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The Masked - Chapter 20


The Masked - Chapter 20

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

I changed into the pyjamas and sat on the bed. I checked the time. It was few minutes past 10. Am hungry. I stood up and went to the kitchen to get something to stop my stomach from rumbling. The house was poorly illuminated and I had to trace my way into the kitchen. I had the fridge and it's light came on. It was fully stocked. There's no way I would cook now. I took out a drink and poured it into my cup. I drank from it and dropped the cup on the table.
"thought you were sleeping already "
I was shocked.
"Who's that"
I held the cup tightly so that I can easily use it to smash the head of the person in case he's an intruder. Just then the lights came on.
"It's me Edwardo"
Relief washed over me.
"Well my rumbling stomach wouldn't allow me"
He turned and went back to the living room. I followed him with the drink and my glass. I sat on the couch taking a sip of my drink but I noticed his eyes on me.
"What happened back there on our way back. You were happy and all of a sudden you became moody "
Hmm here it comes.
"I saw someone who reminds of what I want to desperately forget"
"Yea. So what are you watching"
"Just a movie I came across. Didn't start on time but I still understand"
I started watching and soon we were bartering over a silly thing a girl did with her motorcycle.
"Woa! That's incredible "
"I can do more than that"
"Yea, you wish"
"Am serious. When I was younger I and my dad were always bike racing."
"You don't mean it"
"I do"
"I'll love to see you do it. Tomorrow is ok right?"
We continued watching the movie. When I was feeling sleepy, I left Edwardo in the living room and went to my room.

