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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 18


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 18

Theme: Missing_her

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Debbie's POV)
"take me to Donald " Anita said to me.
"who is Donald and why can't you go yourself? " I asked, petting her will not help matters so I have to deal with the spirit in her.
She began to cry "my dear cry as you can and make sure you finish your tears and that of the baby so that you'll never cry and your baby will never cry also" I said and walked away.
I strolled out, I've been crushing on a guy in our street but it seems he doesn't notice me. I wore a yellow skirt and a white top which looks perfect on me.
When I saw the guy I changed my walking step, another guy whom I so much hate approached me in the presence of my Prince charming.
"hello please I want to talk to you " he said, I ignored him but he kept on following me and went ahead to stop me from walking.
hat do you want from me? " I shouted to attract my crush's attention.
"I need just one thing from you and please don't say no" he pleaded.
"what is that? " I asked angrily.
"your phone number " he said, I gave him to free myself.
Few step away I received a call from unknown source which I knew was the guy but I refused to pick, he kept on calling I got tired and picked.
"what is your problem? " I asked angrily
"actually is not what you were thinking, I don't want to tell you in the presence of those guys " he said
"tell me what? " I asked
"you're stained, I guess it's your period " he said
I was surprised, I turned to check it was true. I couldn't hold the shame as ran home. I was prayed never to see the guy again.
When I got home Anita was fast asleep, I watch her angrily cause it's her fault, I was running away from her not knowing I'm in for embarrassment.

(Lina's POV)
I sat at the living room watching movie, troublesome Anita was sleeping so I felt relaxed.
My phone rang and I quickly picked the phone, it was Akin. I wondered why he had to call me.
I've explained everything to Timothy before we left for his house that day, ever since then I and Akin became friends but he has been calling me over and over.
"hello dear" he began
"I'm good and you "
"same here, are you busy? "
"no I'm just chilling at home "
"can we hook up? "
At the mention of hook up I lost my speech, I know Akin and what he can do.
"are you there? " he asked observing the silent.
"yeah we can hook up" I answered
He hung the call saying he'll come over to pick me, I quickly called Timothy to tell him about the hooking up with Akin.
"I'm not suspecting anything and I'll not suspect but just be careful with him" he warned.
"okay love" I said, deep down my heart I was thinking on how to deal with him for playing with my feelings.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

(Donald's POV)
"do you know you're the cause of all this? " Micheal asked me angrily.
"how am I suppose to be the cause? " I asked.
"we ran from where we were living because David told us someone is after us, we came here and he gets to know about you being with us, he was scared of what you'll do when you get back that's why he alerted the police and the worst of it all is that this police are just after money" he said
That was when it occurred to me that David is behinde my being in the prison, I smiled "man calm down this is Nigeria, they'll soon release us and he'll pay for this" I said
I couldn't reach anyone cause my phone was ceased I'd have called my aunt Maliaka though she lives at South Africa.
My dad is a South African while my mum is a Nigerian, I lost the both of them just a day on a ghastly motor accident leaving I and my sister Flora in the hands of my father's caring sister.
Aunt Malaika has always been there for me, Flora was the one who chooses that we school in Nigeria which aunt Maliaka tried her best until the untimely death of my sister which happened two days after I came to visit her in Nigeria, though I also schooled in Nigeria before leaving for South Africa. I stayed in Nigeria to fight for my sister not knowing things will be critical.
My aunt a zoologist is a wealthy lady that works at Kruger National Park at Limpopo province in northeastern South Africa, one of the greatest game reserve at South Africa.
She tried hard to make me happy as the only survivor and her brothers son. I've been in Nigeria over two years doing things contrary to my initial.
I just can't wait to deal rudely with the heartless David.
For my Anita I missed her so much, I wonder if she is safe or what she might be going through cause I'm not there to stand by her.
just pray she stay safe for me, I'll marry her and take her to my country cause I've never love a woman the way I love Anita.
My intention was to pull out when I was about to c*m but I couldn't do that, I feel like doing more instead and now it's done on her, I missed her smile, her baby like attitude and her funny way of crying.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

(Akin's POV)
I know I've wronged Lina but I still love her and I need a woman in my life, I've gone wrong but
I just want to make things right with her beside Lisa my daughter likes her and Lisa needs a mother.
I watched her through the mirror as I drove to our usual park where she likes having fun, I've dropped Lisa there earlier to have fun so I wants to pick her.
"do you remember here" I asked pointing at the place where we had our first k*ss "yeah I do and I don't want to think about it" she said
I expect worse though but I still love my woman, she has soft heart so taking her away from Timothy ain't difficult at all.
"are you sure you don't want to think about it? " I teased
"yeah" she answered looking away.
"but that's one of the best day of your life " I teased.
She still ignored, I know Lina so well and i know how to tackle things.
"how I wish I recorded the video of that day, that was your first k*ss but not mine" I said

(Lina's POV)
I looked at him in disgust, does he thinks I'll allow him into my life again? That's the last thing I'll ever do cause my heart is occupied.
"daddy!!! " his daughter shouted running towards him after he has packed his car.
"daddy she looks beautiful and perfect " she said referring to me, I wonder what the two has discussed.
"Lisa, so you can't say hi to me" I said
"I'm sorry ma'am, I've missed daddy, guess what? " she said looking at the both of us.
"you both looks perfect on red and white, Sandra there thought it was my mum " she said that was when I realized I was putting on the same color of dress with him.
I was pretty angry cause his daughter, she's just too hyperactive.
We got to their house, Lisa began to cry that she was hungry, I prepared meal for her and bathe her.
Later she slept off in my arms, Akin took her to her room and came back to me.
"you see why I still need you? You can see that we are destined for each other " he said
I watched him feeling disgusted "it seems you don't know what's going on, I an Timothy's fiancée. You are my past" I said looking away.
He sat beside me and rub my back "Lina I know you are angry and you are right to be angry, I love you, even when I was with Lisa's mother I was still thinking of you. She seduced me and said she was pregnant that was why I married her. It was all a mistake " he said
"huh? You called that a mistake? Akin you're married though divorced but your wife is still alive, you can mend things instead of whining yourself. As for me I'm okay without you " I said
"Lina I don't believe you, I know you so much love me and will find it hard to say no" he said
"you would have think that way before messing up with your Mrs Oyinbo, I'm not the Lina you use to know. I love those who love me and I don't take my feelings for granted. How am I even sure if I can live with you when all this Oyinbo that makes good lovers ran away from you? " I asked sarcastically.
"it's because you're the one I love, let me show you something " he said
He went inside and came back with a golden necklace I gave him, that was the first gift my grandma gave me, she told me to give it to give it to the one I love most that I'm the one she love most and it was given to her by someone.
"Lina if I don't love you what will I be doing with this, I've kept it safe and away k*ss it before going out " he said
I was moved, I so much love grandma and keep her word, I also respect those who respect her, tear drop down my eyes.
"I know I've gone wrong but we can still make things right, this house needs a woman that is capable to be called mother, imagine how Lisa likes you and I do " he said
I stood up, he came very close to me as if he wants to hug me, he whispered to my ears "please think about it" he said

To Be Continued

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