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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 22


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 22

Theme: she_lost_the_baby

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Rita's POV)
Telling him to marry me will make me look like a fool so I cooked up a story.
"I'm living alone and I'm scared, my husband is away and he'll be back in ten months time so I want you to live with me for ten month " I said
He was quiet for a while and pprobably thinking on what to say "is that the condition? " he asked
"yeah just to stay with me and that's all" I said
"it's cool if that's the condition " he said, I smiled knowing to well that at the end he will be hypnotized by my sexy body.
"but I'm not the only one, my friend is with me" he said
"don't worry your friend will also be freed but he will not live with me" I answered sharply.

(Lina's POV)
I was preparing to go home when my phone rang, I thought it was Akin cause he calls me every minute to know about my welfare.
It was Bella, I was surprised at first cause Bella has not called me ever since she got married, I picked the call.
"young Mrs how are you doing " I said
"I'm good dear, I want to come over to your side, I want to change my wardrobe "
"wow that's good, guess David is caring" I teased
"yeah caring indeed" she answered sounding sarcastically
"I just closed from the office, I'm on my way home " I said
"okay I'll join you at home " she said before hanging the call.
I don't want to invite her to my house cause Anita told me she hates her so much, I don't know how she'll feel if she sees her, I just hope Anita is asleep when I get home.
I picked my bag and left the office without checking on Timothy, I want him to miss me.

(Bella's POV)
I was weak to walk to garage so I took David's car, I know he'll be mad at me when he gets to know I went out with his car.
A car was at Lina's gate, I can't tell if the car belongs to her cause she has different cars, young billionaire.
I followed the car in, I was right, she's the one "you just arrived? " I asked
"no, I'm still at the bustop" she teased
She is always a teaser "what's wrong with you? Your face looks pale, is anything the problem? " she asked
"my dear, I'm tired of life, I'm just enduring for death to take me " I answered
"God forbid, stop saying trash like that, you'll grow old as great grandma" she said
"in this state? "
"let go inside to discuss it, everything must end" she said in an assured tune like mother to crying baby.
We got to her house to my atmost surprise Anita was lying at the living room, her legs were on a girl, her tummy has grown already.
My parents have been disturbing about her, my dad who regretted sending her has been longing to see her.
"Anita!!! " I shouted
The girl who she placed her leg on her woke her up, "Anita! " she said, Lina was quiet watching.
Anita stood up, she rubbed her eyes, hiss and walked away but I won't let her go as I ran to grab her.
"Anita, mum and dad wants to see you " I said
"do I know you or do I know your parents? " she asked
I was surprised at her "is this not Anita my sister? " I asked facing Lina
"I don't know, maybe it's someone else that looks like your sister" Lina answered
I became more confused, Anita walled away this time I didn't followed her "please what is her name? " I asked
"her name is Anita what happened? " Lina asked
"she is my missing sister" I answered
"that Anita you saw few minutes ago is not missing, she was sent away by her parents and frustrated by her sister who sleeps with her boyfriend so I don't think that Anita is the one you're talking about. " she answered
What Lina was saying sounds absurd or should I say idiotic to me "Lina please catch up I'm talking about my parents here and don't interfere into what does not concern you " I said
"don't tell me you walk majestically to my humble home to tell me rubbish cause I'll gracefully push you out, you fool" she said
"wait o, is this a set up or what? " I asked
"you can call it whatever you like but don't forget I did not invite you here" she said
I was still talking when she pointed the door to me "oya carry your yeye body dey go " she said
"abi? Don't worry we shall see" I said pointing my car key at her before leaving, she doesn't know what I can do to her.
I'll take my parents to her house tomorrow, I got home to see the red car was already parked outside, I knew David is back.
I prayed before going in "where are you coming from? " he asked
"I went to see Lina" I answered
"do you think she is jobless like you? Lina is at work and I guess she might be on her way home by now so why are you lying? " he asked angrily
"David I don't want your troubles, where do you think I'm coming from? " I retorted
"you don't speak to me rudely " he said
"okay then speak to yourself" I said and try to walk away but he held my wrist and slapped me, I tried to slap him back "you really want to slap me? " he asked angrily, before I'd say anything he pounced on me and began to beat me.
I lost consciousness cause I've been ill but no one knew about it. I pass out.

(David's POV )
"next time you will not speak in such a manner when a man is speaking " I said and try to walk away but she did not make a sound.
I turned to see her lying on the floor, her gown was stained with blood "David you've killed someone " I thought within me.
I ran to her and taped her "Bella! Bella!! Bella!!!" I shouted but she didn't make move but she was breathing.
I carried her like a baby to my car and drove to the hospital, she was placed in the emergency ward.
I waited outside slapping myself for making an attempt to lay my hands on my own wife.
Kelvin came immediately, I've called him when I was driving to the hospital "what is your problem, you've gone too far" he said to me.
"yeah Kelvin I was crazy, I never intended to do that " I said
"I just pray she's okay, when she comes out from there safely please send her to her parents instead of early grave" he pleaded
I was quiet feeling guilty, the doctor came. He called me to his office "well your wife is okay" he said, I thanked my God
"but she loose the baby" he said. My heart skipped, I never knew she was pregnant, I've never listened to her.
"is she pregnant? " I asked
"Bella has been suffering from pregnancy problem but you never knew about it, she always come to the hospital " the doctor said, that's our family doctor, we pay him monthly and have accounts with the hospital.
I couldn't stop coursing myself for leaving someone I've loved, I was at her ward with Kelvin waiting for her to wake but it seems she wouldn't wake up.
"man be strong, I'll be on my way. I and my wife will be here tomorrow " Kelvin said before leaving, I don't want to call her parents so I sat beside her.
I held her hands "baby I'm sorry, for leaving you and caring less about you. Please wake up and I promise to be a caring husband to you. " I said watching her but she didn't make a move.


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