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The Masked - Chapter 18


The Masked - Chapter 18

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

I wasn't supposed to tell her that but I had no choice but to. She was beyond surprised. Anyway its normal because the man she had come to love was behind all her troubles.
She was quiet for sometime before she spoke up again.
"How sure are you"
"am very sure. Snipper's information has been correct from day zero"
"Ok if you say so. I think am done faking my coma"
"You are "
Something in her voice told me that all isn't well. Like she has something she's withholding from me. But who am I to want to know everything she's thinking when she barely knows me. I used the opportunity to introduce myself properly.
"Am Ed..." She interrupted me
"Edwardo Gate. The second son of Mr and Mrs William Gate"
Woa... interesting
"Did you hire someone to investigate me too"
"How did you get to know all that"
"Let's just say am a good listener. I heard when you introduced yourself to my bgff, Zena"
"Yea. So tell me what I don't know"
"Ok. My dad and his brother have been running Gates Industry which is now my responsibility for now "
I don't even know why am telling her this but I guess I wanna avoid talking about my dad's mistress.
"My uncle's name is Horlugar Sola Gate. They toiled to get Gates Industry to where it is today and that's why I have to take care of the Industry very well since my uncle's son isn't ready to start working yet saying that he needs to finish schooling first. Honestly, I know he's just giving excuses not to work but if I were in his shoes, I would've given enough excuses because it isn't easy to take care of everything now that they are both retiring.
I know it's silly but I've faked being sick several times just to stay at home. At least if I don't caught, I'll be at home sleeping and reading novels as well as running away from those sick female workers at work"
I winked
"Yea, go ahead and brag"
"Am not bragging. I know am cute and I have everything a girl wants in a man. So, I know i've got it all. You know am hot so don't even try to deny it"
"Hot my ass.. aiint you cold? You're just a pathetic beauty freak"
"You're calling me a beauty freak now?"
"Hell yea"
"I know am super cute and that's one of the reasons you kissed me"
"Don't! You know why I kissed you asshole. You're not even as cute as my driver"
OMG! That's a slap on my face. I've never seen a girl who has spoken to me like this before. I mean indirectly telling me that I'm ugly.
Well, I have my way of making her see that am all she needs. We continued chatting and I told her things about me. The pleasant ones at least. I know we haven't known each other for long but something about her attracts me to her.
"So now that you're done faking your coma, what are you going to do next"
"Am getting married "
"Yep... you heard me"
She's fucking getting married. How is that even possible. I mean she can't. I have a bond with this girl and I can't just watch her marry someone like that.
"Do you love him"
She laughed
"Ask me if I can stand him and not if I love him"
"If you can't stand him, why are getting married to him"
"Cos it's the last wish of my father"
"Are you kidding? I mean this man is the route of your problems and yet you are granting his wish?"
"Watch your tongue. He's still my father"
I just watched her in awe. So you mean after everything I just told her that she still cares for her father. Unbelievable. This is the perfect example of what they call love. They say it covers sin but to me, it's foolishness. How can she still care for a man who is responsible for her traumas. Hmm. Honestly if I were the one I don't know what I would have done but granting the man his last wish is not one of them.
Right now I'm pissed. I'm mad at the man who isn't getting what he deserved, at Emy who is allowing this slide and I'm mad at myself for sitting here and not doing anything for justice to be carried out. No, am not gonna sit here and watch, I'll do something even without her consent.
After what seemed like ages she spoke up
"Can you do something discreet for me"
Oh here it comes. I thought she was never going to do anything.
"Yea. Anything "
"I want you to send my invitation card to Alejandro Roderico. Preferably dropping it in his room. "
"That's it? No kill someone for me, no cut someone's balls for me"
"That's what I want and if you can't do it, then fine"
What is going on in her head.
"Alright "
I brought out my computer and informed snipper about the job after which I gave her the system.
"Input all the details there. Like his name and the name of the man your getting married to, address of this house. How to get to his room if possible and so on after which send it"
"Aiint you going to go through it or something"
"Nope. I don't even want to see the name of the motherfucker your dad wants you to get married to. I hate him already "
She laughed at my comment. I already have a rival and the thought of it drives me nut. The only thing that soothes me is that she doesn't even like the ponk. That's fair enough right?. Yea.
She finished what she was doing and when I checked the time it was about 2:00am. She allowed me to sleep only after making me promise to put a call across to her family that she's awake, pay her bills and take her home the following morning which I gladly accepted since she'll be at my house.

