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The Masked - Chapter 10


The Masked - Chapter 10

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

I rushed downstairs with my keys in my hands. Why now? Emilia's case was not helping now its Alejandro. I called the driver and handed the keys to him while giving him the address. I can drive but i can't risk my life to drive in this state. Both of my children and my siblings need me alive for as long as i can stay.
When we got to the hospital,i rushed inside not minding the stares i was getting from passers by. Getting inside,i saw a nurse in the front desk and asked her about my son. She told me to wait that the doctors were attending to my son. Waiting for news either good or bad is not a good thing. You're just there waiting for anything and this place certainly reminds me of bad memories .I was the last person to know that my wife was dying. We lived under the same roof for years even though i was barely around but she never mentioned a word to me. I came here to meet Emilio and my angel already here. What a failure i am. Oh God protect Emy for me .I cannot fail a second time.
After few hours,the doctors came out to say that he'll be fine. But has been injected because he needs so much rest.
I went into the ward and there he was sleeping soundly. His head was wrapped with bandage. The doctor said that a little piece of the windscreen that was shattered entered his head.
I don't know how my angel is doing. I don't even know where she is. What if she's being tortured.....oh God am I paying for my sins already?? Please don't punish my children, lay it on me. Let me pay for my sins and not m..y k...ids. I broke than in tears crying out loud meanwhile trying not wake Alejandro up because he'll be mad at me for doing that. I don't know how much I was like that kneeling, holding his hands and crying but I know I was there for long.
I felt his hands moved. I quickly wiped my face and stood up. Did I wake him? No, I mean is he awake? I watched him carefully and his eyes seem to make a movement. If he opens his eyes, I know am not the first person he'll like to see. Emm what do I do now? After few minutes, I decided to go get him food, he'll need it when he wakes up.

I opened my eyes and i was greeted by white walls, the crying voice of a man and a great pain on my head. Wait, am alive. I thought i was going to die from that crash. I was brought back to reality and I was forced to look at him. WTF.
"am sorry for everything I've done, God. But don't take out your anger on my children. Help my angel to come back safely. Help my son to recover fast. I know I failed my wife as a husband but don't let anything happen to my children. I will never be complete if anything happens to any of them"
I quickly shut me eyes when i saw his head slowing tilting up. He examined me for a while before going out.
OMG i have never seen my da....i mean Richard like that before. He was so broken. He really cares for us, for me. I think that made my heart throb. If am being honest, am not really happy to see him cry but to know that he cares for me. I think he's just trying to win my heart. Shut up man be reasonable. He didn't even know you were awake.
After few minutes, he came back with food.
i turned to face him. I think he's nervous.
"i brought you food"
he walked closer and dropped the food on the counter beside my bed. After which he turned to leave. He stopped halfway
"emm...i'll be outside if you need anything" he turned again..
"stay" it came out in a not so harsh way. I thought i had resolved not to show him that he's earning my trust. Shit! What am i even saying. He looked surprised but he sat down anyway. Am i that bad?
"emm...can you help me up a little"
"sure" he stood up and carefully assisted me to sit up. Why is he so careful. Does he think am an egg. Or he's just careful so i don't shout at him....hahaha....am the boss. Nooo. I get it now. He doesn't want to spoil the reputation he's building....awwnn...smart ass. He opened the food and served me afterwards. I immediately realised that I was very hungry. Woa it smells nice. I ate in silence while the old man watched me. Hmm food...where have you been all my life? The food is so good I could eat the plate. That's one thing we have in common. We love good food. Even though she broke my heart, I still love and care for her. Where could she be?
After eating, i dropped the plate on the counter.
"thank you"
all he did was nod. What the hell is wrong with this man. Why is he acting weird.
I suddenly remembered why I was driving so fast.
"any word concerning Emy" immediately i mentioned her name, his countenance changed and his shoulder dropped. That was when i noticed that he looked older than normal. He had bags under his eyes. He eyes were looking puffy obviously because he had been crying. He beards were a little over grown and he looked pale like someone who haven't eaten for days. I wanted to take back the question but he answered with a shaky voice breaking the awkward silence.
"none...they don't know anything about her where about yet" i nod in response
"she also hasn't called me. Her phone is switched off. I just hope the guy who took her away from the bar that night treats her well. From the attendant, we discovered that a boy took her out of the bar that night when she was dr..." i interrupted him....hmm...so he knows
"yea I know"
"you know? how come"
"i was the one who carried her out of the bar" i saw relief wash over him
"can you tell her to ca..."
"i don't know where she is either"
"i thought you said you..."
"i know. We went to my place. We had a fight the next morning and she left"
"yea. I think she's with my phone. You can know her location with that" he held my hands in an appreciative manner
"thank you. I'll place a call across to the police now"
he stood up and went to the other side of the room while relating what i told him. After a while, he came back and told me that he needs to go to the police station to oversee their activities.

