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The Masked - Chapter 15


The Masked - Chapter 15

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

"what are you saying Nils"
"your dad came into our house that evening carrying her in his arms. She was soaked in her own blood. Anyway I don't know what happened and he didn't mention what happened. I think it's some kind of secret. My mum helped to try to stop the bleeding while your dad changed into fresh clothes. I knew that something was wrong with the way he changed into fresh clothes instead of just taking her straight to the hospital. But who was I to ask questions. I was just a teen. While we were on our way to the hospital my mom agreed to say that she's her daughter just to avoid unnecessary questions. One thing I discovered about your dad that day was the way he cared so much for her even though he didn't know who she was. I could tell that he already loved her.
She was operated upon and bullets where removed from her body. For 2 weeks she didn't wake and for that 2 weeks, your dad was with her. When my mom saw the level of love your dad had for Emy, she told him to take her in and that was how you guys got to know her"
"So no one adopted her since then?"
"And how did you know"
"When I discovered that both of you were having feelings for each other, I decided to ask my mum and after much pressure and a condition she finally told me"
"Which condition was that"
"That she knows why I want to find out"
"So you told her"
He started laughing. Oh boy he did. As if he read my thoughts, he stood up and ran downstairs. This boy is sick. Am certainly going to revenge.
After a bit running around I decided to pay Emy a visit. On getting there, I saw a face that looks like a familiar unpleasant face....

I sat in the car for hours waiting for Zena to leave the hospital so that I can see Emy. Not that I can't go in but the last time I went in her eyes were ranking me and I don't want her to question me. Her eyes where saying something. Which means, she knows me or has seen me somewhere before. I know Zena is her best friend and I also know that they've not been able to talk since she got here but how then does she seem to know me.
Finally, I saw her leaving the hospital. I got down and head towards her room.
She was lying there with all the gadgets adding her. A situation I placed her in. I shouldn't have used the gun on her that hard. I shouldn't have. Now see what happened. I would give anything to have you stare at me with those eyes again. Tears came down in dozens. I didn't mean to hurt her. I swear, I didn't mean to but I did and here she is slipping away from the earth because of my stupidity.
A hand gripped my shoulder and when I looked at the owner of the hand, it was no other person than the talkative, Zena.
"What are you doing "
I quickly wiped my eyes so she wouldn't notice.
"Nothing "
"Am sorry to ask, do I know you"
Oh please don't
"I don't think so"
"Would you mind introducing yourself. No offence but I can't allow you stay here with her if I don't know and trust you"
"Ok...my name is Edwardo "
"Of course I know your name. Say something else"
This is what I've been trying to avoid
"Ok am the son of Mr and Mrs William Gate"
"I think that name is familiar but go on"
"My dad is a business tycoon and my mum was a model and she's the only daughter of the Queen of England, so the name will always be familiar "
"OMG how does it feel like to be in line to the throne"
"It's boring and frustrating "
"Yea...I can tell. With all the women at wealth at your disposal "
"Life is not all about the money"
"Educate me young man"
I laughed and just allowed her say whatever she wanted to say. I really don't have time for chit chats now. All I want is for Emy to be ok.
"So how did you meet my friend"
Am definitely in a pot of soup. What I'm I going to say to her.
Then a boy walked into the room and saved me from answering any further questions but not in a good way of actually saving me. I know him. Gotta get outta here....
I know it's short but I don't wanna keep you guys waiting....bring the pieces together.. WHO IS EDWARDO.....
What the hell is he doing here. He immediately stood up to leave but I am not done with him yet.
"Hey, who the fuck are you and what are you doing here"
He tried to pass without saying a word but I pushed him backwards
"Am talking to you, pork. Are you deaf"
After recovering from the shock of being pushed, he attempted to walk pass me again. Woa what a cool guy. But who is he. I wanna know. I held his hand to stop him from leaving.
"Let go of my hand this minute, Alejandro "
I didn't even know when I dropped his hand. He even knows me. Who is he? and before I could say Jack he was out of the place.
This is serious. I quietly sat down. Beside me stood an astonished Zena. I will take care of that later but right now, I need to relax. Take a deep breath.
I was really excited to know that she was awake. I wanted all of us to go together but the boys decided to go ahead. I tried to persuade them to stay but it didn't work out. I guess they wanted to leave that place so as to be able to leave the grief behind.
I got to Mexico the next day only to be greeted with the news of her comma. I don't understand why she would wake up and hours later she's in a comma. That is even the least of my problems right now. I was told that she cried out not to be killed. God! That has been my biggest fear. What if she regains her memory. She has even started because she asked for someone who was killed. But the doctor said that she will never regain her memory except she's reminded about her childhood. No one around here know of her childhood so I wonder how all this is happening. Oh My God. How could I be such a daft. She's been having nightmares all this years which obviously is a constant reminder of the past. Oh God am finished. Now my past is going to start haunting me?
Truth be told, I haven't seen her since then. I know am a coward but I'm honestly not ready to face her yet even in her unconsciousness.
After some days, I decided to go see her. I waited in the car first but as I stepped out of my car, I saw Bill walk out of the hospital. He looked annoyed or worried and kinda looks younger. Does worry make him younger?. What am I even saying. I watched him drive out of the lot. I smiled. Am just happy that he's checking up on her. I chose a good man for my daughter. I decided to place a call to him to appreciate him but he should by driving now. He might have a pod anyway.
"How are you"
"Am fine sir"
"I saw you when you were leaving the hospital premises"
"Yea, I saw you but you obviously didn't see me"
"Oh yea."
"Thanks for checking up on her"
"Anything for her Sir"
"Thanks. I'll talk to you later "
He's such a nice man. With that joy in my heart, I went into the hospital.

