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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 2


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 2

Theme: Three_months_fun

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Mary's POV)
"You've been acting cold and I don't like it, what is the problem? " Bella asked me
"Bella can you give me breathing space? What is your problem " I questioned rudely.
"of cause I won't give you breathing space when you have been acting like a weirdo, you even broke one of the plates" she said
"I can see that you have problems, everyone is celebrating us but you want a quarrel right? " I asked her
She sat beside me and placed her hand on my neck, "we've been friends for long now and you have never acted this way apart from when you are in big trouble. Please talk to me I promise to help if I can" she said
"Bella should I still confide in you? " I asked while crying
"of cause you should trust me" she said
"I'm not a v@gin........" I was about to narrate all that happened before she interrupt.
"there is no big deal in it cause I'm not a v@gin also but I lied to David so he will not change me to s*x machine, I intend to explain everything on our first night " she said, I couldn't believe my ears cause Bella also made me to believe she is a v@gin
"no Bella don't tell me you've been lying, don't you know he might divorce you or even loose trust for you? " I asked
"who cares? I'm still better than some v@gin, my dear forget about all that. If a guy truly loves you then he doesn't have to bother about your v@ginity. I once read a naughty statue that says v@ginity is not a lady's dignity, it only states that the lady hasn't gotten opportunity. " she said
Now I believed what my mum was saying when she said I should be careful with Bella.
"Bella I'm absolutely disappointed of you, I can't imagine David's reactions when he gets to know all this. " I said
"you are here talking about David's reaction, what about Kelvin's reaction? Is it not the same problem we are facing or is it because I told you my mind? " she asked
"sorry dear, we are not facing the same problems, my own is totally different. I've always been a v@gin until today " I answered, she busted into an uncontrollable laughter.
"so you have cooked up a story right? Don't forget we are together throughout today, whatever you say is just a story or will you say you mistakenly itch your down with something hard when you were bathing? " she asked
I regretted telling her cause she happened to be something different, I narrated everything that happened to her but she laughed.
"something like that happened and you didn't alert the security agent when you came out of the room so that they will get them? " she asked
"Bella I was scared" I answered
"story, stop pretending. I know it's just a cooked up story, forget about it" she finalized
Now I regretted making her my best friend, her ways are not genuine as I've thought. I just pray things move fine.

(Kelvin's POV)
"how will you do with your wife after the wedding? " David asked me.
"well for me, I will just be warming my wife with romance for three months before going into her. I just want her to know that I love her not her body" I answered
"the lord is your muscle, as for me I've waited for long so I can't wait to plunge into the tight hole" he said, David is a very crazy guy.
"she is yours so you don't need to be in a haste" I said
"I'm in a haste cause I've went through a lot all in the name of my wife to be is clean " he said
"why do you value the v@gin stuff? " I asked
"cause it shows how strong a lady is" he answered
"I don't see value in it cause I've seen several cases where the lady would turn something else after her first night but it's still cool if she is a v@gin" I answered
"no no no, if she is not a v@gin then my trust for her will reduce, I won't be able to travel for long without her cause of fear of someone snatching her away from me" he said
"David you're crazy, what about you, are you a v@gin?" I asked him
"who cares or who will know if I am? " he asked back
"of cause God knows " I answered
"deceive yourself as for Bella her pregnancy start immediately after our wedding tomorrow " he said
"common that's a crazy thing to say, how will that be possible? Won't you have fun with her for some days? " I asked
"fun? No no no the pride prize will not be valued" he said, I laughed out loud. David is a funny guy but very honest and he loves honest people. He doesn't trust twice.
"what is your wish? " I asked
"my wish is that tomorrow should come as soon as possible so that I can take that vow before taking Bella to my house" he said
I smiled at him, I was also happy and eager like him but not with the same reason with him.
I just can't wait to live with Mary forever, my greatest wish and biggest prayer.
"what are you thinking about? " David asked tapping me, his tap made me to fear cause I was already deep in thought.
"I'm just thinking about the small world, I'm a bachelor today, tomorrow by this same time I will be a family man " I said causing David to laugh.
He pet me on my back, "things gonna be fine brother " he said

To be continued

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