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The Masked - Chapter 12


The Masked - Chapter 12

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

He held me close to himself as if I am his property or something. We drove in silence to the said venue. I discovered that when we were close to the said location, black SUV cars where following us. OMG this is even worse than I thought. We got to an uncompleted storey building and the other cars dispersed positioning themselves inside the building in such a way that you won't know that they are there. Our car was the only car visible. The leader of the gang was on the drivers seat while I was seated with him. Three other guys where at the back and you wouldn't know because of the tinted glasses. The leader which I later got to know that his name was Edwardo made a call asking if the others were in position. Shit snippers. What do they really want from my dad or from me. What have we done to deserve all this. After which he tied a bomb to me. He tied it on my stomach.
"Love, you know I wouldn't do this to you on purpose but it's an order from the boss"
He leaned downwards and whispered into my ears.
"I'll try to help you if you cooperate with me ok"
He sat upright and looked straight ahead with a serious look on his face.
"I hope you know that thing is a bomb. If you try anything funny, I won't hesitate to blow you up..ok"
I nodded and gave him the signal of I wanna say something. He removed the gag against the protest of the other members.
"Thank you for taking care of me" he smiled
" you're welcome kid"
He used his to rough my hair and laughed at how funny I was looking.
He looked at his wristwatch. "It's time boys".

I'm very nervous or am being very afraid of the outcome of this journey. I just want my daughter back. That's all I ask for.
I took my gun with me as suggested by the detective. When it was few minutes to 5, I set out to go. The detective told me that two of this men should go with me but I objected since I was instructed not to come with any of them. After arguments they decided to let me go alone while they wait for me to tell them when he wants to make the call. I gave them a kinda look and left.
While I was driving I discovered that I was sweating. What the heck. "Hello sir. How you doing over there " the detective spoke to me through the pod
"Am fine detective. Am only kinda nervous"
"Ok sir remember all we talked about"
Look at this small boy. He has forgotten that am a conel. Well he's just doing his job.
"Please always give us updates"
"Alright...now allow me focus on my driving "
Before I left the station, I was handed a phone pod to enable me give them update about my where about. I've told them severally that I'll be fine but they wouldn't just listen to me.
I got there about two minutes to 5. I stayed in my car holding the briefcase very tight. I looked around, it was an uncompleted storey building. It looked too quiet for my liking. Something is obviously not right here. Why are they not here yet??
I waited for about five minutes before coming out of my car.
I was surprised when two SUVs drove out from their hiding place. WTH where have they been. You mean they have been watching me since then?..God help me...
One of them came out of the cars wearing a mask. He doesn't even want me to see his face. Who cares. Just give me daughter.
"'hey...how do you know my full name"
"Oh common you're popular anyway where is my money"
"I brought it but where is my daughter "
He laughed wickedly.....
"Am not here to play games with you Mr. Just give me my money let's get this thing done with" he roared... I went to the car brought the money and opened the briefcase so that they can see it. I closed it.
" you just saw the money, now I need to see my daughter " I roared the last part of my statement. This people are trying to play games with me but I won't let them.
He brought his gun and told me to hand the money to him. He thinks his smart. I brought out mine too and immediately I heard the sound of cracking of guns from different angle. God, is this how am going to die?
The guy laughed at me saying
"Look around you Mr. You are surrounded by men and any foul movement from you ,you're dead"
I looked and the snippers I saw scared the shit out of me. Snippers not less than five where located at different angles and gun men seemed to appear from no where. Hah.
"Now gently drop your weapon, hand me the money and drive home"
What! how the hell am I going to do that. I should have adhered to the advice of the detective. I quickly whispered to the detective through the pod.
"It's a fucking trap. Where are you"
"We know and we are waiting for you to make the move. We are closing in on them. They are already surrounded."
"Ok just wait for my command"
The kidnapper looked at me and I think he was getting suspicious of what was going on since I was still standing firm.
I looked at him with a pleading face
"I thought we had an agreement "
"Hahaha....do not trust people easily and if you think I don't know that you're trying to buy time before the police arrive then I'm just sorry for you. I'm not dumb ok. I think you should see this."
I watched my princess come down from one of their cars with her hands tied to her back. A bomb tied to her stomach and a gag around her neck. I think it was used to tie her eyes or her mouth earlier on. Oh how I wish I could just hug her. I've missed her so much
"My angel..."
"Shussh...Just in case you don't know, I have my men watching for me. If I site any other person around this premises, you and your daughter dies in a flash so behave yourself.
"Did you hear that, what do I do now...I can't loose her" I whispered to the detective. "Don't worry they won't see us besides we are waiting for your move"
"Ok" this is where my expertise comes into play. I slowly levelled my gun and the briefcase.
Emy gave me a signal with her eyes before she turned to the leader of the gang...
"Edwardo...." as soon as he turned, she kissed him. What is she doing....

