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The Masked - Chapter 16


The Masked - Chapter 16

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

I couldn't figure out who that guy could be. My dad walked in few minutes later. I wonder if he saw that guy. I want to know who he is before telling my father about it.
"Hey kids"
"How you"
"Fine" we answered chorusly
He went to Emy's bedside and talked to her silently but I could still here what he was saying. He was begging her for forgiveness. I know how he feels. It's not entirely his fault that she's in this state but it's partly his fault because he announced publicly and made the public aware of her wealth. I know we're kinda closer than before but I have to call a spade a spade. He caused it. Anyway am not going to say it out loud cos it would break his heart to hear me say it. After a while, he turned to us.
"I saw Bill on his way out. It was so kind of him to visit his fianceé "
Zena wanted to say otherwise but I quickly intervained.
She looked at me and I gave her the signal not to tell. I'll have to find out who that is before informing my father. I kinda think he's happy that Bill visited. She already left me right. Yea, she did and it hurts so bad. But I won't give up on her. She can't make me fall for her and runaway afterwards. Not when I've fallen deep.
The next day, I decided to go the hospital on time. I actually want to remind her of times we've been together. Times she promised to be there for me and when she told me that she loved me. I stayed for few hours before I heard the door opened. I thought I told Nils and Zena to allow me spend today with her. I looked at the door. What? What is he doing here.
"What are you doing here"
"Good morning to you too"
"Answer my question dick head"
"You haven't changed at all, Jandro"
"Don't call me that"
"Why not, aren't we best friends anymore "
"Not when you threatened to kill me"
"Hahaha....the almighty Jandro is afraid of dying. Let's leave that for later. You are my in-law now"
"That will never happen"
"You are so dumb. What else would I be doing here if not to see my fianceé "
"You are sick. Why did you not stay in LA and send your look alike as you've been doing to deceive my father"
"My look alike?"
"Don't even play that game of being surprised with me"
"I was surprised when your dad called me and that's why am here"
I laughed hard.
"So you weren't the one sending him yet you agreed when he praised you"
"What else would I have done"
"Ask him when I finish telling him about this"
"You would do no such thing"
"Why not"
He laughed. What's so funny.
"How about me telling him that you've been banging your sister under his roof or telling him that she was with you in your secret house that night no no no you wouldn't want that. Or I'll better still tell him how you slept with my fianceé and played the recorded video for people to watch it at 7/11. Which would you prefer"
"Bring down your voice young man and besides I didn't play the video at 7/11. That was not my doing"
"Whose was it. Mine?"
"Can we talk outside, I don't want to disturb her"
"Or you don't want her to hear it"
My heart is burning. What if she's hearing. She might just hate me for life.
"Don't bother yourself Jandro, she's mine now"
"In your dreams"
"Yea watch and see"
He stayed quiet for sometime probably thinking of what next to say to me to hurt me. I can't believe that this guy standing here was once my best friend. He's so changed now. Acting all bossy. I didn't even do what he's acussing me of. Trust me. I've been with girls and all but I didn't play the video at that club. I recorded it. Not for that purpose. I wanted to give him prove that Nadia never loved him. Each time I tell him about how she sleeps around he just won't believe me. So when she came to me that evening saying that she was feeling horny, I decided to record it to show him that she isn't good for him. Besides he never told me that they were engaged. I decided to talk since he's now silent all of a sudden.
"You never told me you guys were engaged "
When he turned to face me, he looked sobber but masked the feeling again.
"I was going to propose to her that night at the walkway close to her house. We had everything planned out already "
"And you didn't involve me?"
"I was going to tell you that night but you had your own plans."
"Bill, I swear I didn't record it to show it to the world. I only wanted to prove to you that Nadia wasn't good enough for you"
"You proved it quite alright"
He became silent again.
"Can you describe the man that has been coming here"
"He's you but in a younger version "
"Can you remember the colour of his eyes"
I tried to recall...
"Blue.... yea sea blue"
"I think I know him"
"You do"
"Yea. I'll see you later. We have an unfinished business"
With that he left the hospital. Bill being here is trouble for all of us.

