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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 9


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 9

Theme: Donald_and_Anita

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Mary's POV)
"that guy is very mad, you need to see how he slapped me yesterday afternoon, he came back home drunk. This morning he said he is going court because of me" Bella said to me.
"common get out, don't you know you've f^cked up? Even if David will forgive you he will never swear on your behalf " I said
"Mary? You just said all this shit to me? Ain't you guilty? " she asked
"me guilty for what? " I asked
"that you're not a [email protected] too" she said
"well mine is not like yours, I just need God's help " I said
She laughed and claps her hand. "God's help? Who needs devil's help? " she questioned
"I'm even suspecting you especially the way you behaved that night " I said
"abi? I no blame you, I blamed myself for calling you, now you're here trying to plot evil against. Stupid friend, I've always see you as evil" she said
I felt bad inside of me, I never intended to say that but I've been suspecting her.
"enough of the insult " I shouted at her.
"you know what? You are welcome but not welcome, I just hope you know the way you followed in, kindly find your way out" she said closing her eyes.
"like seriously are you driving me out of your house? " I asked
"and I'll do worse, get out before I push you out" she said
I stood up to leave, "it's go sharp sharp" she said.
Immediately I stepped out of the door she said "my God go punish you, idiot " and slammed the door.
I wonder why all the insult, it seemed she must be guilty.

(Bella's POV)
Donald called me "hello babe"
"I thought I told you never to call me you home breaker" I shouted
"shot up there you bitch, why did you sent your friend away? " he asked
" Imagine this little Mary insulting me just because of the little misunderstanding between I and my husband caused by you " I said angrily
"insult you ? How? " he questioned
"that I sent guys to r*pe her" I said
"well I know you might be capable of that cause you....."
"stop there" I interrupted
"oh you don't want me to say it right? " he asked and hung the call.
I tried to call him but he refused to pick, I ignored beside I don't need him in my life and I know he can't get Anita.

(Donald's POV)
I want something hot so I went to the kitchen to make tea, the sound of the door bell caught my attention.
I ran to the living room, I checked through the window first before opening the door, it was Anita, I wonder why she had to come and visit me so early.
She was holding a nylon so I guess she might be going somewhere and decided to come and see me.
"good morning angel" I said
She smiled "have you ever seen female angel? " she asked
"you happen to be one, what's up " I said
"pretty cool, mum has gone to work so I decided to come and see you, I brought ludo so we could play to kill boredom " she said
I laughed at the mention of ludo "you still have childish character in you, aside ludo there are many games we can play, I have truth or dare on my phone, I have swimming pool for fun and we can even go out. I said to her.
"I don't know how to play truth or dare and I can't swim" she said
"don't worry I'll teach you all but we'll start with truth or dare before swimming " I said
"no let's start with swimming cause I really want to swim " she said
"okay I'll do as you say but I want to make tea" I said
"can I make it for you? " she asked
"no thanks, you'll not know the kind of tea I like " I said politely but she frowned.
"okay you'll make my tea but if I can't take it you'll finish it agreed? " I asked
"agreed " she answered, I showed her the way to the kitchen.
I know she would need clothes for swimming so I went to my sister's room, her clothes and swimwear are still in her room, they look new so I got one for her.
I went to the kitchen to check why the tea was delaying, Anita was already on apron, the apron reminds me of my sister's early death just because of fight of boyfriend.
"the tea is ready " she said smiling which reveals her fitted gap teeth.
"let me test" I said
"no no no, I'll take it to the dining room where you'll test" she said
I agreed, she took the tea to the dining room. I joined her thinking I'll not like it but luckily for me she made what I want, I like more of the chocolate and little or no sugar, that was exactly what she made so I cleared everything as she watched laughing at me.
The swimwear looks perfect on her and reminds me more of my sister, I felt cool with her to the extent I forgot my intention.
Anita acted like fish as I taught her how to swim, if I want to hold her waist she'll push my hand.
Our face met several times for k*ss but she'd push my face and laugh, those cute smile of hers that gives me unusual excitement.
I quickly picked my phone and saved her contact as my Pearl, she's just too nice to be hurt, I doubt if Bella is her biological sister.
After swimming we took our bathe in separate rooms.
"time for game" I announced
"that should be after lunch or ain't you hungry? " she asked
I remembered how I enjoyed her tea so I quickly agreed to take lunch before the game, I believe she must be a good cook.
"yeah I'm hungry " I said yawning.
"I don't think it's the hungry that is causing you to yawn, maybe you should take a nap" she teased, I laughed.
Without showing her the store she prepared the food herself, she's a perfect cook as I'd thought.
She dished my food in a separate plate, I wonder why she is acting like a baby and she calls me her boyfriend.
"time for game" I announced again after the lunch.
"yeah, let play game" she agreed with me this time.
I smiled and brought out my phone, I briefed her about the game.
I set the game for two, I tapped the bottle and she was choose first, she choosed Truth
"what attracts you most to a person of opposite the s*x? " was the question for her.
"the way they speaks and treat ladies" she said, I smiled. That's what most girls say.
It was my turn so I choosed dare. "get under a blanket and have s*x for a minute/make out for a minute. *You lol have a hard time stopping*" was for me.
"let do it" I said
"God forbid, I'm not playing the game again " she said and stood up, I hold her but her respond was no so I let her be.
She stood watching me, she arc her brow, "goodnight " she said
I checked the wall clock it was 16:00, I felt bad "did I annoy you? " I asked
"no" she answered
"okay " I said
She moved slowly towards the door like someone contemplating whether to leave or not.
"are you sure you want to go? " I asked
"yeah " she answered immediately
I accompanied her until she got taxi, I bade her farewell. I could see her eyes soaked in tears when I waved at her.

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