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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 6


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 6

Theme: The_story_of_tampon

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Bella's POV)
I quickly dialed his number and called him again "I agree with you please don't ruin my life, you have oppressed me enough " I pleaded
"if you say so, give me her number and I'll know how to have my way" he said
"I'll do that once you leave my house " I said
"okay, I'll do as you say " he said and turned to leave
I quickly text him Anita's number, he called and warned me never to mention anything to Anita.

(Mary's POV)
I woke up very early in the morning and dressed for work, I was only given a week break so I have to resume work.
I work in Life's Good (LG) company as Managing Director (MD). I got the work through the connection of my father and through me Lina also got the job, she has sales attendants in her boutique so doing double work was cool to her.
I didn't bother to wake Kelvin or inform him I was leaving for work because he has annoyed me, I wanted him to make love to me so that I'll feel relieved of the quarrel ahead of me.
"oh babe see as you fresh" Lina teased
"I no get your time now " I said while I work to my sit.
"what about Timothy your partner? " I asked, she let a frown.
"Mary you can't join us do you know why? " she asked and I shook my head.
"Timothy acts like proud peacock, he feels he is the best and I want to prove him wrong " she said
"I'm not that sure, it seems you don't get him" I said
"how do you expect me to get him when he finds everything I do at fault, he compares me to those cheap jobless slut he carries around " she said in a pathetic voice.
I forgot my problems and went to her, I placed my hands around her neck "do you feel pains whenever he says such to you? " I asked
"I feel worst than pains cause I'll go home and think about it, it causes sleepless nights to me" she said
I thought on a lie that would calm her down "Timothy once told me something that I'd like to tell you but promise me you will not be mad at him " I asked
"I promise you " she answered
"he said he loves you but he is scared of telling you and there is something he doesn't like about you " I said
I saw the hair on her skin raised causing goose pimples allover her like someone that bathed with cold water.
She didn't say a word to me, I felt like someone who had conquered. "do you know what he doesn't like about you?" and she shook her head.
"the way you dress, you dress like married woman or should I say old woman" I said
"oh my God that's what everybody like saying about me, I don't know who will teach me how to dress" she said
"if you really want someone to teach you then I'm available " I said
"like seriously? " she asked
"yeah, we will go to your boutique to pick clothes today don't worry the new you will be fun" I teased and she smiled, she really want a Prince Charming.
_______________ _________________
(David's POV)
The one week I gave her has expired and she seemed not to care, well, I know how she feels and I'm going to treat her how we use to treat v@gins back then.
"babe you need to rest today, let me make the lunch" I said, the weather is a perfect one for two as the outside was filled with cloud.
"really so you can cook? " she asked
"yes of cause I can cook, back then at university I'm the one in charge of the pot in my hostel" I said
She laughed "but you never told me" she said
"I expect you to know, any guy that attend Nigeria university is a good cook " I Said, she laughed and left the kitchen.
Soon she came back with a stool to watch how I cook, I smiled cause I have plans for her.
Before the hour hand of the wall clock moves my food was ready on the table. She laughed as she was washing her hands, maybe she thinks I can't cook.
The way to a man's heart is through his food but I and Bella's case is the reverse, as I tried to get her through my tasty bowl of pounded yam and vegetable soup cooked with assorted meat.
She eats happily, I decided to feed her, from feeding to pecking, from pecking to k*ssing. I don't use much energy to turn a lady on.
I gently slipped my hands into her blouse and message her b*obs, she m*aned in pleasure.
Well, it's our house and we can not leave the bedroom to make love at the dinning room so I carried her like a baby to the bathroom.
I throw her on the bed and joined her immediately to continue the k*ssing.
Her b*obs were as soft as balloon, I'm blessed for having a woman with big b*obs.
I grab her butt and squeezed it softly, she got the back and front.
"ahhhhh" she m*aned
I like the voice, I want to get her w*t completely so I did everything slowly and gently so that she would be satisfied.
I gently brought my head to her neck, she breathe heavily and fast.
I k*ssed every part of her neck to her ear, I bite her ear softly and she m*aned.
"babe you're too sweet " I whispered to her and she breathed faster.
I took my head from her ear down betwixt her b*obs and k*ssed it.
She kept m*aning and gr*aning in pleasure until I slipped her n*pples into my mouth, her m*an increased, that means she liked it.
"do you want me? " I asked her
"I need you " she said loudly.
Well need is deeper than want so she need it, I got her.
Down to her tummy, I k*ssed everything, I pulled of her distracting skirt.
I like giving v@gins cool headings so my wife's own will be the best as I pulled to her clit.
I s*cked the w*tness hard then back to her as I resumed k*ssing.
I gently pl*nged in using my two fingers, I didn't understand much so I decided to use my c*ck.
"close your eyes and hold me babe" I said knowing how they always shout at first.
I gently pl*nged in, I couldn't believe she was loose, even non-v@gins that I've met are not as loose as Bella.
I quickly pulled out of her angrily "why do you have to lie to me that you're a v@gin" I asked foriously.
"III,,,,I if cause I'm a v@gin" she said
I hate when I'm being fooled, it's obvious it has not been long she had her last s*x that was why she was loose which means she has been cheating on me.
"Bella you haven't tell me the truth yet, why must you lie to me? " I asked angrily.
She was already shaking and crying "I swear to you I've never had s*x before maybe it's because of the tampon I used during my period " she said
"are you crazy? You mean tiny tampon that looks like just a finger make you loose? " I asked angrily
"I'm a v@gin please " she said, I slapped her angrily for lying to me.
"you know nothing about this day, you have forgotten there is paper for divorce" I queried
"babe I'm sorry don't do this to me" she said


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