvious that Emilio and his father are having a heated argument..
"Daaaddd"emilia yelled in pain and shock..
To be continued

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