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The Masked - Chapter 1


The Masked - Chapter 1

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

As fast as my legs could carry me I ran swiftly on barefoot along the bushy part to no where in particular far away from my predator that I really can't see and as I ran the scary noise made me feel like I was in hell.

"Fuck what imma gonna do??
"I'm gonna die"

"I'm freaking out"

"I'm gonna fucking die"
The path i usually take to school was littered with blood, dead humans,he is responsible for this and he wants to get me too??

A familiar voice made me halt.......it sounded more like a cry but I think I've heard that voice before.

Then it hit me..


I called out to know where she was.."help" were the only words I could get out of what she was saying.. it led me to her and then I saw her. She looked pale and as if she was dying...probably running because she had bruises all over her smooth skin and as I bent over to lift her up I discovered that her fingers had been chopped off but no blood in sight..

In a second she transformed to a fierce looking monster...


" I was tricked"

I bolted away and saw a valley afar off I ran towards it hoping it would be my escape route.....
My foot began to fail me just when I saw a ray of light....

Falling over a log of wood made me loose my balance but am not giving up..am gasping for air..am totally dehydrated but that's the least of my problem. Then i heard that sound again...

That's the most scary sound have ever heard in my entire life..

Turning to detect the source of the noise,i felt a strong big hand on me. It held me firmly to the ground. My body system suddenly stopped functioning,it felt like i was turned into a statue but the only sound I could hear was that of my heart beat.... it felt like i was a statue stuck to the ground when i came face to face with the monster..

I was swept off the ground
Then he pushed me down
I kept on screaming
I screamed more than i have ever screamed before...

My lungs and ribs were beginning to hurt pretty bad but that did not stop me from screaming out even when i heard a different voice....
This voice sound so peaceful,full of concern not panic, above all fearless.. "Wait"

Sounds like that of the gate keeper...no i think it's another trap and then I fell into this cave clothed with darkness while screaming and broke into tears...

MUM heard me screaming and rushed to my bedside waking me up and telling me that
"it was just a nightmare..."

"it's a bad dream and it's over"...
" You're save...mummy is here for you..hush..baby don't cry"

I felt totally at peace when my mum embraced me in that protective arms of hers it took away all my fear and uneasiness...
I tried to open my mouth to say something but i couldn't hear my own voice,mum kept on giving me the reassuring smile..but then it occurs to me that it wasn't just a nightmare as i was told it was because i woke up being MUTE..I CAN'T TALK OH NO,NO NO THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING....

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