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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 3


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 3

Theme: The_dangerous_bride

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Bella's POV)
I was with my friends when Donald called, I excused myself to pick his call wandering what he wanted from me.
"Donald I warned you never to call me again cause I'm getting married and why are you calling me? aven't I paid you? " I asked angrily
"common Bella you know that's not possible, the idiot my have a side chick which you don't know about so don't feel guilty " he answered
"Donald I don't care about that, I'm his woman and you have to know about this that everything between the both of us has ended" I said
"haha haha haha you lie, we just started and you must finish what you started. As a matter of fact I'm at the hotel and I need you to come and warm my bed" he said
"what? You're here?" I asked in fear, I know what Donald can do and I must not joke with him.
"Donald please my first night with David must be a memorial one, I want him to feel how tight I am please don't ruin this day for me, I promise you that the next day after my wedding I will specially come to see you" I pleaded
"will you shot up, I'm not a fool so kid me no more, either you come or I expose you on your wedding day " he said
"another alternative " I requested
"you think I'm joking right? We shall see tomorrow " he said and hung the call. Exposing me will not only bring shame to my family it will also break my marriage.
I quickly dialed his number and called, he refused to pick, I called again the same thing.
"I'm ready, which of the rooms are you? " I typed
"room 03" he sent back, we were actually at room 02 which means he is at the next door.
"babe I want to stroll with someone " I said
"what? I'm going with you then" Lina said
I looked at her "can you give me reasons? " I asked
"of Cause, as your friend and base on you're bride to be we have to take good care of you " she said
"don't worry much I'm around, just want to see how the place looks like" I said
"Bella if you received a call for gift don't go cause it seems someone wants to set us up " Mary said
"I don't think anybody can set me up, you guys should just chill, I'll be right back " I said and walked out, I slammed the door and stood for a while before opening Donald's door.
I know the door was only bang cause I told him I'd be coming, I looked the door and sat on his bed.
"Donald why can't you just give me freedom on earth? " I questioned
"common I don't want anyone to mess with my woman, you know how much I love and care about you if not for that rich spoilt kid that wants to snatch you away from me" he said while k*ssing my neck, his mouth smells alcoholic and he acts like a weirdo under congeal control.
"oh wait first let's discuss before you finish me" I said
"discuss what? " he asked
"go brush and take your bathe I'll be waiting for you " I said, he dashed me a slap on my face.
"you're now a rich girl right? Have you forgotten when we drink and k*ss at the same time? " he asked
I held my face were I was slapped "Donald I've not come for you to beat or insult me, I've been taking care of my skin for the past two months because if tomorrow so don't disfigure the face " I warned.
He angrily removed his trouser belt and pushed me to the bed "I'll deal with you today" he said

(Mary's POV)
It's getting late, Bella hasn't showed up yet.
I picked my phone to call her, the phone rang but no reply.
I began to sweat profusely, " where the hell is she? " I shouted
"forget about her, she always keeps late night " Anita her younger sister said
"she can do that but not on the night before her wedding, I'm upset" I said
"don't get upset, she said nobody should go with her " Lina said
I knew it was the same thing that happened to me but I prayed it should not be it.
"please I need to alert the security agent in this dangerous hotel" I said standing up but Lina drew me back to sit down.
"you're going no where, the first bride left and now you want to go right? I will not allow you " says Lina
I sat down quietly, praying within me cause I don't want the same unpleasant experience to happen to her.

(Bella's POV)
He quickly pulled out and ran to the bathroom, I was weak but I ran after him.
He c*m there, I felt peace if mind for his smartness cause I won't be able to stand it if he pored it in me.
He lay on the floor and opened his arms wide that I should come and hug him.
"haven't I satisfied you? " I asked angrily
"common babe finish what you started else I will still carry out my plans" he said
"Please it's late already and my friends will be worried about me " I pleaded
"fΔck your friends, you're going no where until 4am tomorrow " he said
Tears drop down my eyes "I beg you by the mercies of God " I please but he laughed.
"so you know God? " he asked
"please even the devil knows God " I answered
"those who knows God have heart but you are heartless and as a matter of fact you'll do what I say. Period" he said
I walked to where he lay and fall on him "you're too sweet babe" his annoying voice whispered.

(Mary's POV)
" Lina just look at the clock for Christ sake it's 24:00 and Bella is not back" I said
"yeah you're right and I'm scared" Lucy said
"I'm scared too" Lina and Anita said in unison
"what do now? " I asked
"let's alert the security agent " Lina said
"Lina if anything happens to my sister I'll hold you responsible cause you were the one who stopped Mary from going " Anita said
"excuse me what do you mean by that? " Lina shouted at her
"you heard me so watch and see" Anita answered
"don't involve me in any of this else I'll squeeze you alive, what kind of a girl is your sister that can't even control her legs" Lina fired
"my sister is better than some thirty-two years old unmarried people " Anita said referring to Lina as the thirty-two years unmarried people.
Well Lina is far older than us, she hates guys and speaks rude about them so she doesn't care of getting married but she is the an hard working lady, she own a famous boutique in town and was also responsible for Bella's education.
She is more than a friend to us but Anita never knew about that, Lina slapped Anita, Anita was about to slap her back when I hold her hand "are you stupid or what, is she your mate? " I questioned Anita angrily
"instead of thinking in how to get Bella you guys are here quarreling " Lucy said
"you guy should warn this girl o" Lina said referring to Anita. We all pleaded with Lina but she later sat down crying.
She was crying because of what Anita said, she always cry whenever she's being insulted about her marital status.
We all began afresh by pleading with Lina, Anita was forced to apologize to Lina.
We settled everything at 2:00 then decided to talk about Bella.
We finalized that first thing in the morning we will alert the security about her.
We retired to bed in fears, I couldn't tell how the peaceful sleep took me until the hard knock woke me up.
I opened the door when realized it was Bella's voice. "oh my God where are you just coming from? You kept us all worried " I said
" I slept off downstairs " she said
"what? Who do you know there? " I asked
"please stop the jamb question " she said
"Bella this is strange I must say" Lina's voice interrupt, I never knew she was awake.
"I don't care, it's my life and I live the way I want it so don't be upset" Bella said
"hmm, it's making no sense at all, what if David gets to know about this? " Lina asked
"do we have basket mouth here? It's just mistake and you guys should believe me and stop arguing " she said and fell on the bed like someone that came back from night duty.
"You should smile now that Bella is back and today is your day " Lina said to me.
I faked a smile but I know I was in a big mess, the long awaiting day happened to be terrible for me.
"common guys be happy " Lucy said
I don't know about Bella's sad expression but I hope she is not in a mess like me.
Lucy is a makeup artist so she is the one to dress up but she finds it hard cause of our sad look.

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