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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 4


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 4

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©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Kelvin's POV)
I was already dressed when David came to inform me that my dad came to look for me.
I took second look at my good self, my white suit reflect to my black skin which made me too look very good.
I just want Mary to be happy, David was also dressed in white suit.
I ordered him to allow my dad in, when my dad came in they all excused themselves.
We both sat on the long couch, "sun I'm proud of you and I'm pleased that you finally wants to settle with a lady" he said
I shook my head "yes dad"
"well, it's not about wedding, it's all about marriage. Marriage is not just for pleasure times, there are times of struggles and hardship. You might think I'm talking about financial aspect but not at all. To live with a lady not just for a year but life aspect till death part you ain't easy" he said
I cleared my throat "dad you know I love Mary so much, I can spend eternity with her" I said
"I said that more than you, I listened less which almost caused divorce between your mum and I that's why I want to talk to you about it " he said, I was surprised to here that my parents once had misunderstanding that almost caused their separation.
"most couples usually changes when they start the jour, only few makes it to the end and I want you to fall in the categories of the few, I don't want you to get tired of Mary. Whenever things seems to be turning the other way try your best to make peace don't forget you're the head. Try to abstain from what she hates and always say sorry even when you think you committed no offense. " he said
"really dad? " I asked
"yeah, your mum and I are the best couples until she was conceived of you, she cry at any little thing, she'd send me to go and cook, when I'm dine cooking she'd start crying that I delayed the food. Initially I'll just ignore her and the food of which she would start crying unending cry, I'd feel like spanking her like a baby not until I got to style, then I changed, whenever she brings up quarrel I'd beg and beg until she calms down. " he said
I heaved a sigh "that's quite terrible " I said
"you see, that's why I'm here. Try your best to be a good and forgiving father, you paid her bride price so you're the one known by God and man as his wife cause you did every rightful thing. " he said
"nobody can take her away from me" I said
"can you listen to me and talk less? " dad scolded
"I'm very sorry sir" I said
"I don't pray for that but never think of divorce, the only reason for divorce permitted by bible is infidelity and if you divorce her because of that then know that you must not marry another person so you see why forgiveness is better? If you forgive just the way Christ forgive you then life goes on" he said
"thank you dad" he said
"you're welcome, if you keep to this then I pored my blessings on you. Life will be simple for the both of you by God's grace, your children shall be round your table and you will tell them tales while they laugh " he said
"amen dad, you're the best" I said, he smiled and hugged me.

(Mary's POV)
"call your mum and tell her about it " I thought within me, but would she believe me.
I know she would never believe me, I don't know why my joy changed to sorrow.
"Mary I know all is not well but would you like to talk about it" Lina asked
"I'm fine, don't mind the way I look" I said
"are you sure? " she asked
"Yeah" I said faking a smile
"yours beautiful both inner and outer so be cool okay" she cheered
"yeah, thank you " I answered
She sat down with a sad look "Lina what's wrong with you? " I asked
"I always like to be called somebody's wife but my heart can't forgive how my fiancé broke my heart" she said, I was surprised cause Lina had never been emotional towards anyone I know.
"really? You once had a fiancé? " I asked
"yeah I have, I'm more than romantic and I'm more than naughty. I have this footballer fiance who proposed to me before he traveled to play for Turkey, we kept in touch until after two months, I couldn't reach him again maybe he lost his contact but I always go to see his parents who called me wiffy as of that time.
Six month later he came with a white pregnant lady, he said they got married at Turkey, his parents were mad at him but when he started reckless spending they all subjected to him.
Presently he is divorced with two children but the lady took one of the children, they shared everything that belongs to him equally probably because it was a court wedding.
The child she left with him is a girl and presently a she plays basket ball. " she said
"I'm so sorry you fell in the categories of that kind but you'd have give someone a trial cause not all men are the same " I said
"love is like war says a quote, it's easy to start but difficult to end. My heart still beats for him, my thoughts is full of him which makes me to hate guys at times" she said
"what about Timothy? " I asked
"what?? I hate him and I don't want to talk about him" she said
"it sounds romantic to me" I said teasingly
Timothy is her working partner before she got a boutique, they always quarrel and acts like cat&rat.
"Mary don't joke with me, my God I hate him" she said
"guess what? " I said
"I'm not good at it" she answered
"he is among David's friends " I said
"I know but hope he is not coming for the wedding " she asked
"of cause he is coming to propose to his miss charming " I tease again and she began to laugh.
"what are you two discussing, be fast cause we are late for church already" Lucy's voice interrupt.

