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The Masked - Chapter 13


The Masked - Chapter 13

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

I seemed to have changed the way I look at my father. Ever since I saw him so vulnerable something changed. I think a little piece of love was still buried deep down my heart. It took time to actually resurrect it. I was supposed to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow but I told them that I wanted to go home today so they allowed me. Not that they had any choice.
I left the hospital to our house( my dad's house). I haven't laid my eyes on him since he left the hospital yesterday so I went straight to the house.
When I came home yesternight, I was too tired to check up on my dad so I just went into my room and slept like a baby.
I woke up at about 10:00am. How good am I in sleeping? I am so good. I did the normal bathroom rituals and headed downstairs for my breakfast. As soon as I sat down to eat, our chef served me good food. The last time I ate a proper meal was few days ago when Jonah cooked for me; sorry when I stole food prepared by Jonah. What am I even saying, how can I steal my own food. I think the food this chef prepared is really affecting my line of thought.
After eating, I called the chef and asked her what she added to the food. It was funny how scared she looked when I asked her. Why was she so scared. I only wanted to find out if she added something extra that's intoxicating nothing. I had to dismiss her so she doesn't faint here because she's so fat. If she falls, I wonder how she's going to get up on her feet again. Maybe with the help of 20 men. Lolz.
I stood feeling ok and went straight to my father's room to check if he's back. It was empty. What the hell is going on. Did he travel again. Here I was thinking that he had a mosol of love for me but he travelled and left me on the sick bed just as heartless as I knew he was.
Just to confirm for myself I asked the gateman about his movement and I was told that he only drove out hurriedly the next day after my accident. I don't if he travelled. If he was travelling, he would have told the gateman to look after the house or something. But nothing like that. Something is obviously wrong. I called his phone severally but he didn't pick up. I became unease. I don't even know any of his friends to call. I went inside the house and sat on the couch.The sound of my phone woke me up. I didn't even know I had drifted to sleep.
"am I speaking with Alejandro Roderico"
"plz come to city hospital in Baja Califonia"
"Baja Califonia?? Why?"
"your sister and father were shot during a gun battle yesterday so you...."
I didn't even wait for him to complete the statement before I dashed out of the house. This time my speed wasn't much and I made sure I drove carefully.
As soon as I got to the hospital, a police greeted me. I got know that he was the one who called me and brought my father and sister to the hospital. After thanking him profusely, he left. I went straight to see my father. He lying down on the bed, breathing steadily. I held his hand and told him to be strong for me. I left him after few minutes and went to see Emilia. I stood close to the door after shutting the behind me. She was surrounded with gadgets and a machine close to her was still beeping indicating that she was still alive. Her head and shoulder was wrapped with a band aid. Seemed she was shot on those places. Another thing that scared me was the life support she was using. WTH. I just can't believe this is Emy. My own Emy. Few weeks back she was with me in my house happily giving me a blow job but here she is dying. A tear slipped out of my eyes. I wiped it off and moved to her side. I held her hands and starred into her face and thoughts came flooding in as well as my sobbing increasing. I don't know how long I've been here but I know I don't want to leave her here alone.

* * *

A hand tapped my shoulder. I woke up to see my dad before me.
"daddy is that you...is this real?... I mean I was just in your ward few hours ago"
"its me son...am better now" i nodded to what he said and he continued.
"and it wasn't few hours ago, it was yesterday"
"yesterday?" he nods. Wow, I passed a night in a hospital unknowingly. But then I looked at my dad. He was on a wheelchair. What is he doing on a wheelchair. Am sure my eyes popped out when I realised because my dad gave me a questioning look..
"why are you on a wheelchair, dad"
"oh its nothing"
"nothing? And you're on a wheelchair? C'mon dad am not 7"
"its not what you're thinking son, I can walk"
"so why are you using that"
"am not too strong to walk on my own yet"
"so why did you come here"
"when I told a nurse to call you, she told me that you were in my room yesterday and that you're here. So I decided to come see you both"
"yea.... I thought you were supposed to be discharged today"
"yea... I told them that am ok and I wanted to leave. Besides, hospitals remind me of mom" his contenance changed and an uncomfortable silence settled between us. After some time he spoke
"i'm sorry I wasn't there for you and your mom. I didn't know she was sick. I swear I didn't know. If I knew I would've....."
"i know you weren't aware. You were just too busy"
"and for that am sorry"
"its ok dad"
"how are you feeling now?"
"am ok...just little pains around my body"
"you need rest son"
"i sure do"
he used his hands to rough my hair just as he used to do when I was younger.
"stop it dad. I'm no longer a kid. I'm a man now" we laughed. It feels so good to laugh with my father again. My phone rang and brought me out of my thoughts. It was Nils.
"what's up asshole"
"hey dude"
"you now call me dude....how impressive"
"what the hell is wrong over there . I've been calling Emy, uncle and your phone but no one cared to pick up"
"am sorry. A lot has been going on"
"i'll be coming to Mexico tomorrow"
" Who do you want to leave your mum for"
"she didnt make it"
I ended the call and looked at my dad. How do I break the news to him that the only sister he gat is gone. I don't even know how he'll react so I decided not to talk about it.
"who was that"
what do I tell him now. I mean he's still not fully ok, I just recovered and Emy is here fighting for her life.
"its nothing"
"why do I have a feeling that something is wrong"
"everything is ok..... Please tell me how both of you got shot and if you remember the face of the person that shot you both" he took a deep breath
"the leader was wearing a mask and was the only one close enough for me to remember. Others were positioned at different places ready to shoot" as he explained I could see through him. He cares for Emy.
"wait, they shot her too?"
"seems so because the detective told me that when he carried her, he discovered that she was bleeding from her shoulder and her head"
"the detective?"
"yea....he was the one that brought you here"
he was about to say something but his phone interrupted him.,.
I just hope its not a call from the states. I listened to his conversation...
"is my phone playing games on me"
"how are you mehn... Did your wife preach to you to call your twin?"
"bad news?" oh no... I wasn't able to hear the other discussant but immediately he mentioned the name of his twin, I knew he was about to be told.
"what...thought she was on chemo"
"oh my God...what is happening to my family" he turned to me and I tried to console him...
"don't worry dad, God knows why"
"you're aware?"
"hmm....yyeaa....that was the call I received"
"why didn't you tell me"
"am sorry dad... I felt it wouldn't be nice for you to know yet because of everything that's going on" all he did was nod. He starred at the wall for long and I noticed that he was crying. He's been through a lot these days that he has aged greatly due to worry. I didn't even know when I stood up and hugged him. My tears seemed to have been waiting for this time to pour out. I heard the door swing open and Zena stood before me. She also look pale like she hasn't been eating. She hugged us and together we all cried.

