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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 21


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 21

Theme: Young_jailer

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Donald's POV)
I and Micheal were at the farm working, we were surrounded by prison workers (para-military)
I was on my blue clothes which on it's was written prisoner, while I was clearing the grass a beautiful lady who is a jailer came to me.
"hey you " she said, Micheal tapped me cause my attention was on the grass.
"I have a work for you " she said
I followed her, she took me to the kitchen where other women and female prisoners were preparing food for the Passing Out Parade (POP) of staff who are through with their training.
I wondered why the jailer brought me there, she gave me vegetables to chop without asking if I knew how to do it.
I choped the vegetables and gave it to her "wow do you know how to cook? " she asked
"yeah I can cook"

(Rita's POV)
I was so glad he can cook, my cute charming prisoner.
"what's your name? " I asked him, the guy looks so cute to the extent I can't get my eyes off him, he also looks innocent yet I sense something dangerous which might have lead him to his present state but I'll do my best to take him out of the prison, if it's money I have enough to satisfy my man.
Cooking is not my work but I was assigned to assist the caterers cause prisoners were working and I don't want him to be stressed up that's why I called him.

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"my name is Donald " he said, I couldn't stop smiling foolishly while he frowned though looks more cute, I wondered why his skin looked so fresh when the prison is covered without ventilation.
I kept on asking him irrelevant questions to know more about him and I'm in love with his answers, I made him to eat to his satisfaction before leaving.

(Donald's POV)
Back to the prison but happy about my angel, I must say I found grace in her sight.
Micheal hits me hard on my jaw, "ahhh!" I screamed
"lover boy, you know you have means to feel at home even in the prison then why did you included me in this? " he asked
"what? Do you think I'm happy to be here when someone is carrying my baby and needs me to cuddle her? " I retorted remembering Anita and what I might have caused her
"so you're a married man and you lied to me that you're single?" he asked in surprise
"not at all, I'm not yet married but I have a woman so don't think otherwise" I answered
"why won't I think otherwise when I was busy clearing the grass and you were at the kitchen entertaining your girlfriend " he said sounding jealous.
"Micheal I know nothing about her and she's just being nice" I said
He hummed "being kind to only the love of her life A.K.A baby papa. You are a player"
"what ever " I said ignoring him, I lay on the floor to sleep but the thought of Anita will not give me peace of mind, I know she'll look full and I owe her apology for being a horrible boyfriend and future husband to be.
I was still lost in thought when Micheal hit me hard on my butt, I stood up, I was still rubbing my eyes a black guy who is a prisoner like me pointed a direction, the young jailer who helped me earlier was the one there.
"I have a work for you follow me" she said in a voice that sounded like De boss, I obeyed. She took me to a dark room were she turned on the light and lock the door.
"I want nothing but absolutely the truth, what crime lead you here?" she asked
"I can't even tell cause my right was abuse, I was not allowed to speak neither did the inspector who introduced himself as Shehu explained why I'm here"
She smiled "I know it's nobody other than Shehu, he is a shameless man that can sell his integrity but don't worry I'll take you out of this place legally" she said
I was happy when she mentioned "help" but my happiness was cut when she said she'll help me under one condition.
"what is the condition? " I asked paying rapt attention.
Guess the condition?

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