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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 7


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 7

Theme: Bella_must_leave

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Kelvin's POV)
My phone rang, I checked the caller ID, it was David.
"can we meet at the bar we met last? " he said he requested
"that place is too naughty for my liking" I said
"please I'm in a serious mess and we need to see" he said
"okay I'll be on my way " I said
"I'm there already " he said
I hung the call and dress to go there, Mary has not come back from work yet so I decided to call to inform her about it.
I ride rough to the place cause I was worried when he said he is in trouble.
When I got there I saw him sitting and resting his head on the table.
"common guy what is the matter " I said tapping him.
His eyes are red as if he was drunk, he laughed immediately I tapped him. I've never seen David drunk so everything seems to be complicated.
"you're drunk? " I asked him, he boasted into another uncontrollable laughter.
"oh you expect me to commit suicide right? Bella must leave my house, I give her one week, one week is to far, I hate her more than the way I've ever loved her" he said
"what? " I asked confusedly.
"that little bitch lied to me, she has been flirting with someone and she claimed to be a [email protected]" he said
I smiled "common David so you mean you want to kill yourself because she is not a [email protected]? That's funny, how sure are you if she is a [email protected] or not cause not all [email protected] stains bed" I said
"Kelvin it would have been funny if she was tight, I know some [email protected] doesn't stain bed but Bella was loose, even if she'd done it before I don't expect her to be so loose cause we have been together for three years. It means she'd been flirting. Try to understand me" he said, tears drop down his eyes that was when I know he was serious, I've never seen David cry except when his ex Flora died.
"calm down man, maybe she'd been mast*rbating" I said trying to calm him down.
"why would she even mast*rbate when I'm strong and healthy?" he questioned
"it's possible cause some ladies are shy" I said
"what kind of stupid shy is that, she could go to other guys but be shy with me that have intention of getting married to her? She wouldn't have told me initially cause I've never asked her about it. In short she should leave tomorrow morning " he said
"no don't send her so soon, divorce takes process " I said, I just want to make him to avoid the funny actions he was about to take.
"I'll pay even half of my money to get the divorce as soon as possible cause I might commit murder" he said
"don't try anything funny cause you might end up killing yourself, to her is human but to forgive is divine so think above human thought cause if you think of divorce then have it in mind that you're not going to get married again until she dies or you die" I said
"Kelvin I'm ready to die as a bachelor, I don't need anybody in my life again, you know I hate lies. That's why I'll forever miss Flora, she told me plainly that she was not a [email protected] but she pleaded with me to respect her body of which I did and I see her as the best, I respect and love her until death parted us. Now I've gotten devil in red " he said crying like a baby.
"stop this Bella is not a devil " I said
"yeah she is devil in red, when evil person falls in love we call it devil in red" he said
"can you stop talking all this and think of how you will mend things? She is still your wife" I said
"don't call her my wife else I'll kill you before killing her" he warned and I feared his seriousness.

(Mary's POV)
I was writing when Timothy came to my office.
"oga Timo no knocking again abi" I said jokingly
"your personal assistant is to be blame, all she does is to walk to and fro gossiping with serious workers " he said
"you mean Benny is not in her position? " I asked
"I'm even tired of the girl" he said
"I need to suspend her so she would know she is here for work " I said
"don't suspend her, just deduct from her salary " he said
"Timothy you are to wicked, I wonder why she even likes you " I said
"I'm not wicked o, I'm just teaching you how to be a strict boss, so who is she that likes me? " he asked
"of cause you know her but there is something she doesn't like about you, she says you always quarrel her and compare her to those cheap slut of yours " I said
"please just tell me who is she" he pleaded
"Lina is she, she likes you and you're misbehaving " I lied
"are you serious?" he said in a concern voice, I shook my head.
It seems my plans for them will work, the two loves each other but they will never admit.
"I still find it hard to believe, that rude proud lady likes me? " he asked
I almost laughed, she called him a proud peacock and now he is calling her a rude proud lady, they will make a perfect couples.
"it seems you don't understand her that's why you Think she is proud" I said to him exactly the way I'd told her.
"she is proud o, anytime I help a lady she'd call the lady my girlfriend, she called my younger sister a cheap slut the other day and I had to tell her to be as kind as my sister cause my sister was quiet even when she was busy insulting her" he said
I now understand why the two don't get along, they always misquote each other. "it's okay dear, just try and be good to those who like you " I said
"we need to see now" Mary typed to me.
"can you help me to talk to her" Timothy demanded
"no o, you have your legs" I said
He stood watching me, he left soon, I picked my phone to call Mary.

(Anita's POV)
I waited at the restaurant we agreed to meet waiting for my secret lover.
I always see gift at the front of my door every morning with love quote in it.
This morning I saw another gift with an address of place where I'd see the secret lover, I have not seen the person yet but my heart has been beating for him.
The address I followed end me up in an entry, I waited for him but he didn't showed up until I slept off, I felt a soft tap.
A very cute tall guy with curly hair like an half cast smiled to me and sat down, his face look familiar but I couldn't recall where I know him from.
"sorry for keeping you waiting, you'd have ordered for something, your husband to be will pay" he said jokingly, I blushed.
He called the waitress who brought their menu, I selected what I wanted, he demanded for just malt.
"I know you'd be surprised how I get to know you but that doesn't matter. My name is Donald " he said
"wow, what a good name, my name is Anita " I said

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