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The Masked - Chapter 19


The Masked - Chapter 19

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

The doctor told us that she can go home since he's been keeping tabs on her for the first past few days so we did.
We got to the counter to pay for her hospital bill. I brought out my black card to pay but she insisted on paying. We were bartering on who's to pay when the nurse blurted out.
"Are you newlyweds"
She opened her eyes in shock.
Oh my! I didn't think of that before saying it. I quickly gave the lady my card while turning to her. Her lips formed an O shape due to surprise and I immediately thought of stuffing food into it. My lips twitched into a smirk. If looks good kill am sure I'll be a dead piece of meat by now because of the death glare she was giving me. I thanked the nurse and wrapped my arms around her shoulders but she yanked it away and angrily marched out to the parking lot. She's so cute when she's angry. With a smile on my face I waved the nurse and followed my miss anger outside. I opened the door and met her standing.
"Why are you standing there"
"Am I supposed to walk up to any car" I smirked
"You should have just asked before coming out Miss Anger"
The name got her more angry. She raised her finger to poke it into my eyes.
"If you dare call me that again I'll m......."
She became stiff all of a sudden. I practically watched blood drain from her face.
"Are you ok"
She didn't answer. I won't be surprised that she has phase out but the reason why I don't know. She was staring at a particular thing. My eyes just followed where her gaze was focused on and I saw a car driving in. What's wrong.
"Show me your car...now"
Oh! she's bossy. I like it. I used my remote and my car beeped. She increased her pace of walking. I took long strides and caught up with her.
"What's the p..."
She raised her hand indicating that I should stop talking of which I immediately did. I opened the door and closed it after she settled down. As I went over to get into the car, I looked towards the car to know why she is like this. I saw the car stop and two boys came out. I remembered one from the hospital. He glanced my way and I quickly got into the car.
"Is he the rea....."
"Just drive"
I was cut short again. This is going to be tough. I switched on the car and it's engine roared back to life.
I drove out of the hospital and headed home. There was an awkward silence in the car. She was still stiff and deep in thoughts. How am I supposed to bring up a conversation like this.
"Common Emy you can relax now. We are no longer in the hospital. You are safe here"
I waited for it. I mean her harsh reply or something but nothing came. I guess am making progress.
"Besides your face looks like that of a rabbit covered in poop"
I earned a slap on my arm and her lips twitched as if to form a smile but nothing came. I didn't get her to smile but I know she's a bit relaxed now.
Few minutes later we were driving into my condo. I got out of the car and rushed to her side to be a gentleman for once but she beat me to it. Anyway I wasn't that hurt because I held her hands afterwards. She gave me the really look and I was 'yeah'. It was a whisper though. The boys greeted me while making the surprised sound to see the girl we kidnapped with me.
I ignored them and walked inside. I knew questions will come from Emy very soon so I braced myself for the answers.
"Wow.. your place is big and beautiful. "
"I thought you were going to ask me.... nevermind thanks anyway"
"You thought I was going to ask you what"
I got to one of the guest room close to mine and stopped.
"This is your room"
I nodded. She was still standing beside me and I was wondering why she didn't go inside
"You don't like it?"
"No... you seized my hand"
Oh. That was when I discovered that I was still holding her hand in mine. I quickly let go while my face heated up. Oh God. why did I have to embarrass myself now. I looked at her face and she was getting ready to burst into laughter. By now I know my face must have turned into a red tomato. I scratched the back of my neck embarrassed.
"What's funny "
"Me, how?"
"You're blushing "
Darm! she noticed. I mumbled a take care and went into my room. As I walked to my room I replayed what happened and each time I blushed harder. What's this. You're such a piece of ass man.
I got into my room and snipper was there waiting for me. He greeted me and mumbled an answer.
"Your uncle called. He said....."
I looked at him immediately he mentioned my uncle. He's a nice man compared to my dad. I know my dad loves me but he uses me too much for his personal gain.
Snipper stopped what he was about to say and smirked.
"What's up with the smirk"
"You're blushing boss. Never seen you like that"
"Shut up and tell me what my uncle said"
He chuckled and earned a glare from me before composing himself.
"He's inviting you to dinner at his place on Sunday"
Woa, Uncle Horlugar doesn't just invite me to dine with his family. Something must be up. Anyway I'll find out when I get there on Sunday.
I've been in here for a while and the incident that occurred earlier left me with questions.
My stomach grumbled and that reminded me that I haven't eaten all day. I called the cook to prepare something for two which he said with be ready in twenty minutes.