Seeing my dad in a tight situation, I knew I had to do something. Thank God for those years of training. I could see me dad moving his body and whispering. I think he's communicating with someone who might help us. For Edwardo not to notice this ,means he's a rookie and am definitely going to use this to my advantage.
Immediately my dad lowered his gun I gave him the get ready signal and turned to Edwardo. I called him and when he turned, I smashed my lips on his. I know you might think that am a fool to do that in this tight situation but am not. Am going to tell you how.
My dad was very surprised as well as everyone there. That's it. To cause a distraction for my dad and our helper.
I know he's into me and he couldn't help but kiss me back. I deepen the kiss and used my hands to trace his jacket while moaning into his lips and he lost it. He held me tightly while his hands moved everywhere. What a rookie. How can you be careless in a situation like this. This brought me to the conclusion that he isn't really their leader or something close to it. He must be doing it for something. I used this opportunity to turn him to lie on the vehicle thereby blocking my action from his watchdogs. I removed the control of the bomb and successful hid it. I tried to remove his gun but his grip on it was tight and if I try harder he'll suspect. Just as I was planning on what to do, his phone rang. I think that brought him back to his senses. It's now or never. I shouted to my dad.
"Now" it took my dad a bullet to his right hand to bring him back to his senses.
"Fuck" was all he could say. He told all his men to drop their weapons who became suddenly alert. He gave a loud grunt in anger before adding
"You sure want to know what I can do. You're going to see your daughter blow up in your eyes"
He put his hands confidently into his pocket but couldn't find the control pad and I smiled to myself. He went into the car to look for the control pad. I quickly used the opportunity to start working on the control pad to disengage the bomb. My tied hands wouldn't allow me do it and just as I was about the press the last button, I heard my dad shout
"Emy, watch out "
Before I could turn I heard a sharp pain at the back of my head.....
When I saw her hands moved around him during their make out section, I just knew she was about to take the control pad from him. How smart of her. For him to be so entangled in a kiss with my daughter in this situation shows that he isn't an expert. He's probably doing this for something in return. I turned to look at the other gun men they seemed surprised at their action. Emy is really smart and it's either now for us to act or never. I picked up my gun without drawing attention and she shouted the word "now" so loud that even the detective reacted by telling his boys the same thing.
He was about to place his phone on his ear when I pulled the trigger. It hit his right hand and it got him very angry. Thank God Emy had the control pad with him because he threatened to blow her up in my face.
He went to search for it in the car meanwhile policemen where already pumping into the building shooting and getting shot. This is a real gun battle. I quickly started to move towards Emy so that I can cover for her while she disengaged the bomb. I wasn't quick enough to get to where she was. She was so focused on what she was doing that she didn't notice that the leader of the gang was close to her. I shouted at the top of my voice.
"Emy, watch out" but it was too late. He used the back of his gun to hit her at the back of her head. Darm. She fell down hitting the floor hard.
I tried to rush to where she was but a bullet hit me on my stomach. I looked at the direction where it came from. It was from the leader of the gang. He smiled and looked at me.
"That serves you right asshole "
I tried to move few steps closer to Emy but I failed. My legs could no longer carry me because of the excruciating pain coming from my stomach. I fell to the ground while looking at my daughter. I've failed again. I looked at her lying down on the floor in the pool of her own blood. She stretched her hands to me seeking for help but I couldn't get to her. I couldn't move an inch and I watched her shut her beautiful eyes.
The last time I saw her in this condition was 10 years ago when she was badly shot and couldn't make a move. I was her saviour then and had to stop my twin brother from pulling the trigger by putting a bullet to his leg which he still rants about today. She was a beautiful teenage girl and I fell in love with her immediately I set my eyes on her and that was when I decided to take her to my sister, Nils's mother. I visited her often and my sister suggested that I adopt her since I loved her so much. I talked to my wife and she surprisingly agreed to it. I moved her from that hospital to a hospital closer to me. My wife also loved her and she became a part of my family.
And now here she is dying in front of my eyes. There's nothing more painful than watching your loved one die. I cried till my eyes became heavy and darkness consumed me.

