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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 19


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 19

Theme: Weirdo

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Lina's POV)
"what's wrong with you, you look upset and probably thinking of something " Anita asked.
I almost laughed out loud but I maintained, almighty Anita that doesn't care about anyone, All she does is to cry out her lungs, she is the one observing my mood.
"I'm okay" I pretended
"stop pretending to me, fee days ago you've been smiling and now you look bored" she said
"it's Akin my ex" I said
"he wants you back right? " she asked
Though surprised how sharp she is "yes, he wants me back " I answered.
"don't mind the monkey that wants all banana to himself, I knew it already, let's deal with him but you must tell Timothy about it " she said
I shook my head wandering what she was up to, she whispered to my ear and I gave her a hi five.
"my dear you nailed it" I said to her.
"Trust me he'll respect any feminist he sees, be it young or old " she said, I'm very sure she's right.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****
(Kelvin's POV)
Bella kept on disturbing me about David not wanting to make love to her, I tried my best to avoid being third party in their marital home but Bella will off my phone with continues call.
I went to Jude elder brother, he us good at giving crazy idea that are pretty helpful, I narrated everything to him.
He heaved a sigh "you're lucky Mary is not like Bella, you'd have been worse" he said to me
I smiled "seriously I don't fancy at [email protected] stuff, I love a woman not her [email protected] beside a guy like me deflowered her just the way I deflowered someone. Mary was not a [email protected] but she is tight" I said
I've never mentioned it to her but I know she was not a [email protected] though I was pretty disappointed she lied to me, I know [email protected] and [email protected]
"I told you she is lying but you insist " he said
"I guess it has been long she did it, even a lay man that is not into it might think she is a [email protected]" I said, my elder brother don't get tired at saying naughty things.
"then she is a [email protected] cause I've heard many things that made me think almost all girls are [email protected]"
"chapter close, I came here for Bella not Mary " I said, I don't like talking about our private life outside.
"if Bella is a guy I'd have advised her to force him" he said looking away.
"you mean rape? " I asked
"there's nothing like rape between married people "
"who told you? So long as the s*x happens by force it's called rape, beside there is marital rape" I answered
"you don't want her to force him? "
"yes, I want everything to happen willingly " I answered
"then mix manpower in his drink, he'll look for his wife by force " he said
"tell me about the manpower, I've heard about it " I said
"well, it gets guys hard more than their expectation, it helps in effective performance"
"wow it will be perfect on him" I said
He asked me to invite David to his house, I wonder what he was doing with the manpower in his house as a bachelor when he said it gets guys hard.
I invited David, he came almost immediately. My brother served the drink which David's own was mixed.
Everything was done swiftly as I left with David, I called Bella to inform her to get ready.
(Bella's POV)
"welcome honey" I greeted but he ignored me, I quickly picked my phone to call Kelvin. He calmed me down that David will beg for s*x and I should not agree immediately.
I quickly ran to take my bathe, I wore one of my sexy pyjamas that fits my body, I was on bra that raised my br**st which made it to stand like candle.
He lay on the bed watching me, he was quiet for a while, I walked to the living room and turned on the television waiting for the magic Kelvin has done.
"Bella! Bella!! Bella!!! "he shouted but I ignored and concentrated on the television.
"Bella I'm calling you " he said
"I'm all ears, hope you are not here with another quarrel " I said
"where's my food? " he asked
"you never told me you were hungry " she said
"I don't blame you cause you don't know your duties other than stay at home and watch movie "
(David's POV)
I sat at the dining room waiting for my food, immediately she brought the food and bent down to drop the tray, I sighted her b**bs
my eyes almost pooped out.
I couldn't control myself, my c*ck was hard and all my mind was on Bella. "babe" I called her attention
She turned to me and smiled "my name is Bella, don't call me any other sugar names" she said
"you're my wife and I choose to call you what I want " I barked
"I don't want any problem" she warned.
"we need to talk" I said
"I don't want to talk about anything with you" she said and walked away, I ran after her but she ran to the bathroom before me, she quickly entered the bathroom and locked herself.
"please Bella I need you " I pleaded
"what do you want from me? "
"just come out, I want to make you feel happy "
(Bella's POV)
I find it hard to believe David was pleading, I wonder what Kelvin gave to him. I managed to open the door, he quickly held my waist and knelt down begging me to forgive him.
I told him it was okay before he would change his mind, "can I k*ss you? " he asked
"sure you can " I said, before I'll say more David was already k*ssing me, he raised my pyjamas up.
He squeezed my hips and carried me in a bridal style to the bed, I mo*ned and responded eagerly.
He pulled his clothes while k*ssing me, his hands right combed my head roughly while he slowly sliped in his left hand into my pant.
He thrust his finger in and I gro*ned in pleasure.


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