I stood up, went to the bathroom and took a shower. Changed my clothes and looked at the mirror to see how I looked. When I looked at the mirror I knew that I was trying to look good. But for who? The girl next door? No no no I just want to look good always. Yea. That's it. I went to her room and knocked but no one answered. I continued knocking but got fed up and opened the door. I hope I don't walk inside to see a naked girl. That would be gross. I got in and checked everywhere but no sign of her. Could she have gotten tired and left. I should have kept her company. I rushed outside in attempt to look for her. I checked all the rooms close by and didn't find anything. I hope my boys didn't touch her. No! They wouldn't dare.
Out of curiosity I went to the footage room and checked the screen only to see her innocently staring at a photograph of my family at the other side of the house. I felt relieved and went to the direction in which I saw her. Her back was turned to me and she was so engrossed in whatever she was doing that she didn't know I was coming. I tiptoed in other to startle her. I made a noise and hid myself. She looked back but didn't see me. She started walking back to know who it was. I jumped out and she screamed and started shaking. I hugged her tightly wishing I didn't pull that stunt on her.
"It's me..It's me...You're safe. I'm sorry....I'm so sorry...I just wanted to play with you. I won't do it again. I promise."
She silently sobbed and gradually her shaking stopped.
"I'm sorry Emy"
She raised her face and looked at me. It was a mess.
"You better be"
I wiped her face and hugged her once more before leading her to the kitchen.
The cook served us spaghetti and meatballs.
I ate in silence. I mean I couldn't say anything considering the fact that I just pulled a stupid stunt on her. I mean it wasn't supposed to scare her that much. All these could only mean that something is troubling or scaring the shit out of her.
"Can I make use of your phone."
I brought out my phone from my pants and handed it over to her. After typing she placed the phone on her ear.
"Hello dad"
Dad? What's she doing calling her dad.
"am fine dad"
"don't worry about were I am just know that am ok and I'll plan the wedding from here"
"I thought you wanted me to get married"
"No dad. I just want a court wedding and that's all"
"A friend will help me do that while I go with Zena to get a gown"
"See yah..bye"
That was all I could hear from the conversation.
She called Zena afterwards telling her to meet her up at the mall to get a simple wedding dress before handing my phone over to me. I think I heard her say thank you but I was too immersed in my thoughts. She's really getting married and for some reason I can't pinpoint, I feel bad about it. I decided to stop thinking about it.
I finished my food and watched her eat. I could tell that she was feeling uncomfortable and it made my lips twitch.
"What's amusing you" she spoke with a little food in her mouth.
"The way you eat"
"Not telling yah"
She frowned and dropped her fork.
"Am no longer interested in eating"
What's wrong with me today.
"Am sorry to upset you. Please continue eating. I promise to keep my eyes off"
I pleaded with her but she didn't bulge. Instead, she told me to follow her to the passage where photos where hanged. I sluggishly followed her while she pulled my arm. One thing I've come to know is that she loves art.
She traced the first photo which consists of boy sitting and crossing his legs while watching a couple argue.
Coming to this place always make me remember those things that happened in the past.
"What is the story behind this piece of art"
Honestly telling her would make her see this part of me that's vulnerable and I wouldn't want that.
"I'll pass"
"Seriously "
She examined my face for a while before turning to the painting while tracing it with her little fingers.
" You must be wondering why I reacted the way I did earlier on"
I nodded and I immediately remembered how she screamed.
""I've been having nightmares for years now. Even before the incident occurred I had nightmares about but no one knew it was really gonna happen. Even after it happened and I settled in Mr Ri... my dad's house, it still continued and that's why I can't stand be startled. It somehow makes my nightmares real. Like it has finally caught up with me."
"I'm so sorry"
"Don't be. It doesn't change a thing"
She moved to another part of the passage where the photographs of my family were. The part that held the happiness after the storm. Laughing at everyone that was funny. She strolled further into the passage and picked up an old box of photos. She dusted and opened it.
She checked through numerous photos and came across one particular embarrassing one. It was the one my mom took me when I was five. I was home with dad while mum went to get groceries from the mall.
My dad didn't pay attention to me so I wandered into my mum's room and stumbled into my mum's makeup and used it all over my face. Mixing different colours. I looked like halloween. I was brought back from my thoughts when I heard her melodious laughter. She was clutching her stomach tightly and sitting on the floor laughing hard. Looking at her laugh at me made it more embarrassing.
I snatched the picture from her and placed it back into the box shutting it. I glared at her
"C'mon I was just five"
"Yeah right"
She dusted her body and i led her outside.
"Anyway you looked adorable"
I stopped on my track.
"Looked? What do you mean looked. Am still adorable. Don't you think" I finished my statement with a smirk. She rolled her eyes
"I wanna show you something "
"What's that"
"Just come you'll thank me later"
I led her to the garage.
"Meet my baby"
I introduced her to my bike. Crazy right? I know but this bike has been the only love of my life.
"Ain't you gonna say hi to my baby?"
"You mean the bike?"