As I drove to the police station, thoughts of Alejandro filled my heart. He was nice to me. That was the longest conversion we've had without shouting at each other since his mother died. God is probably playing a trick on me or am just imagining. Hah does it mean that the accident affected his line of reasoning?
Am happy to have us talk like family but am also surprised at his sudden calmness and all that. He told me to stay with him and even said thank you. Woa I think Alejandro is coming back to the son i knew. I pushed my thoughts aside as i pulled over at the parking lot.
After greeting the officers, they told me that the phone had been traced to the outskirts of the city and that two of their men had been sent undercover to survey the area.....
Tbc....let the comments start rolling in....they are our motivation...mu
ahhh...much love..
Its officially one week and two days since my daughter got missing. You don't want to know how I've been because am looking really terrible. Its just getting to me by the day. As for Alejandro, you wont believe how close we've become. Like pals. Everything works together for good right? yea. Hey don't get my wrong. I'm still very worried about my princess but i'm glad this situation brought us back to talking terms. I think he got to realise that I love and care for him. My only fear is what if this ends when Emy is found? Stop it delete negative thoughts outta your mind.
My phone rang and I was ask to be at the police station as soon as possible. I pratically drove like a mad man.
As at the time I got into the office, the officers where ready to give me the news.
"good morning sir. Please have your seat"
I did and a laptop was brought before me. He opened a picture and started explaining.
"your daughter was kidnapped anyway, she's well taken care of. She wasn't kidnapped by boys who necessarily want to do it for money but for something more. She was kidnapped to get something from you. It is a gang of five boys and a girl. They all work for a man. This man is wealthy and influencial. With our findings and conclusion, he is close to you but my men couldn't get them to say..."
"why? I need to know who this person is. He needs to pay for what he what i've been through in this past few days. Besides if we dont find him now, he might have another plan he's waiting to carry out"
"i know but you need to be patient. Right now the only plan is to call Alejandro's phone, speak to the gang leader, tell them not to inform their boss about the call, promise them a huge amount of money.... Now, remember to try to convince them that the money you're giving them would be enough to settle themselves somewhere far away from their boss. If they comply, we'll get your daughter, arrest these people and frame their boss"
"how are you going to do that"
"after retriving your daughter, we'll tell them to call their boss that they are under attack. Afterwhich, we will arrest them and trace the call. We all know that their boss would send backup ,thereby reducing the amount of men with him. This will make it easier for us to catch him." i smiled...he is really intelligent.
"wow thats brilliant. But why don't we allow the boys go with the money since they treated my daughter well"
"but sir they need to be brought in to avoid future occurence"
"dont worry about that... No such thing will happen.. Am just happy that my daughter is coming back"
i could see disapproval on his face.
"ok sir...please get the money prepared while I make the phone call"
"alright" i left immediately for the bank.
I arrived at the bank few minutes later and cashed 140,000 Mexican Peso. This will make those scondrel smile.
I returned back to the police station with the money which obviously made the eyes of the men bulge. I ignored them and I processed to make the phone call.
"yo "
"please, I know you have my daughter with you" he hissed and i knew he was about to end the call.
"don't end the call. I have an offer. A good one at that"
"hahaha...who told you we are doing this for money"
"please hear me out i'll give
you guys 140,000 Mexican Peso to release my daughter to me"
"140,000 Mexican Peso?"
"Yes and try to think of what you can do with this money. You don't need to inform your boss. All you need to do is take the money, release my daughter to me and call your boss that you guys are under an attack. This is to paint the picture that you guys died at the attack and my daughter was taken. With this, he would not know that you and your gang are alive. Think about it"
"Let me relate this to my boys, we'll call you back". Few minutes later he called me back.
I related it to the policemen afterwards...

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