* * * *

Nils came back as promised and he looked really beaten up by the situation. He locked himself in his room for three days straight without coming outside. My dad was afraid that he might harm himself but I assured him that Nils wont do such a thing and that he just needs some time to himself. When my mom died I locked myself in my room for a week. I was only drinking to make the pain go away but it wouldn't stop. When I opened my room after one week, the first place I went to was my father's room. I angrily destroyed everything I could lay my hands upon. After which I sacked all my mum's workers and left he house for 2 weeks and that was when I met Jonah. He was the one who pushed me to go home saying I've spent too much time in his place partying and getting laid. When I came back, Emy took all my shit and was there for me. I still love her.
Nils came out after three days trying to go back to normal but it wasn't that easy. After eating we chatted for a while and he went back to being gloomy and then he asked
"where is Emy. Is she now going out as early as 8...she needs spanking " hmm why do I have to be the one to give this news.
"she's at the hospital"
"doing what" i explained everything to him.
"so why did all of you keep me in the dark" I couldn't think of what to say to him..
"we felt we could handle it and telling you would be adding more burden on your shoulders" my dad answered from no where. His figure started to pop out of the other side of the house...
"Nils don't lock yourself up again and if you do, you'll leave me no choice than to break down that door of yours" he smiled a little. That's the only time I've seen him smile since he got back.
"Anyway, am sorry I didn't tell you about it. Am going to the hospital now you can come with me if you want"
We stood up and followed him to his car. The whole drive to the hospital was characterised by silence. Maybe we had nothing to say to ourselves or we just needed the silence.
We walked into Emy's room to meet her BFFs with her, Zena and Lasse.
They greeted us and gave their condolences as people say, whatever. We all sat there in silence not saying anything until dad spoke up.
"Nils, we'll be going to the states in two days for the burial. I have to be there and you have to be there. Alejandro can you take care of your sister while we're gone?"
My dad can be annoying sometimes. Why did he bring this up here. Wait! My sister? Sometimes I forget that she's my sister. I stopped seeing her as a sister long time ago but Nils said he had something to share with me that will help clear everything up. As much as I would like to know what it is that Nils has to say, this is not the appropriate time to ask him.
Zena spoke up..
"You guys should go. I and Lasse would take care of our BFF"
My dad looked at me and then Emilia before staring at the wall for a long. After few minutes of obvious thinking, he agreed. We stayed for a long time before leaving the hospital with Zena and that troublesome guy behind. Don't think I forgot about his attitude when Emy introduced me to him at that party. Nah I haven't.

* * * *
I hate funerals. The only funeral I attended was my mum's and I stayed for just an hour before running away. Everyone in the family was present and were putting on black clothing and shades. My dad was not an exception. After the prayer in church, they moved her to the grave side and lowered her into the ground. The preacher was saying something but I did not pay attention. I was just there looking at my aunty and remembering all the time we spent together. People started putting flowers into the grave. I just stood afar off watching the whole scene. So this is it. She's left us.
They began to cover the coffin and cries were coming from different angles. Nils cried and fell on the floor. They helped him up and took him to the car. After everybody left, I went to the grave side. Looking at it for several hours before I went home.
When I got home everybody was wearing a sad face and it was already 3:00 in the afternoon. Dad told us that we'll be leaving for Mexico the next day. I only nod and went to Nils room only to meet him answering a phone call.
"Hey, how you"
"No problem... how's she "
"Are you serious"
"We're on our way" that's all I heard. I couldn't hear the other person.
He turned to me.... SHE'S AWAKE....

To be Continued....

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