Since her birthday I've not seen her. I travelled the next day to LA. What would you have me do in a place like Mexico anyway.
Few weeks back, I decided to go see my father about my mom. Well, let me tell you a little about me. My dad married his wife, Princess Calisa . She couldn't give him a child for years and my dad started having an affair with my mom which obviously was what she wanted all along. My mom at that time was working for Lady Calisa. She eventually got pregnant and when Lady Calisa found out that my mom was pregnant for her husband, she cried for several weeks before finally sacking my mum. That's what she told me though. My father didn't stand against it. All he did was get another place for her. She gave birth to me and raised me herself although my father provided all we needed but he never allowed my mum to bear his name. After five years Lady Calisa conceived and bore my dad a son. We became two. My father obviously loves and cares for Lady Calisa and her son more than he does for us. I don't care. I'm not lacking anything so who cares about his love. I have a car, a house and a company. I can get all the girls I want. All I need to do is go to LUX. That's me. But my mom is different. She has refused all the men who came to marry her claiming that she still loves my father. The only time I fell for someone was years back but someone stole her from me. I won't forgive him.
Seeing that my mom refused to give up on her love for my father, I decided to talk to him about it.
I got there and discovered that he was speaking with someone. I went into the office.
"Oh just in time"
What is he saying
"William, I don't need a soothsayer to know that this is your son. Hmm he will be nice for my daughter "
I laughed inside my heart. I don't stick to one woman dick head. I looked at my father, he was shaking his head.
"You haven't seen the...."
I knew what he wanted to say. But his friend interrupted him
"Don't worry my man. He's perfect for her"
It must be a great deal for my dad to prefer my brother. Am certainly stealing this from them. Hahaha. The man turned to face me
"Wont you love to marry my only daughter to strengthen the bond between your family and mine"
Woa it's a big deal
"Only if she's beautiful "
He laughed and smacked my leg
"Of course she is"
He dipped his hand into his pocket and fished out his phone and showed me his wallpaper.
"There she is. Isn't she beautiful "
"She is. Is he your son"
I asked pointing to the other person.
"Yea, those are my kids. Do you know him"
"Yea..he is my best friend"
"What a small world "
A small world indeed. Alejandro couldn't even run far. It's pay back time. All this time my dad had a red face but who cares. Am certainly going to enjoy this.
After discussing some more, I went home without accomplishing why I went there in the first place.
On her birthday, I went as requested by Mr Richard. I met Alejandro and the girl in question. To be honest she's quite a beauty to behold with sea blue eyes and full red lips. Thank God she's not ugly. But do you know that she doesn't like me. Yea that's what I found out after the party. I mean what's there not to like. Am rich and hot. At least that's what they say to me. She obviously don't have good eyes. I actually received a shocker that night. She's the fucking heir or let me say heiress if there is something like that; to all Mr Richard own and not Alejandro. Woa another reason why I must marry her.
After few days, Mr Richard called me to inform me that she is missing . I told him that I'll talk to the police and pull strings so they can find her. Hey don't think am so bad that I wouldn't do that, I did. After a week or so, she was found. I've been getting information about her well being but I've never been there. When Mr Richard called me to thank me for something I didn't do, it shocked me like a bomb and I stupidly lied. I'm in LA and they're in Mexico. Can I be in two places at a time?. I need to get there as fast as possible. I have to cover up my mess before its too late....

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