I waited for the guys to call him back not telling Mr Richard my plan because he was just being casual about it. I wonder what type of a man he is to trust kidnappers so much that he isn't willing to go without a policeman. I have tried all I can to convince him about going alone but he doesn't want to listen. So i'm going to go behind him to do whatever I'm gonna do to save his life and that of his daughter in case it's a trap.
So when he called back I hacked his phone to listen to his conversations or phone calls.
Minutes turned into hours and I taught he wasn't going to make use of the phone but just as I was to move out of the room, a signal came through. Hurrah! it's a call.
He was talking to his boss and I traced the call to where his boss was receiving it. It wasn't too far from us so I carefully mobilized my boys not to allow Mr Richard know. I told them to station themselves around the place so as not draw attention from their boss.
I let them go telling them to keep me in touch. I had to stay with him to prepare him for his journey. I mean he's a conel but since it involves someone close to him, he is kinda displaced. I realise now why we are always told to go home in such situations because we don't think critically like policemen but we think in the line of getting revenge or something just not really thinking expertly. This is what is happening to the conel. He doesn't want revenge in this case, he just wants his daughter back. He loves her that much to be willing to part away with 140,000 Mexican Peso just for a realise....
After much argument he agreed to go with a gun and a phone pod. He didn't wear the bulletproof saying that it was too much. He reassured me that he's gonna be fine. He left early saying he doesn't want to keep them waiting. I told my men to take two cars and follow him behind carefully. It's just to make sure he's safe. The other team have been gone for quite some time and yet no word from them. I spoke into the phone while also getting ready to head out.
"What is the situation like detective "
"Sir, this place is empty....we've checked and re checked. Although we suspect about four cars that passed us not quite long to be theirs"
"Why didn't you stop them"
"I felt it would delay us from getting here on time.....If they are not here, that means someone gave them the information that we're coming. It's either an insider on our team or someone told to watch the area and relate to them because we missed them with few inches. Since they know we came here for an attack. I know for sure that Mr Richard is in trouble"
"Oh no! Make a u turn and head towards Baja Carlifonia. I'll be there shortly "
"Ok sir"
Darm it! I've wasted so much time. I quickly got into my car and off I went. He must be there already because I spoke to him through the pod few minutes ago.
Ten minutes and am not even close. What kind of traffic is this. If I had taken the car with siren I would've been there by now. Well it's for the best and I wouldn't want them to kill Miss Emilia and the conel because of one mistake.
My pod beeped and he spoke to me through it saying that it's was a trap.. shit! Am not even close enough. I told him that am aware and encouraged him to give us instructions that we have already surrounded them. My boys are already there but I can't tell him that am not even close. It will discourage him. I think he trusts me.
When I was about ten minutes close, he gave the instructions and I equally shouted on the top of my voice so that the boys can move him. Thank God am almost there.
As I approached the place I was hearing gunshots. It's really bad. I drove my car right into the building thereby knocking out some of their men. I looked around to find them only to see that the floor was littered with some of their men, few policemen and at the far end, they were on the floor and they bleeding heavily. OMG. I drove close to them so I could pick them up. I used the car to block incoming bullets. I quickly carried them into the car with the help of another detective.
I started my car but bullets came through the side glass of my car. It shattered it and I felt a pain on my arm. Shit! I was hit. I drove out roughly and hit the road telling my men to retreat and since I have both of them with me. I think Mr Richard was hit on his stomach or something but I fear for Miss Emilia, it's her head.
I focused on my driving and soon enough I was at the hospital. Nurses wheeled them into where they'll be attended to while another nurse helped me with my arm.
Two hours and no word from both of them. This is abnormal and am getting nervous.


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