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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 20


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 20

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©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Bella's POV)
"calm down I'm coming " I said to David while he was busy squeezing and touching.
He torn my pant as it seems to be a distraction, I was pretty happy but scared when everything seems to be serious.
His c*ck looks bigger than it was the first time, it was standing and looks hard.
I knew all was not well, I gave a loud scream when he made advance of his c*ck towards me. "no I can't take this" I said trying to run away but his grip was strong, his muscle pulled out as he sweat profusely like WWE summer Slam champion.
I quickly slipped my tongue into his mouth to get his attention, I grab his c*ck and fondle it while he gro*ned.
He freed me, I messaged his body gently and breathed softly around his neck still scared.
Gently I moved to his c*ck and placed in my mouth, I s*cked it gently while he kept on gro*ning in pleasure.
As if the s*cking was not enough, he carried me up and spray my legs wide, though what I wanted but not at that state, he plunged in his hard c*ck, I felt pains.
I mo*aned while he thr*st in and out until I got tired, I pulled him to the bed for my turn just hoping he c*ms.
He lay flat facing the ceiling while I ride on him, he finally c*m and lay exhausted. I was also exhausted all thanks to Kelvin though I knew David wasn't at his right sense.
I placed my head on his chest, soon I heard him snoring.

(David's POV)
I woke up to see Bella sleeping beside me, I couldn't remember what came over me but I know I did naughty with my treacherous wife.
I hate her and nothing can make me to do that in my normal sense, I needed a woman at that very time that was why I did that but that was not normal.
I pushed her away and tap her hard, she sluggishly opened her eyes and smiled at me.
"what?" I asked angrily
"oh good morning baby " she said
I felt like leaving signature of my hands on her face by giving her a befitting slap on her face but she look innocent.
"now listen, forget about all that happened between us last night, it was all a mistake and I can swear to you that I don't love you. please stay away from me cause I might hurt you " I said
"common love stop saying this, you told me you were sorry last night and now you're speaking in riddles" she said
"Bella I know you to be good at provoking people but don't let the devil in me rise this morning, you are a witch and I'm sure you did something to me"
I stood up and left angrily, I knew she might have done something to me, I just have to be careful with her before she kills me.
I took my bathe as fast as I could and dress for work before something else happens to me.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

(Lina's POV)
I picked my phone to call Akin, "can we see? " I asked
He agreed that we meet at his office immediately, I felt cool, he must be happy and I'm going there to make him happy the more.
I wrote a permission letter to Mary who approved it immediately, she likes me so much and I like her more.
I went back to my office where I freshened my make up, Timothy came in "the make up is too hot, hope you'll not confuse him? " he teased
"common, stop teasing me" I said
I picked my bag to go but he hummed "hmmm, not even a k*ss" he said
"with lip stick on my lips? " I asked.
"the kiss is sweeter when the mouth is painted with crayon, can I taste your crayon? " he said
I laughed out loud "crazy you" I said
"crazy us not just me" he said
He pulled me for a k*ss, his hands was fast in squeezing my hips, I quickly stopped him and smiled "I love you "
"I love you more" he said
I left leaving his lips stained with my make up, I checked my face to see if my makeup was okay before leaving.
I arrived at his office "my angel" he said smiling at me.

(Akin's POV)
I felt overwhelmed when I saw her reassuring smiles, I knew she'd accept me cause she loves me dearly.
"the problem is that..... " I knew the problem is nobody but Timothy as I quickly text him to come to my office immediately.
Timothy was not surprised when he saw her, I wonder what kind of fool he is.
"Timothy you have been my friend for long and I don't want us to have disagreement, Lina here is mine and mine forever " I said.
Lina brought her head down probably ashamed of herself but I see no reason why she should be ashamed cause she is after her heart.
"what do you mean by that?" he asked trying to claim man.
""just get that to your f^cking brain and leave my office " I warned.
He tried to argue but I sent my boys to push him out, I can go extra mile for Lina at this moment cause I love her.

**** **** **** **** **** **** *****
Timothy was sitting beside Anita at Lina's living room waiting for Lina to come out so they'll continue their plans.
Lina came few minutes later and began with her idea "I know he'll propose but saying no to his proposal is not going to be as great as saying no in the church" she said
Anita gave a surprise look "that's bride's mistake, don't try that cause you'll end up as Mrs Akin and break Timothy's heart" she said
"how?" Timothy asked facing Anita
"yeah, do you think breaking a wedding at church is easy? Pastor might preach forgiveness due to the way Akin would cry and she'll end up getting married to him " says Anita
Lina and Timothy laughed "no let make it like this, during the vow I'll stand at the gate with my car and call you, you'll collect the microphone and tell the church why you can't get married to Akin then run away, I'll just zoom out of the place" he said
"I'm not in support of this, that's too bad and don't forget he has a child to train so don't be the reason for his early grave" Anita warned
"I'm fully in support because I can't believe what that asshole did to me today " he said
"you guys can go ahead and do what you want but my hands are clean" Anita finalised before leaving.
Lina laughed "she is scared"
"yeah but you're not right? " Timothy asked
"yeah, I'll deal with him" she answered


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