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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 23


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 23

Theme: I_dont_know_you

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Bella's POV)
I opened my eyes to see David sitting beside me, he looked tired. I wondered why he was sitting beside me then it occurred to me what happened the previous day.
"my angel!! " he said, I almost laughed out loud when he called me angel wondering if I'd turned to an angel overnight.
I tried to stand up but I discovered I was on drip "what!!! So I'm in hospital? " I shouted at him.
"I'm so sorry over what I've caused you, please find a place in your heart to forgive me" he pleaded, I'll only tolerate that if I'm perfectly healthy.
"David you ought to be ashamed of yourself, how can a real man lay hands on a woman talk more of his wife? " I asked amidst tears.
Before my tears would drop his tears were flowing freely already "I'm sorry love, I've never done that before and I don't know what came over me " he said
"what did the doctor say about me? " I asked in an annoying tone
"he said you are okay but we lost the baby, I never knew you were pregnant "
At the mention of lost I felt a sharp pain on my head, I love babies and ever since I took in, I didn't bothered him cause I know my baby will keep me company.
I held the collar of his shirt with one of my hand "David just kill me since you've killed my child " I cried
"I'm sorry love just as I've told you, I never knew you were pregnant "
"how will you know when all you care about is to nag your longs off cause of irrelevant thing. My baby is my life and you've taken it away from me"
"no love I believe we're gonna have more babies by God's grace "
I laughed sarcastically and let go his shirt "I never knew my darling husband knows God, but you can raise your filthy hands on me"
He knelt down begging me "please love just give me another chance and I promise to be a good husband to you " he said
I was surprised cause David will never kneel down for any reason, I felt the geniuness and believed him "it's okay" I said petting his head, he stood up and hugged me tightly.
A knock came on the door, he opened the door. My eyes were filled with tears but I wiped off the tears swiftly.
It was Mary and Kelvin, she wasn't smiling but I smiled.
"Bella how are you doing today " Kelvin greeted
"I'm okay perfectly and kind of surprised to be here "
"don't worry you'll be discharge soon" he said turning to Mary, her head was down.
"sweetheart! " he called her, she jerk up probably lost in thought.
Both Kelvin and David were watching the both of us, deep down my heart I've missed Mary but I never expected her to accuse me the way she did, even if my husband doesn't trust me she should have trusted me a tip that I cannot do such a thing to her though I'm always jealous of her.
"Mary!! " I called
"Bella " she called my name in a cool voice.
"Mary I'm so sorry over.... " she interrupt by placing her index finger on my mouth for me to be quiet and hugged me.
"I was wrong also" she said, I was wandering if she'd told her husband it or she was just joking.
The men clapped for us "why don't we organize a get-to-gether part ?" Kelvin asked
"yeah we'll do that but I and my wife are organizing house warming party " says David, I was happy he called me his wife.

(Mary's POV)
"man I'm happy for you " my husband said shaking his friend David
"thanks bro" he replied
Bella is now free and will live with her husband gutless but I'm guilty and the worst of it all is the scar which happens to be the baby inside of me.
I wished Kelvin has beat me and I lose the baby instead of making him to train another man's child.
I feel guilty all round, I wish I know the reactions he'll take I'd have think on how to sort out things.

**** **** **** ***** **** **** **** ****

(Anita's POV)
Lina was the first person I saw when I
woke up, she smiled and sat beside me after greeting.
"can we talk? " she asked
"yeah but it should not be about my sister or parents" I warned
"I know you're mad at them but just be strong for me. Your sister said they're looking for you " she said
"I don't know them, I disowned them just the way they disowned me and two can't work together if they're not compatible "
"my dear I know they've wronged you, your dad took a foolish steps and I guess he has realised, you can't continue like this they're your blood"
Lina was wasting her time and energy, I know I've done a mistake by having unprotected s*x with someone but the last thing I expected was what my dad did.
"your sister said your parents are coming with her" she said but I ignored
"you're going nowhere but try to forgive them cause they are the only people you have " she said before leaving
I don't know them and they can't force me to know them, I lay on the bed thinking about Donald, the most annoying thing was that my sister slept with him but he never told me, he still has the guts to tell me he loves me and even caused me to be emotional.
"when you're through join me down stairs to take breakfast " says Debbie.
For the past few days I've been having bad feelings towards Debbie, I just want her to be sacked I don't know why.
I rushed downstairs to join them, the door bell ring immediately, Debbie opened the door.
I dropped the bread on my hands at the sight of my parent and sister, I don't know why this people won't give me rest of mind.
"you guys are not welcome here" I said audibly
"oh my little baby, imm sorry for leaving you " my mum said making advance towards me but i stopped her.
"do I know you? " I asked angrily
"common Anita stop this" I heard Bella
"you don't talk to me you whore, stay away from me cause I don't want my baby to look like you " I said
"Anita!!! " Lina shouted my name
"yeah, this people disgust me" I said and stood up to leave but Lina held my wrist.
"Anita you're taking this too far" she said
"I mean it, they disgust me"
"including your mum and dad?" she asked
"I don't have a mother neither do I have a father" I said
"Anita please don't do that to us, we love you " I heard my mum say
"I wish you were able to say that months ago but I'm sorry it's too late cause I've found a better home" I said twisting my wrist to free myself from Lina
"I won't let you go until you speak to your parents " she said
"let her go, thank God she is safe. She'll look for us when she needs us" my dad said
I know he'll say such, proud peacock that doesn't care, all he does is to go to work and come back to quarrel mum.
I was only sorry for mum but left for my dad and that stupid sister of mine, I'll do worse by sending them out of the house .
I walk out of them to my room where I cried freely, I don't want to cry in their presence lest they think I'm weak.


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