After I left the hospital that day, I've been trying to clear my head off Bill's threat and the mysterious Bill's look alike who said his name is Edwardo. All this I've done with the help of Nils. He has been really there for me. We've checked Bill's profile to check if he's gat a look alike or a brother but nothing so we decided to drop the search after some days.
We've been visiting Emy and I just wish she would wake up already. I've got news for her. We can both be together for real now because we aiint related at all. I know she'll be happy to here this.
After the day I was told, I went to the hospital to tell her about the news hoping that her eyes might pop open after hearing it but nothing.
I've taken her favourite novel to read for her, play her favourite songs for her and yet nothing. I wonder what's actually stopping her. She seems fine but she's not opening her eyes.
Earlier on, Nils proposed that we watch movies in a dark sitting room, cover ourselves with duvet while crunching a big bowl of popcorn and milkshake to help ease the tension. Well, that's what we're doing right now and it made me miss Emy the more. The last time we did this was almost a year ago when I just came back and I remembered wrapping my arms around her for comfort while she giggled. Now that I think of it, it feels like tons of years ago. I heard a punch on my shoulder.
"Hmm. What's that for"
"So you haven't been listening to what I was saying all these while"
"Am sorry man I was lost in thoughts. What did you say"
"There's no way in hell am repeating what I said"
"But I apologised"
"Fuck you. This is the hundredth time you're doing this for a week now"
What he's saying is true and I know am at fault but I can't help it. When I try to sway my thinking from Emy, I see something dragging it back to her.
A tap woke me up and the bright light from the windows shone unto my eyes.
"Wake up sleepy head."
That's the voice of Nils. I stood up from the couch and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came out, the aroma of pancakes hit my nose. Hmm. Nils is a good cook and for that am grateful. I sat down to eat and Nils phone rang. He spoke to whoever called him saying he'll be there.
"That was from the hospital. Emy is up and fine now"
I quickly rushed my food and ran upstairs to get dressed to see my girl.
I went into the bathroom and performed the usual rituals and went into my closet. I picked out a jean, a t-shirt and a sneaker. I went to my table to pick my watch and my eyes caught an invitation card. How the hell did it get here......
At first I stared at the card not having enough courage to open it. What if there's a bomb there waiting for me to open it. No, it can't be. I haven't offended anybody except Bill of course.
After sometime Nils came into my room.
"What's up dude.. I've been waiting for the past fifteen minutes. Are you now a lady who takes five hours to get ready?"
"Check this out man"
He came to my side.
"What's that "
"Are you blind? Can't you see the card"
"Who brought it here"
"I was going to ask you the same question "
So he isn't the one who brought it there. How then did it get here. Before I soloquize further, Nils opened it and behold it wasn't a bomb as I earlier envisioned. I peeped at the content of the card. OMG my heart is sinking. This isn't happening. Emilia is getting married to that bastard. She didn't even wait for me to tell her about what I found out before rushing to prepare an invitation card? Does she despise me this much or its the idea of that ponk. Yea, Emy can't send this to me. She loves me and I think this is all Bill's idea to wreck me.
I left Nils there and fled downstairs. I heard him calling my name but I didn't stop. I took my keys and off I went. Before I could get to the drivers sit Nils dragged me backwards and went to the drivers sit snatching the keys from my hand.
"I can't allow you to drive in this state"
"just hurry up"
I just need to see her and if I tell her what I know she is certainly going to call the wedding off. I mean she just recovered and it's all too soon to be getting married few days from now. I need to see her.
"Nils, please drive faster"
"If I drive faster than this we might die. Just calm down. I know she loves you and if she knows that you guys aiint related in any way, she might have a change of heart"
As soon as we got to the hospital. I jumped down from the car and Nils followed immediately.
I noticed someone. The Edwardo guy. He was entering his car after shutting the other door for a lady. I wanted to confront him to know why he's still coming here but I decided against it. I rushed into the ward and into her room only to see that the bed was empty. What? She's gone?. How?. She isn't strong to go home on her own. Why did the nurses allow her to go on her own. I walked out to the nurse on the front desk.
"Hello. Do you know the whereabout of Miss Emilia Roderico. She's not in her room."
"Oh, she left with a young man not long ago. She's ok now"
"A young man? "
My mind immediately went to Edwardo.
"Is the time she left within the range of ten to twenty minutes"
"Shit! Shit! Shit!"
I ran outside to see if I can catch up with them but they were off.
I angrily kicked and punched my car.
Nils held my shoulder to comfort me but it didn't do anything.
Nils took me home afterwards. Immediately he stopped the car, I got down and headed to my room but my dad stopped me half way. When I didn't answer a word he continued talking
"Am talking to you and you're ignoring me? What has come over you"
"Everything dad, everything. You are drinking wine when you daughter left with a stranger "
"A stranger? I thought you guys went there to pick her up"
"She left with someone else don't you get it"
"Hmm don't worry she'll be ok"
"You know what dad unlike you am very caring and if anything happens to that girl, I'll kill you"
The expression on his shows that the words sunk into his skull. He is a kind of man that I understand. How can he be comfortable with such a careless act from Emilia.
I marched upstairs and this time Nils left me alone. God! I can't believe that she's getting married in two days. Two fucking days. And the only way I would have been able to change her mind about the wedding was ruined by that bastard.
I've been calling her and yet no response. I've left countless voice mails and text messages but none was replied and it's seriously getting on my nerve. How did my perfect life with Emilia turn sour all of a sudden. The more I drink, the more it gets to me.I stood up, took the keys to my bike and went to the garage.
I haven't ride for years now but it's exactly what I need. That air that hits you and make you feel free and content. I rolled the bike carefully so as not to attract Nils attention. If he hears then am definitely not
When I got outside it was already dark. So I've been inside my room for that long. I kicked the bike and it roared back to life although it was a bit smoky but I can still manage. I rode fast while the air carried my shirt and my hair. This is what am talking about. At a time I was beginning to forget about Emilia untill I saw a couple ride pass me. A car passed by and his headlight shone on their face. What I saw made me loose balance.

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