* * * *
I woke up to the ringtone of a phone placed on my ear. WTF. I opened my eyes to see Edwardo.
"What's this you're doing "
"Am sorry to wake you up but your friend has been calling non-stop "
"What's the time please "
"It's 10 in the morning "
That kinda completely brought me out of my sleepy world.
He shook his head positively. Zena is gonna chop my head off for keeping her waiting. I collected his phone and he head towards the door. I was already calling Zena when he spoke while leaning on the door.
"I know things for the wedding is going to stress you up so I decided to help set up the place of event "
"That's so thoughtful of you. Thank you"
With that, he left.
I called Zena twice she picked up. She's obviously angry and trying to punish me.
"Hey Zee"
"Do. Not. Call. Me. That"
She stressed the words so as to establish the fact that she's pissed.
"What took you so long to call me. I've been up since 6 trying to call you but each time I called your number, it always goes into voice mail. Then, I had to check through my phone for the number you called me with and 17 missed calls happened. Seriously babe? "
"I am so sorry Zee. I didn't sleep on time and it took Edw.... me time to be up"
"Really? "
"Where exactly are you. I called Nils to give you his phone so I could talk to you. But he said you've not been home since you got discharged yesterday. "
"Emm...Zee...I...I'm with a friend of mine."
"A friend I know of?"
"Give me your address I'm coming over."
"Don't worry babe I'll meet you at the mall"
"Nope. I need the address and I need it now"
I know Zena fully well. She aiint gonna drop it until she gets what she wants.
I walked out and knocked Edwardo's door. He opened it a minute later with a confused face.
"Emm, can I get the address of your house, my friend wants to come over."
"Of course "
He gave me the address and I gave it Zena. I returned the phone and went to my room to get dressed and again I saw clean clothes on my bed for me to change into. I'll thank Edwardo later.
I got dressed and I went to kitchen. The chef was already making pancakes so I sat and in five minutes he was done. Hmm I could kidnap this chef you know. He makes good food.
Zena walked in through the door few minutes later and hugged the hell outta me.
She's also a food lover like myself so she joined me and I asked the chef to get some for her which he did.
While we were munching, Edwardo walked in.
Zena was shocked with her lips forming the the letter O.
"Morning ladies "
He greeted and sat beside me. Zena still haven't come out of her shock state so am still bending my head as if am paying attention to the meal while I try to avoid eye contact with her. I guess she noticed I wasn't going to look up soon so she spoke up.
"Emy, are you going to tell me why you are here with the guy that looks so much like your future husband and not home"
I tried to tell with my that we'll talk about it later but it failed.
"Nope, you're telling me right now"
I spared Edwardo a glance. He was eating and typing something on his phone so seriously that you would think that he was not listening to what we were saying but I knew better. What am I going to tell this girl now.
"I don't want to go home yet"
Oh God help me
"Cos am not ready to face them"
"You are not ready to face them?"
That's the last straw.
"Drop it Zena. I don't want to talk about it" I snapped and she was surprised at my outburst. She immediately bend her head and focused on her food.
I reached out to hold her hand.
"I'm sorry Zee I didn't mean to yell at you like that. I just don't want to talk about it"
She nodded and we continued eating in an awkward silence.
Edwardo finished eating and stood up.
"When you guys are done meet me in the living room so I can drop you at the mall"
"Thank you but we'll find our way"
Zena raised an eyebrow.
"Ok if you insist"
He went inside and came back with my car key and dropped it on the table. She was the one to ask this time.
"How did you get that"
"The nurse handed the key to me when she was discharged"
Zena bought it but am no fool to buy that lie. It's obviously from my purse they got when they kidnapped me.
"Oh thank you"
After levering all the pancakes we went out. We boarded a taxi to the restaurant to get my car. The car was still as I left it few weeks ago. I thanked the man who's in charge of the parking lot while tipping him. I got inside the car and luckily my black card was inside.
We drove to the mall. Honestly Zee was more excited about the wedding than me. When I told her that it was a court wedding and all I need is a small gown, she frowned.
"Emy, I know you're not in love with Bill but time will change all that. Remember you told me that it was your dad's last wish. You have to be strong and do this for him"
Oh I've forgotten that she's yet to know about the new revelation. I don't think she needs to know. It's best if I keep it to myself.
Now that I think of it, few weeks ago I wouldnt have known that the family I cherished so much robbed me of my real family. We got to the mall and I quickly went to the attendant.
"please where can I get a very small wedding gown"
Zena cut her answer short.
"dont worry yourself my dear, we'll get a gown ourselves"
with that, she dragged me away.
"What the hell is wrong with you Emilia?"
woa she's pissed. I can't remember the last time she called my name in full.
I stared at her surprised at her outburst..
"What is wrong zee?"
"who are you!!? and what have you done to my
my bff?"..
I couldn't withhold myself from rolling my eyes. I know am gonna receive lectures now..
"Your wedding is supposed to be big and not a court wedding and the gown ought to be extremely gorgeous that every lady out there both single or married would wish to be in your place and all the hot dude would come in their pants just staring at you.. Just let me be the judge of the gown..."
she has a point.. At least I should be able to stir up a commotion.. Emilio's face would be priceless.. Gosh i need to stop thinking about
"Grant me my request.."she pleaded giving me a clear view of her puppy eyes.. "You know i would never say no to you when those puppy eyes are involved... So please lead the way sis.."
she nod and laughed as she led the way and i followed her..
I got myself a phone few hours ago and placed a call to my dad and Edwardo about the change in plans. I begged him to help me arrange for a wedding planner as soon as possible of which he agreed to.
It's been like an hour now and we still couldn't find the perfect gown.. Zena is losing her mind while am
exhausted.. Oh my God give me the strength to be able to stop Zena from going crazy.. "Have found it.."she yelled causing me to jerk out from my thoughts..'God she's gone mad' I thought
I exclaimed at the sight of the gown..
"Sweetheart go try it on"
she said handing the gown over to me.
The gown was sleeveless and having a v curve that stressed downwards exposing quite a large amount of my boobs. It hugged my body till my waist and flowed downwards in a curly style covering my legs and flowing like a gown for royals..
I couldn't stop starring at myself in the mirror.. Indeed this gown could stir a lot of trouble given that it brings out my beauty in the most sexy and astonishing way ever..
"Emilio will go nut seeing me in this dress.."
I thought out loud .... A voice came from behind..
"You've spoken my mind
quite well Emy.."
I stood there rooted in disbelief as he stalk towards me..
"This gown is turning me on.." he said while
grabbing my waist firmly... OH MY GOD!!!..i exclaim.
What the hell is wrong with me? How can I be day dreaming of him when i want to forget about him.. I hate to admit it but i miss him so much.. His touch.. His hungry and possesive kisses.. I miss giving him a minding blow org...oh Emilia you're insane.
"Please come out now. Am anxiously waiting here and my patience is runing out" she knocks lightly disengaging me from my crazy thoughts. I proudly walked out with my head held up high like the way my late mum taught me..
"Wow..."Zena exclaims..
"Why were you hiding such beauty behind the close door..?you really look beautiful sweetheart.. I could barely recognise you.."
"thanks dear... I will be back in a giffy"..