"Yes of course. It's the love of my life"
"You can't be serious"
"I am and consider yourself lucky to be the first passenger to ride on my baby"
She only rolled her eyes. I rolled the bike outside and discovered it was already getting dark. I know the perfect place to take her to. I gave her a helmet to put on but she gave me the why look.
"Just put it on"
She did and climbed the bike.
"Hold on to me tightly "
"Suit yourself "
I kicked the bike and its engine roared back to life. I rode into the night with only one place in mind. I decided to be a little naughty. I swayed the bike a little and she held unto me tightly while cursing.
"F*ck you asshole "
I laughed hard and replied in a song like tone.
"I waaaarned youu"
God! This guy is really getting on my nerves. I know he purposely swayed the bike. Like hell who does that and to increase my anger, he was laughing. I wanted to punch him but that might lead us to hospital and I don't want that.
He rode to a place jam- packed with people and a small crowd gathered around the bridge. I wondered what was going on there untill I saw ladies stripping and jumping into the water. Woa! That's insane.
"What's that they're doing"
"It's called loosening up and being free"
"So insane"
"Hmm...we'll see about that"
He held my hand and led me to the crowd while greeting people. It's obvious that this is not the first time he's being here. As he led me towards the bridge, a skinny girl who looked like a hoe rushed to him and held his free hand. She was looking so slutty in her tank top and long flowing skirt with slits all over. She was saying somethings to him but I didn't pay attention to them. He managed to toss her aside and faced me
"Aiint my fault. They can't resist me"
"You're just an arrogant ponk"
"Ouch that hurts"
A lady passed with a tray of cups filled with drinks and Edwardo took two cups handing one over to me. At first I was scared to drink it. What if anything was added to the drink. I checked the colour of the drink. It was a pinkish blue drink with a smell that got my stomach complaining. I knew that Edwardo would tease me again if I don't drink it so I closed my nose with one hand and drank all its content. When I opened my eyes, Edwardo was staring me his usual smirk.
"Wasn't expecting that Miss Anger"
I glared at him and he laughed.
After finishing his drink, He decided to give me a show to watch by stripping to his underwear. Hmm he's good looking. He's got nice biceps and beautiful orbs which he obviously got from working out and I couldn't help but stare. I must have stared at him for long because his head snapped and stared back at me with his usual smirk.
"You can stare all you want Miss Anger I promise not to tell anyone"
"I wasn't starring at you..i was just ermm..looking at the other side"
He raised his brows to emphasized on it. I know he caught me checking me out but there's no way am admitting that to him.
He walked pass me and before I could get to where he was going he jumped into the water while screaming. I ran to check if he was safe. He hit the water and soon was swimming and chatting with a group of people who were in the water. After swimming for a while he came out of the water. He walked majestically as if he owned the town while girls ogle at him. Some threw flirting smiles at him while he returned it. He's such a ponk.
"C'mon Miss Anger it's your turn"
"There's no way in hell am doing that"
"Just try it, it will be fun"
Before I could answer I found myself falling into the water. Oh no that ponk and puff I was in. Shit shit shit my dress is ruined. I swam out of the water swearing. Am gonna kill that idiot. I aggressively walked to where he was and as he read my thoughts, he fled and I chased him. He ran like a five year old who was trying to get away after stealing a pack of candy. After running for a while, he turned to check if I was still chasing him but as soon as a turned ahead it was too late. He ran into some boys who were playing chess thereby scattering the chess all over. I came to a halt immediately so as not suffer the same fate as him if he were to be beaten. He apologised and dust his body while walking towards me. I tried to suppress my laughter but a chuckle escaped my lips. He looked at me and laughed. He took my hand in his and decided to show me around the beach like environment.
I became tired and the alcohol I took was hitting on me so I told him to take me home.
Soon, we were on our way home and Edwardo was shouting, making weird sounds.
"You're such a kid"
"I know"
The cool breeze blew my hair and penetrated my wet clothes into my body hitting my skin hard. No one told me to hold on to him after the stunt he pulled earlier on. Some I joined him in shouting and laughing. It kinda felt good to be a little loose. I was like that untill a car flashed it lights and I saw him. Emilio. He was on his bike headed somewhere but I know he saw me because he stopped but didn't follow me. My mood changed. Edwardo managed to drift my thinking a little from him but it somehow crept back.
Honestly I don't know what I should feel towards him. Love? Resentment? I don't know. It's not his fault that he's wrapped up in the whole thing but it doesn't change the fact that he's still the son of my supposed dad. I came down from the bike and went straight to my room with the help of one of his boys. I think Edwardo noticed my change of mood because he didn't say or ask anything as he always does.
I went straight to the bathroom when I got inside the room not minding if I had clothes to change into. After a nice, long and warm bath I came out only to see a clean nightwear on my bed. I smiled knowing that he wanted to give me some space that's why he didn't say anything when he came.

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