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The Masked - Chapter 11


The Masked - Chapter 11

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

Its been a week and two days with these people. They are bad but not that bad. The guys give me food to eat.But I noticed that anytime I eat, I become very weak and sleep for several hours. I don't know what they add to my food but I know that if I don't eat it I might just die.
When I left Emilio's house that day, I cried my eyes out because I was expecting him to beg me to stay. To tell me that he can't live without me or something. Anyway, I was determined to go.
His house was very huge and I had to walk for at least ten minutes before I was finally out of his house. After successfully coming out of his house, it hit me that I didn't bring my car and there was no way to get there because the place was quiet and there was no taxi going or coming. The only cars I've been seeing have always been in a hurry to get somewhere I guess cos no matter how much I flag it down, they don't just stop. What a way to spend a wednesday. After walking for a while, I decided to drop my pride and call Emilio. As I opened my purse, I saw his phone there. Great. Now I'll have to trek till a good samaritan stops and help me out of this shit hole. I don't even know the way to where my car is. I brought out my phone and typed the address. Thank God for GPS. I started following the way it showed me. I saw a bench and decided to sit and rest. I have been walking for about thirty minutes and am already tired anyway, the houses are no longer few.
After some time, a white car with tinted glasses passed by. Oh, it reminded me of my car. It drove backwards and stopped very close to me. Oh thank God. A good samaritan has finally stopped. The glass rolled down and it revealed a guy with beards and I walked up to him.
"hey beautiful. What you doing out here sitting all alone"
"i need to get to where my car is parked but I couldnt get a taxi and am tired of trekking so I decided to sit here for a while"
"alright..hop in"
"dont worry I can cope"
"common...my mum taught me to treat a lady as an egg and she wouldn't be happy to know that I left a lady, a beautiful one at that stranded without helping"
"you know your mum won't know unless you tell her" he laughed for long before answering
"my mum is dead so, she's seeing us already"
"oh, I'm sorry"
"no problem.....alright jump in"
Thank God he insisted because I would've slapped myself if he left. Common dont judge me. A woman got to do what a woman got to do. I need to play my cartd well so he knows I aiint cheap. Ladies, you understand don't you? yea. That was how I found myself in a car of four people. I made it five. I didn't know two people were at the back of the car. Glory be to tinted glasses. Why did I get into this car again? something is obviously not right here.
After sometime, I checked my GPS and discovered that we were few minutes to my destination. That was when I spoke up
"can you pull over. Am here. Thank you very much"
They didn't answer neither did they stop. They continued going and when I attempted to shout, they collected my phone, tied my eyes and gagged my mouth. That was how I was kidnapped.
They opened my eyes and I discovered that I was in a dark room. They tied my arms and legs and left me.
I've been here since and am getting weaker by the day.
Two days ago a man sneaked in and told me to hold on that help is coming. Woa that was kinda encouraging because I was beginning to feel that I was alone and that nobody cares for me. Apparently that wasn't true but then again its been two days and nothing.Am gonna cancel negative taughts outta my mind. I know my daddy loves me to have been able to send people to diguise themselves just to tell me that he loves me and that help is coming. I don't how they managed to get through and were not caught or something. I also discovered that they speak same language and that I don't understand.
I've been hearing a ladies voice since I got here but she hasn't been here. I also got to meet the leader of the gang who was not in the car that day. He is cute I must say and also looks innocent. He talks to me normally but am still afraid of that thing he holds anytime he's with me. He has also been the one restricting the other guys from touching me....although he manhandled my boobs one day and tored my dress in the process. I pleaded with him and he stopped even though I could still see dark veins of desires in his eyes. He walked out briefly and came with another dress. He stripped me of my old dress and wore the new one for me. While doing this, i watched him closely and I discovered that his hands were shaking. He looked at me directly in the eyes.
"am sorry for the stunt I tried to pull. You are a very beautiful and irresistible girl and I would like to have you but not in this way"
"thank you"
he nodded and gave me a kiss on my forehead. He's too gentle for a gang leader.
There's another thing that gat me thinking. The voice of the girl in the gang. It sounds so familiar and it rings in my brain. Like someone I've known all my life. The only problem is that each time I try to remember her name or who she is, my head starts throbbing. So, I decided to let it rest.
The leader came into my room again and sat close to me while starring at me. This makes me a little uncomfortable and each time he does it, he smiles. This is so strange. Today, I decided to say something. I gave him the signal that I want to talk. He warned me
"make sure you behave yourself when I remove the gag. You wouldn't want Snipper to put a slap on your pretty face"
I nod and he removed the gag
"now what is it you wanted to say"
i cleared my throat
"hmm.....firstly, why did you stop manhandling me when I pleaded the other day cos I know you guys don't show mercy"
"that's right...we don't..but I kinda want you to let me to do it than forcing me you or something. I think I might have a thing for you" he winked.
"so is that why you've been coming to watch me "
"lets just say I derive pleasure from it.....excuse me" he had a phone call. I didn't bother to listen as my thoughts consumed me. There is a way he talks and his face certainly looks like someone I've met.
"140,000 Mexican Peso"
That was when I paid attention to his conversation. That is a huge amount of money you know.
"Let me relate this to my boys, we'll call you back"
He smiled and turn to face me.
"Baby, your dad loves you so much and he's willing to part with 140,000 Peso in exchange for your release" I gasped in shock.
He called his boss and related the issue to him and he was told what to do which I obviously didn't hear. He called my dad again and told him where to meet them giving him instructions and then he alerted the boys to get their weapons ready. He then dragged me up.
"Left for me, I would have preferred you stay here with me and be mine but we need to go and set a trap for your all mighty father. Let's see if he'll be able to scale through " he laughed afterwards.

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