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The Masked - Chapter 2


The Masked - Chapter 2

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

"Gate keeper" was all she could say. God what's happening to my daughter? I have never seen her this scared and depressed before. I managed to calm her down and covered her with her blanket because she was running a fever. I rushed to the kitchen to get her a cup of hot steaming tea and some drugs only to meet her crying. I was totally confused so I just did my best and left the room to allow her rest for a while...

My name is Mrs Bella Adam,married to Mr Adams Smith and Anna is my daughter. She doesn't dream very often but if she does it signifies something. I remember when she dreamt last year that a fruit fell down from a big tree. It wasn't up to a week my grandmother died. When I related everything to my husband's sister she insisted that my daughter was a witch. She introduced a magician not too far from my town to me and insisted that I take Anna to his place for cleansing. I objected and took her to my pastor instead. That was how I knew she was a great child. My pastor told me that she has a gift of for seeing through dreams and that Anna should be careful of making wrong decisions.

Since then she's been ok and back to normal but this sudden behaviour is really freaking me out. I really don't know what to do..

"Babe what's wrong??"
I was super shocked cause I had been deep in thoughts..

"What's wrong? I have been talking to you for the past 2 minutes but you seem to be deep in thought."

I didn't even notice he was in the room with me all this while but I tried to put on the beat smile which failed even before I made an attempt....

"Am fine"

"No you're not..what's going on?
Left for me I wouldn't have told him but I know my husband and he is the persistent type and not telling him would only make him worry more.

"Am just worried about Anna"
"What's about her?

"She had a terrible nightmare and has been behaving strangely"

Immediately, my husband stood up and I knew he was going to check up on her but I stopped him.
"I went to check her few moments ago and she's ok now but she's still sleeping. We need to give her time to rest, ok?"

With this, he sat back down on the chair. The worried look he gave me proved that he loved his daughter and wouldn't want her to be hurt. I walked up to him..
"She's going to by fine. What you need right now is a warm bath and you'll be just fine."

"That's not important now. My daughter is lying there depressed and traumatised. Why is God unfair to me,he gave her a curse all in the name of gift,why does he want to destroy the life he created"

"My world please don't blame God..."

'"He knows what's best for our princess"

"What was the dream all about."
Oh God give him the grace to bear this burden am about to put on him..

"She can't talk"

"She's also looking terrified and scared to write."

When she drop the bomb on me my whole world crumbled ....I know she's struggling to fight back those tears from dripping down those pretty eyes of hers.

"Babe calm down every problem has a solution"

"We need to take her to the hospital"

"We'll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning"

I don't know what the future holds for me but I will fight heaven and earth for my daughter's sake....even if it's the last thing I do on this earth, I exist just for my wife and my daughter....

The loud scream from my daughter's room drove me out of my thought and what I heard scared the life out of me...

Shock was written all over the faces of my parents when I screamed but am glad it's just another nightmare. They looked worried sick.

"Daddy your princess is all right now"i said weakly giving the best okay look ever....

"Princess....oh my princess just called my name.."

Wait! I wasn't able to talk..that monster really wants to ruin me??...oh no am gonna die
"Angel..what's wrong"

Mum asked me but all I could do was shake my head. Am afraid to die. Am definitely too young to die.

"Princess talk to us"

"You're silent and it's driving us crazy"

I know that I can't keep it a secret from my parents and so I finally spoke up..

"I had a terrible dream.."

"Someone was after my life. I can't really describe what it looks like but he was very scary...worse than those in the movies"

Relating this to my parents made my bed soak with tears and sweat...I inhale enough air before I continued...

"He kept on chasing after me till he caught up with me"

My breathing at this point became heavy and I began to shiver..then a hand grabbed my left shoulder....i was totally shocked and scared...afraid to see the person...suddenly I couldn't hear anything anymore. The light in my room was fading out and I began to hear those voices I heard in my dream....i could feel him close to me...now I definitely can't escape him anymore...he's gonna kill me...i close my eyes as I finally embrace death...my end is here.....
Total darkness engulfed me...

I held her shoulder to calm her down when she began to shiver but she didn't turn. What is this?? She's become so strange and I don't know what to do anymore...I was so damn confused...I kept screaming her name because she looked distant and then she began to foam out saliver..Smith rushed into the kitchen to get a spoon but before he arrived, little angel passed out in my arms...my daughter just stopped breathing..
HELP"...that was all I could say till he took her from my lap and rushed out of the house lifting her on his broad shoulder..
I quickly took the car keys from the chamber and hurried out of the house...

My husband rushed into the hospital with Anna while I shouted for attention. All the nurses became alert and brought out a stretcher and took Anna to a ward shutting us out..

I cried..my daughter doesn't deserve this..why has this befallen her. This all started with a stupid nightmare that rendered her mute and just when she opens her mouth to talk, this happens. What is going on?

Hours passed by and nothing from the doctor or the nurses that went in with her. Not even a single person came out of the room..i was no longer in a right state of mind. I kept peeping through if I could see anything but nothing was in sight. I turned to my husband and he's own state scared me also. He was just staring at no where in particular. Not crying or anything just staring. I knew he was equally sharing in the pain of our angel. Even if he looked composed, he was deeply lost. Just then, the doctor came out and called us to his office. He said they couldn't detect what was going on with my daughter and that alone brought out all the tears I had been holding back. My husband reached out and consoled me. Helping me to pull my self together but the doctor seemed to be holding another information..
"She has also fallen into a comma which we don't know when she's coming out of"

with that I fell down on my knees and cried, asking God to take my life and spare that of my daughter. I stood up angrily as I rushed out of the hospital to a wherever my feet could carry me..I just ran to the rhyme of my sorrow...destin
ation am unaware of...I stumbled but I did my best to maintain my balance but everything just fades out...
To be continued.... 

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