(Bella's POV)
We all dressed, when we were coming out of the hotel everyone was busy taking photo with miss Kelvin to be.
Nobody cares about me aside Lucy and Anita, her gown looks perfect like that of model cause her rich parents bought it for her.
Her skin was glowing and the worst of it all she was foolishly smiling which shows the dimples on her face.
My eyes turned red immediately but I don't have anything to do, the journalist were all around her because Kelvin is a celebrity, though David is rich but not as Kelvin and I'm just average.
"we are late for church, I think this should take place during refreshments " I said trying to stop them.
"the girl over there is my best friend, I love her dearly " I heard Mary said referring to me, two journalist ran to me, that was when I began to blush but I'm not happy at all.
"let's go" Lina said, I fired her with a bad look, she was busy smiling when they were interviewing Mary but she wants us to go during my turn.
A car that was covered was uncovered with the surprise, on the body was painted with a large photo photo of Mary and Kelvin k*ssing each other.
People ran to take photo of the car, my car was different with just a sticker that reads "about to be wed" I angrily entered the car.
We arrived late and walk straight to the church auditorium were the pulpit was.
My heart skipped when I saw Donald, he pressed an eye.
Lucy was my chief bride maid, I tapped her, "please get me my phone " I said to her
She was with my phone so she gave it to me "what do you want and why are you here? " I typed to Donald
"of cause I came to take what is mine away " he typed back
My heart jump "Donald please don't ruin my day, you've had enough last night " I typed back
"you are mine forever " he typed back
"so what are you up to? " I typed back
"to be publicly announced about us" he typed back
"don't be stupid, how would you do that? " I typed
"just listen to the bed pastor, he will ask if there is anything that we stand against the uniting of you both and I'll stand up to tell everyone the story" he typed back.
(David's POV)
"babe you look perfect on your dress" I said to Bella but she ignored me and focus on her phone.
The pastor was talking cause he started with us but she was busy with her phone, I wonder when she eventually became a phone addict.
She was typing while her hands was shaking, my mind was on the phone, I lost concentration cause that's the first time I've seen her that way.

(Donald's POV)
I flipped through the handbook that was given to me about the wedding, I smiled when I saw my damsel.
I only felt pathetic for the so called David cause I'm going away with her.
She thinks she is smart but not as smart as she supposed to be.
By the time I'm done with her, she'd give me a kudos.

(Bella's POV)
I was busy typing and receiving message when David moved to me "can you keep your phone and listen to the man of God? " he whispered
I have Lucy my phone still scared as I listener to the marriage rite which took place after the second reading.
"my dear friend, you have come together in this church so that the lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of the church's ministers and this community. Christ abundantly blesses this love. He has already consecrated you in baptism and now enriches and strengthen you by a special sacrament so that you may assume the duties of marriage in mutual lasting fidelity. And so in the presence of the church, I ask you to state your intention" says the priest.
He was quiet for a while before he spoke further "Anabella and David, have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage? "
"yes I have" David said and I said the same
"will you love and honor each other as husband and wife? "
"yes I will" David said and I said same.
"will you accept children lovingly from God and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his church? "
"yes I will" David said and I said same.
The pastor faced the congregations "of anyone has strong reason why this couple should not be joined together in holy matrimonial, let them speak now or forever hold their peace " he said, everywhere was silent as we all wait to see.
My heart pound faster, Donald stood up, my spirit almost left my body waiting to see what he want to say.

To be continued

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