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The Masked - Chapter 14


The Masked - Chapter 14

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

"she's awake?"
"yea... We have to be on our way to Mexico"
"Yea, now. She needs us Emilio"
"No buts...young man"
That's Nils for you. He's a man with a large heart and his kind is rare. We packed as quickly as possible while he boarded the next plane to Mexico online. When I told my dad that Zena called to say that Emy was awake he felt relieved and excited saying that we'll all go to see her tomorrow. He didn't know we're already leaving so I decided to tell him. He wasn't pleased but he allowed us go anyway. He told us to tell her that he loves her since we insisted on leaving now.
We arrived in Mexico and went straight to the hospital with our bags still in our hands.
When we got inside her room, it was as silent as a graveyard. What the hell is happening. I dropped my bag and went to her. She turned and my eyes met those sea blue eyes that cast a spell on me. She looked worried.
"how are you babe"
All she did was stare. It took her about ten seconds to reply me...
"am not fine"
"why is that"
"my nightmare is back with full force and it feels so real. Like I've lived that life before" What is she saying
"What happened to me when I was younger, Emilio"
what am I going to tell her now. I obviously dont know what happened to her because she's been with these nightmares since day zero.
"Emilio, who is Shilla"
"yes.. Where is she"
"I dunno what you're talking about"
she was about to say something else when the doctor interrupted.
"hey guys, don't stress her. She just woke up days after the operation. She needs all the rest she can get"
I stepped aside from her and watched the doctor. He injected her and told us to leave the room so that she can rest. We left the room and went to the waiting area.
I looked at Zena and told her to tell me when and how she woke up.
"I was talking to her, reminding her of the time we spent together and then her fingers moved. I called the attention of the doctor and he told me that she'll be ok. He also told me that if something of such happens to her again that I should inform him immediately. Few minutes later, a tall guy walked into the room saying that his name is Edwardo and that he's a close friend to Emy. I was surprised because she tells me everything but she never mentioned him to me. It was a kinda BFF code not to keep a secret. But she did.
Anyway, he stayed with her, held her hands and started talking to her. I didnt pay attention to what he was saying but his looks. I think I've seen a face like this before. He is only the younger version. After sometime, he stood up to leave and said he'll be coming to check up on her. But before he could get to the door, she screamed out begging for life. Saying that they shouldnt take her life just as they killed her best friend Shilla. Edwardo rushed to get the doctor while I tried to calm her down. The doctor told us to wait outside and that was when I called Nils. When I finished making the call, Edwardo was gone."
who the hell is that guy. She has never mentioned that name. I sighed and looked straight ahead.
Zena and Nils slept on their chair but I couldn't so many thoughts were flooding into my head. Who the hell is that Edwardo guy. Zena said she has seen the older version of him somewhere but cant remember. Shilla. Who's Shilla and how is it that I dont know her since she's Emy's best friend. Wait is she dead? Why was she begging not to be killed as they killed Shilla. Hmm...they're so many things I don't know about Emy.

* * * *
Nils woke me up telling me that the doctor wants to see us. I looked around. Zena wasn't there anymore
"Where's Zena"
"I told her to go home and freshen up"
I walked sluggishly to the doctor's office. The doctor explained to us that she's not fully recovered from the operation. I told him that I dont understand. He told us that she ought to have woken up about 10 hours ago. I checked my wristwatch, it was few minutes past 8. Hope its not what am thinking. The doctor confirmed it..
"she has gone into coma"
Oh no...why.. The doctor continued his statement
"now, the only thing you can do is remind her why she needs to be awake and you must be patient because it might take her days, weeks, months or years to recover or she might never recover. The line between living or dying for her is very thin so good luck"
Something was squeezing my heart making it difficult for me to breathe. God! Whats happening to me. I stood up and walked out of the office away from my source of pain but the only place my legs took me to was Emilia's room. There she was slipping away from me. The only woman I've ever loved. The woman who stole my heart. They say a man is not supposed to cry but I just cant hold back these tears and slowly I dropped on my knees close her. I cried and begged her not to leave me like this.
I didnt know I slept while holding her hands and weeping. Nils shook my shoulders and patted my back.
"I love her Nils. She cant leave me like this"
"stop being a pessimist....she'll be ok. Lets go home so you can freshen up. You stink man"
"I love you too"
"I never told you I did"
"you dont need to. I already know"
we both smiled and walked out of the hospital. This guy is something else. I mean any one who see us smiling now would never know I was just weeping few minutes ago or Nils just buried his mum few hours ago. Such is the life of a man. We hurt but life goes on.
We got home and I freshed up. Nils suggested that we go to the rooftop. The air there kinda gives relief. We went up and sat for more than thirty minutes and all we did was listen to our heartbeats. Nils cleared his throat
"remember that I had something that I wanted to share with you before I left for the states?"
"It may reduce your pain to know that Emy is not your sister"
"its that it? I've known that all along. She was adopted"
"That's where you dont get it. SHE WAS NEVER ADOPTED. NOT BY MY MUM OR YOUR DAD"
To be continued

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