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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 8


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 8

Theme: When_love_is_compelled

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Donald's POV)
"why not show me your house then we get to know more about ourselves " she said to me, Anita is a talk active, she looks innocent but I doubt if she is really innocent.
"uhmmm, okay, I'll take you to my house but not today" I said I know if she gets to my house she might see my sister's photo and might end up knowing her.
"why not today? You've been trying your best to gain my attention and I finally gave you my attention, now you're saying not today? " she asked in a serious tune, if only she knows why I want her, she'd have fled.
"okay no problem, I'll take you to my house today, to prove it let's go Now" I said pulling her, she smiled and carry her bag.
"oh my God you have car too? " she asked, I know she'd like it if she knows I'm rich, I disguise myself as a poor guy that was why her sister left me even after our agreement that if she gets married to me I'll never expose her.
"yeah, it's my car" I said
I opened the door for her to enter as my lady, I have to play the gentleman role.
We got to my house where I lived with my sister before she died, I quickly excused myself that I want to check the borehole at the back, I followed through the back door to the living room where I took all my sister's photo largely placed on the wall, I hide it in a safety place.
I went back to her "sorry for keeping you " I said, she smiled, I helped her to carry her bag to the living room.
"wow your house looks perfect and awesome. " she said looking every part of the house.
"yeah " I said, I brought glass and juice for her.
"feel free" I said, I excused myself to go and dress.

(Anita's POV)
"oh my God this must be a God sent husband, I've been keeping myself for the chosen one and thank God he is here" I thought to myself.
The guy is not just cute but wealthy, I love everything about him and I can go extra mile for his sake.
"hope you're enjoying the atmosphere " he said while coming down from the stairs.
He wore a white sleeveless dress that exposed his chest, his chest was hairy and very good looking.
"yeah I'm cool here. " I said.
He walk straight and say beside me, he touched my skin softly and I jumped up.
"I'm so sorry dear, I mean no harm, just wanted to give you a message " he said
"please I don't like it, at least let get to know about each other" I said
"okay your wish is my commandment " he said and I laughed.
"so what does this queen of mine wants to know about me? " he asked
"anything you can tell me" I said
"I don't lie and I don't want to tell you anything about me now until I get to know about you " he said
"huh? You're strange but I'm covered" I said
He laughed "strange? Covered with what? " he asked
"with the blood of Jesus of cause, do you think I'm over carried away? I was only attracted to your cute face, had it been you were ugly I'd have insulted you at the eatery " I said
"oh my God, you're too straight forward, must you say whatever you think? " he asked
"of cause I must say, I don't like keeping things to myself, I'm plain" I said
"wow I like your confidence the truth is just that if I have been plain I'd have been dead by now " he said
"would you like to share it with me? " I asked
"no, never, I don't want to confuse or divide your brain. Should I ask you about something? " he said
"sure you can ask whatever you want " I said
"what will you do if you love to people in your world and one of the two killed the other? " he asked.
"that's terrible, very terrible. You said the two people you love in your world? " I asked
"yeah " he answered
"the main thing there is to forgive cause if you revenge you loose, I mean you'll loose the two people and become a sadist" I said
(Donald's POV)
I ran to the bathroom to wipe my tears, I don't want her to see my tears.
When I came back to the living room her eyes were fixed on me.
"that's the hell I'm facing now and I w want to love another person in my world again which is you" I said pointing at her.
"are you for real or you're gaming? " she asked
"I'm for real" I said opening my arms wide, she came for a hug, I felt her heart beats faster.
She turned her back on me immediately I hug her and ran away, I tried to follow her but she was too fast.
.(OK she's shy)
(Lina's POV)
"good morning Mr Timothy " I said in a cold voice.
"good morning dearest how was your night, hope you slept well " he said
Now I know what Mary was saying, Timothy has feelings for me but he would not admit.
"you look good this morning " he complement
"oh thank you" I answered, I'd dressed the way Mary had showed me. She must be an awesome kind of person.
I took a plastic bucket to go and fetch water cause the chairs looks dusty but he stopped me.
"why can't you send me instead of stressing yourself? " she asked
I smiled and gave him the bucket, when he left I took a mirror from my bag to admire myself, I took my power foam to rearrange the powder on my face.
Soon he came back with the bucket of water, "hope I didn't spend much of your time? " he asked
"no not at all " I said.
After cleaning the whole place I took my book to draft out the activities when he came back again.
"no beauty don't stress Yourself, I'll do it for you " he said collect the pen from me, I've never imagined Timothy being so kind to me like that.

(Timothy's POV)
I'm beginning to be convinced about what Mary said, Lina loves me but she wouldn't admit.
She has been behaving like cold water and smiling at me ever since she came.
Since she loves me then I must reciprocate besides, she is a cute looking hardworking lady, my mum will like her for that.
A friend of mine invited me for a dinner party, I will invite her too.
I went to my office and searched for the invitation card, I went to her with it.
"please don't say no to me" I said

(Lina's POV)
Immediately he pleaded that I shouldn't say no to him I thought he wants to propose.
I almost lost my conscience cause I've never thought of a guy proposing to me again.
Sad for me, he brought out a card. "I'll personally come to your house to take you there" he said
"okay then " I said partially disappointed
"thank you very much" he said
I faked a smile, I don't have time for runs.

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