Immediately Alejandro mentioned sea blue eyes, I knew it was my brother, Edwardo. Yea, that's the name of my brother I talked about. What the hell is he doing trying to impersonate me.
I arrived at his house about an hour later. I rang the door bell and a huge man came to answer me.
"What do you want"
Such a rude guy.
"I want to see your boss"
"Give me a minute"
I waited outside for two minutes before he reappeared
"Follow me"
I did as I was told. Woa. This mansion is a place for tourism. So big and beautiful. He led me through various doors and finally into a large room. There he was reading and drinking.
He dropped the book he was reading...
"Long time no see big brother"
"Cut the crap young man. Why are you trying to impersonate me"
"Excuse me"
"you heard me"
"C'mon big bro what gave you that idea"
"The same thing that gave you the idea to visit Emilia at the hospital"
"Oh, she's a friend of mine so how is my visit to her your business "
"It's my business because......"
His land line interrupted me so I kept quiet.
"Hello boss"
Woa...it's loud enough for me to listen and who's boss, Edwardo? Since when?
"Talk to me"
"Ok...I'll be with you in a few"
Package? What package I need to find out.. he turned to me.
"You were saying something"
"Oh its nothing... I have to be on my way"
I qently strolled out of his house. What package could he be talking about.
For a very long time now, I've been looking for a way to crush him so that the attention and love from my dad can be on me and my mum. For heaven's sake, I'm his first son, yet everything he does, he puts Edwardo first.
Now the time has come to take what's rightfully mine. Ha ha
Am gonna do everything to find out what that package is all about and his shady dealings. I mean, if his dealings are not shady, why would he have boys around the house who call him boss. Boss my ass. I know am being ridiculous but his hands cannot be clean with what I've just heard.
I called my PI and told him to meet me at our usual spot, the cafe shop down town.
I come here sometimes to seal deals with clients and I use that cafe because it's far from town, I can't be traced there and I always tip the owner to clean up my mess if there's any and every tin line that shows that I was ever there. Creepy right? Yea creepy.
The old road looked the same but kinda older. I parked and went inside. As soon as I entered I was welcomed with the smell of cigar. Some staff who knew me greeted me and I went to my usual spot.
After some minutes, Caleb walked in. Still looking smart as ever.
"Cómo estás"
"Genial y tú"
He laughed at my response. What's bad about I said, he asked me 'how are you' and I answered 'handsome'. Aiint my fault. Am handsome and women love me.
"You haven't changed a bit"
"Neither have you Caleb"
After few minutes of chatting, I told him why I called him.
"I need you to check up on Edwardo Gate"
"Your brother?"
"Yes, my brother. I went to see him today and someone called him saying that a package has arrived. Do you know he has been visiting my fianceé? "
His head fell backwards and a resounding laughter blast through my ears..
"You, a renowned man whore have a fianceé . So you proposed to a lady? What happened to the always boo..boom rules and your boo..boom car"
I slapped his arm hard to make him stop laughing but he continued.
"Ow, stop that. Am not one of those girls you can use that to charm to bed"
"Stop it, it's not funny"
Slowly, his laugh died down. Caleb has known me for a while now and he knows about my shit that's why he's surprised. I actually told him that I aiint gonna get married. Anyway, Emilia is a big catch.
"You're engaged for real"
"Yes ponk"
"How did you propose"
Then it hit me. I haven't proposed. Shit.
"Am yet to propose cos she's ill and Edwardo has been visiting her without my consent. When I went there to confront him about it, he claimed that she's his friend and that was when I heard of the package"
"Oh I see"
Three days ago, Caleb told me that he'll get back to me and since then, I've been patiently waiting for his response. He is the best Private Investigator so far that's why I've been patient and it elapsed today. Am giving him a call.
"Hey, I was thinking of calling when I get home"
Really.... I just hope there's good news.
"Where are you"
"Am driving home"
"Talk to me Caleb"
"I've checked and re checked but he's clean as a slate. For the past three days I've been watching his movements but he hasn't gone out since then. Kinda weird or maybe he's like that. But he is clean"
"Really? Cos am not so sure that he is"
"I'll keep checking but if I hang around his house any longer, I might get caught "
I was totally disappointed.
"Alright. Keep checking "
"I will"
Hmm. So much for getting what I wanted.