Am totally confused on what to do.. This house has become more like a battle ground whenever the two hungry lions are around each other.. Emilio has been acting more like a psychopath, seeing an invicible Emilia he usually chats with in his room.. Am trying to figure out what kind of game Emilia is playing with my cousin.. It's like she's hiding something big from us because that should be the only reasonable explanation as to why she choose to stay at a friend house and not here. But what could she be hiding from us..?" Emy what are you hiding.
"Nils come say hello to Emy."Emilio yelled bringing me out of my thought.. I hurried to his room.. Lo and behold i met my lovely cousin with no other than my invicible sister... Am in deep shit because if i don't play along Emilio will throw tantrum at me..
"Hi dear..so nice to see you.."i sigh.. This is insane.. I might end up in a rehab centre if i succum to his madness..
"Oh come on man you're making her uncomfortable. Give her a big brother hug and stop sucking like you've seen a ghost" "what!!.."I exclaim in shock.. Enough is enough..
"You've lost your mind Emilio. You're going to a rehab centre today.."
"am going no where dude"he raised his voice at me..
"Oh yes.. You're going there even if i'll have to take you there unconscious I won't hesistate to do it.." i sigh trying to resist the urge to break his nose.. He stalk towards me and i'm very much aware of his motives.. He's expression suddenly change from that of a hunter to a wonded lion..
"Please... I only need my Emilia"he pleads while clapping his hands together..
"Bring her back to me.. I need her" he sobs..
"Your crocodile tears won't change my mind.. You won't be able to blackmail me emotionally with those tears.."i shout annoyed at his immature mentality to carjole me..
"You're going to rehab and that's final" i yell at him and quickly walked out before he break my bones or knock me down.. He's a pain in my ass.. I've told him to act like a man but he's still acting like a coward.. He should be able to face his problems like any real man would do but no he's shying away like an idoit he truely is.. Am losing my mind.. There's my uncle whose sad because he's bound with his jerk of a son who is broken and his precious daughter is staying with an unknown friend.. On the other hand there's a psychopath whose driving me insane because the only woman he ever loved is getting married to his bestfriend who of recent became his enemy and above all the queen of this house.. The joy and light of this house is gone and may never bring forth illumination and me, I might end up in the rehab centre with all this burden.. In the middle of this there's our queen's grand wedding.. This is one of the moment i wish my mom was alive cos she always gat solutions to every challenge...

The door of my library suddenly burst open with no other than my brother or should i say my prodigan brother with a frown on his face just as i always remember him to be.. I relunctantly stood up to welcome him.. Approaching closer to him, his face lighten up with a fake smile. I mask how uncomfortable i felt with that smile.
"Hello dear brother"he greets
"Welcome.. Ito ay longtime sinasyong iyo Grace me sa iyong presence.." (it's been a long time since you grace me with your presence ) i say while embracing him.
"Ikaw lang gagawa kaya" (you speak as though i abanadoned you ) he rolls his eyes and am sure his gonna give an excuse that will render me speechless.. "You of all people should understand the nature of my business.."
"i guess so.. you have a point there but family comes first.." today am gonna put him in his place..
"Maupo ka" (have a seat).
"I thought you wouldn't usher me in.." he mocks.. He glanced around until he was satisfied..
"Same as always a taste of great passion" He said with a tune of mockery.. I laugh slightly as i fill two glasses with whiskey.. "Have a drink.."i say handing him a glass while i take a sip.. We both fell into an uncomfortable silence with obviously alot of questions in our mind.. I guess neither of us have the right words to use or apply so we both stared at each other as the air around us thickens.. I wonder what urge him to visit today..
"You refused to come to my house so i decided to grace you with my presence.. Don't you like my surprise visit dearest brother?..". Here comes my cunning brother.. I couldn't withhold my laughter.. So i laugh out loud..
"I love it.." i replied imitating his tune.. "We're still siblings.. Are'nt we..?".. he asked with a little emotion in his face.. Our relationship crumbled a long time ago.. He betrayed my trust and wooed my wife with his sweet mouth but everything backfired back at him.. I lost my billions repaying for his misdeeds..
"Yes of course" i reply shaking off those painful memory.. It's a thing of the past.. I try to console myself..
"Blood is thicker than water.." i say as he nods in agreement..
"You didn't bring your dogs along today.." He laughs as if he's surprised at my question..
"You know me too well but my guards are outside if that's what you mean.."
"What's your..."
"goodday sir.." Edwardo interrupts me.. "Welcome son.. See who i have here" he stirs at his father in shock as he blink his eyes repeatedly "Your father my brother came all by himself to see me"
"oh don't stare like you've seen a ghost rather salute me boy"
"Goodday father" he greets while taking his seat as he sip my whiskey.. Oh i don't blame him who wouldn't be shock to see a demi-god at a pupper's residence..
"What brings you here father.." edwardo ask as he glance at his father. He gave me a questioning look but i smile and nod my head..
"I came just to say hello to my brother.." Edwardo and i hiss at the same time.. "don't beat around the bush brother, we all know that's a lie... What deal do you need me for?"
"You think poorly of me.." i glance at my watch telling him that his time is almost up
"i came to invite you to Bill's wedding.." he drops the invitation on my desk as i hesistate to take it from him..
"It's a business deal isn't" i ask curiously.. He laughs evily..
"Yes of course.. Money is everything for me"
"yeah i know that.."
"who's the unlucky bride"Edwardo asked but there's alot of emotion like both saddness and anger but he quickly masks it with a blank expression like he already knows the answer to the question but wants clarification..
"Daughter of Richard Roderico... Emilia Roderico.."
"WHAT!!!"we exclaimed in union.. But it seems Edwardo voice overwhelmed my voice...
To be continued...

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