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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 24


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 24

Theme: Life_continues_with_Rita

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Bella's POV)
"father! "
"father!! "
"feather!!!" I screamed at him.
"what the hell is wrong with you? " he quarried.
"I'm disappointed of you, can't you sound nice for a second? " I asked
"well I wanted to just see her, don't think I want her back in this house cause she is a shame" he said
"father even if you're heartless consider mother's cry, she wants Anita back " I said petting my mother.
My father is such an annoying man, it took me time to convince him that Anita is a good girl yet he still find fault in everything.
"I don't care about her, she is only reaping what she sow" he said and walked out.
"mum how did you get this man as a husband? " I asked angrily
"I want my Baby" was all she could say
"calm down mum, we'll go and see her, she'll get over it later. " I said
I wondered why Anita was mad at everyone, I couldn't even believe she was okay without my parents cause the Anita I know cries alot and make people get angry at her but I wonder how she was free even with her pregnancy.
I left my mum in her sad mood, I got home to meet David, "my angel" he said, he kissed my forehead and held my waist.
"how was it? "
"she is still angry, dad even made things worse "
"how? "
I narrated everything to him, "so what's your next plan, can't you talk to Lina? " he asked
"I don't think Lina can convince her, if we were in good times I'd have been able to convince her but she hates me equally cause I blamed her for getting pregnant " I said
He let go my waist, he walk to and fro the living room like someone thinking of what to do "when next are you going to see her? "
"I don't know, maybe this week cause mum is worried " I answered
"then I'll go with you " he blurted out, my heart skipped cause I know Anita might expose me.
"I don't think you'll change matter, just leave everything to me" I assured
"just give me a chance, I know she'll listen to me " he said
"okay then" I said knowing too well that I won't mention it to him when I'll go next.

**** **** **** **** **** ***** ***** ****

(Donald's POV)
She worked it out for me and I was released, I wondered how it happened. Micheal was also released "how can I get back my phone? " I asked
"don't worry I'll get a better one for you " she said
I wondered why she was rushing everything, as if she could read my mind "I'm really scared of the big house " she said
"don't worry I'll make it lively for you " I said
We left for her house which seems to be a long journey to me.
We got to a soldier check point, they were all praising her calling her name.
A was receiving a call at the check point when a female soldier opened the car door, she collected the phone and smashed it immediately.
The driver tried to talk but she slapped him several times both on his left and right face.
"why are they heartless? " I asked her while we were going.
"they're not wicked, the country is wicked cause that's not their work but they are forced to do it, they are always there both day and night, come rain come sun so they don't tolerate shits, once you're there you don't pick calls " she said
I shook my head sorry for the unfortunate driver when her question took me unaware "are you married? " she asked
"no but planning to" I answered
"wow that's a good one" she said
We were quiet for a while until we got to a very beautiful area, surrounded by estates, she drove into one of the estate and parked.
"I live here" she said, I heaved a sigh tired of the journey.
She took me to her house, she is damn rich and a good house planner.
She took me to my room and left to rest, I fell on the bed.
"Anita don't worry I'll be back for you, I love you and nothing on earth will stop me from getting married to you except for you.
I've missed her, her smiles, her frown, her cries and her sharp voice.
I was still thinking of her when I heard a cry, I ran to trace the cry, it was my angel f*ck me I don't even know her name except Riri cause that was what everyone call her.
"what happened " I said, she was on the floor but I'm scared to touch her.
"I fell down " she said
"I'm sorry" I said trying to stretch her legs but she cried loud that I should carry her to the bed.
I carried her up and place her on the bed "just be careful okay" I said before walking away thinking of what to do.
An idea stroke me, I understand her kind of house so I went to the kitchen.

(Rita's POV)
Immediately he left my room I stood up to check myself on the mirror, I wandered why he was not carried away by my dress.
He didn't even noticed me at all. I'm confused, I love him and I need him cause he is cute.
I went back to my bed and lay, soon he came back with warmed water to message me, he is too nice.
I faked mo*n while he messaged my legs, "sorry ma" he said
"call me miss Rita" I said
He opened his eyes wide "miss Rita? "
I laughed "no Mrs I forgot " I lied, I just want him to notice me.
When he was done he left, I gnash my teeth thinking on what to do next, he must notice me.
An idea stroked me.
Gan gan

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