I was having a quiet time when Snipper came to tell me that my brother was outside looking for me. Heck! Woa I wasn't expecting to see him in my house considering the fact that he has always hated me and on two occasions I had caught him plotting my downfall but he's still my brother anyway. I still love him but if he dares threaten my life again, I won't hesitate to deal with him.
My dad wanted to put Bill in prison when he found out about his scheme. I begged him and he allowed it go but he had my security men doubled.
It is really not my thing to have men surround me. Can't go anywhere without drawing attention.
When I went to see Emilia, Snipper insisted to follow me. I had to order him to stay in the car and wait for me.
I greeted Bill warmly but he answered as cold as he has always been. After which, he started asking why I was visiting Emilia. I told him she's my friend but in reality she's not. I've known her for a decade now but we haven't really met after the first time. I only had the opportunity to be close to her when I abducted her. You might think am mean but I'm not.
I wasnt even in town when dad called me asking for a favour. Saying he needs to abduct a girl urgently for a few days. At first I objected to it. But he explained to me that I wont harm her and that he just needs to know how important she is to her dad. He also said that if he(her dad) loves her enough that he would use the girl against him to get his revenge in future. I agreed and told him to send her details to me. When he did, I was beyond shocked. The same girl. The sudden urge to protect her came on me. We searched for her that day but couldn't get her. We got her the next day and that was my first time of meeting her after so many years.
When I saw her, she looked so pretty and gentle. I wanted to provide a way of escape for her but on a second thought, if I let her go, apart from ruining daddy's plan, he might decide to get other boys to do it for him and they might abuse her. That's how I found myself obliging to dad's wish. Am so tired of being dad's toy.
After the gun battle, I told Snipper to help me find out about her where about discreetly. Everything about her. Her past and where she is right now. He told me that she's in coma of which I have been secretly going to see her with the help of snipper.
So, it surprised me that Bill knew about my movements. How he got to know I dont know. It only means that I wasn't discreet enough.
Few minutes after Bill arrived, snipper called to tell me that the investigation concerning Emilia's past has arrived.
I noticed that Bill's countenance changed immediately he heard snipper talk about the package. I waved it off but he stood up to leave even before I could find out how he got to know I visited Emilia. I would have Persuaded him to stay a little longer while I try to find out why his countenance changed and how he got to know about my movements but I was clouded with the anxiety of knowing about Emilia's past. The first place I saw her was on her supposed mum's burial. I watched her so long. Something about her caught my attention. She looked so fragile and was looking like she was going to break into tiny pieces soon. I felt kinda bad for not being able to help her or do something. At that time, we were teens but all I wanted to do was give her a big hug to soothe her.
I watched her continuously till my dad told me it was time to go home and thats how I met my princess.
I've been keeping tabs on her since then but for the past few years, I've been really busy untill faith brought us back together again. All those years, I noticed something really odd about her. Her mother was never recorded to be pregnant at anytime for a second baby. Weird right, yea it is. I can't seem to understand her appearance in the family. So that was what I told snipper to find out for me. Hey don't accuse me of anything am just curious.
After sometime, I told them to check if my brother was outta my house and his leaving was confirmed. I told snipper to bring out the package and he did. I read and re read what I saw in the package and I was beyond shocked. What I saw was enough to ruin a family and it's future generations if let out but I wasn't planning to keep it away from the person involved. I put her in that state and maybe if I tell her, it will make her want to wake her up. All I want is to take her out of the situation I put her. I told snipper to get ready to escort me to the hospital.
After few minutes, I got ready and went outside to meet snipper but he didn't grant me access.
"Am sorry boss, we can't go out now"
I snapped immediately
"What the hell in the world are you saying"
"There's a situation we are trying to solve before you can go out"
"What's that"
"A car has been parked two houses close to the house for the past four hours"
"Yea... he probably doesn't know you own those houses too"
Oooooo.... Not now that I have something important to do....
"What are we going to do now"
"I've sent one of the men to purchase groceries informing him about the situation and as expected the car followed him"
"Since the car left already, we can quickly go out. Can't we?"
"We can't because we don't know if other people are also doing the same job of monitoring your movements"
"Oooo dammit "
I was so pissed. What are they monitoring my movements for and why now.
"So what are you doing about it"
"We are on it"
"Better be"
I angrily went inside my chamber and went to my bar. Opening the lead, I poured out champagne into the glass cup and took two shots. Shit! It's not even helping. The remaining day was boring and I was upset throughout.
The following day wasn't better as my security men where trying everything possible to know who has been outside in the street for a whole day yet they couldn't get anything.
For three days the person has been there without leaving and on two occasions I've been tempted to walk up to him and ask him what the hell he's doing on my property. But snipper has always been there to stop me. I gave up deciding to stop worrying too much about Emilia prepping myself that everything was gonna be fine. Recently, I've been so worried about Emilia that it hurts and I don't even know why I'm this way.
Later in the evening, snipper came to tell me that the coast was clear to go out.
"And what did you do about the man "
"He left the premises two hours ago and he's been followed currently "
"Alright. Go get ready we're going out"
I dismissed him and equally got ready to go to the hospital while taking the documents with me.
When I got into the hospital, I noticed that it's like I haven't been here for so long whereas I was here five days ago.
I entered her room and she was glowing as ever. Looking like a sleeping beauty. I went to her side and removed the old lilies I bought before and arranged the new ones there.
After which I went to sit beside her to watch her. I've been staring at her for some time now not knowing what to do. Should I read it to her or what. I decided to just talk.
"Hey babe. I might not be the first person you want to see when you wake up. But I want you to know that I care for you so much and I have something in my possession you might want to know of. Its about your past Emilia "
I thought my head was playing tricks on me when I saw her eyes twitch. In a millisecond she was staring at me with eyes wide open.
"First of all why are you here? Were you sent by your boss to finish me up"
"No no no...not at all. Before all that let me inform the doctor that you're awake"
"Don't "
"Why, he needs to check you up"
I stood up and took long strides out but she stopped me
"I said don't"
What is wrong with this girl, doesn't she care for her health
"And if I insist "
"I would tell everyone you were the one that kidnapped me"
Oh God see what my dad has subjected me to. I would never kidnap someone. And slowly I went back to my seat
"Why are you doing this? Is your health not important to you?"
"Don't even bother yourself I WAS NEVER IN COMMA "

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