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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 17


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 17

Theme: Troublesome_Anita

©Joy Ajuma Moses


(Debbie's POV)
Anita's loud voice woke me up, she was shouting my name and hitting me on the bed.
"I'm sorry dear" I said yawning and rubbing my eyes, I was actually dreaming of an handsome guys when she woke me up, I just prayed she doesn't quarrel or cry as she use to do, I wonder if she is the first person to be pregnant on earth, she cry and quarrel alot, even Lina has been avoiding coming home early because of her.
I turned on the bed room light to know why she woke me up "what's the problem? " I asked.
"I want to eat cassava flakes" she said
I wonder what is cassava flakes "what do you mean? " I asked.
"I want sour cassava flakes " she said
"okay I'm coming " I said
I took my phone to the kitchen and called a friend of mine, after so much complaints that I called her late she finally told me cassava flakes is garri.
I was shocked, I've never thought of garri having another special name other than garri.
Back to Anita "haaa miss Anita" I said cause she has warned me to stop calling her and Lina madam, she said I should call them by their name simply by adding miss and Lina agreed to it.
"why are you shouting haaa? Give me cassava flakes before I die" she said in a shaky voice, if I don't take a step she'll begin to cry and cause night vigil for me.
"you know our kind of store in this house that there's no garri, please be patient with me, first thing tomorrow morning, I promise to buy it for you " I pleaded cause it was already 23:00.
"no I want it now" she cried.
I ran to Lina's room to inform her about it "tell her tomorrow I'll buy it for her " she said
"she insisted that I give her this night" I said
"hmmm, do you know where we can get it this night? " she asked
"no I don't have idea" I answered
She followed me to our room and pleaded with Anita to wait till morning but her plead was futile effort, Anita cried the more as if her life depends on it.

(Lina's POV)
I have many unfinished works that I've promised to fulfill tomorrow and with the way things are going with Anita I don't think I'll be able to make it.
An idea stroke me, I remembered Mary use to have local store where she keeps local food stuff so I picked my phone to call her not minding how dangerous it was to go out.
"hello Mary are you there? " I requested after she had made so much noise.
"Lina what's the matter? " she asked
"please do you have cassava flakes in your store? " I asked
"yeah. Should I bring some for you tomorrow? " she asked back
"not really I'm coming to your house right now, I need it" I said.
She laughed "I no know say you don join witch last last, you wan come my house this night because of garri. I go spray anointing round before you reach" she teased
"please Mary I'm serious " I pleaded.
"okay, when you get to my gate just give me a call my husband will take it to you " she said, I thanked her before hanging the call.
"Anita I'm coming let me go and get it for you " I said, she agreed to wait for me.
I took my car and drove roughly to Mary's house, just as she said I called and her husband brought it to me.
I drive back home, Anita was still crying. I quickly mixed the cassava flakes for her, she tested it and cried that there was no sugar in it.
I brought sugar, she measured the quantity she wanted while Debbie and I was watching her.
She took a spoon full twice then drop the remaining that she was okay, I was mad at her but Debbie calmed me down.
"why will she have to stress me if she is not really hungry for it" I quaried
While I was busy quarrelling I heard her snoring "now she is sleeping while my sleep has been distracted, I need to see that elephant in your tummy" I said before going out.

(Debbie's POV)
Early the next morning I was preparing to go to the market when Anita woke up. I slapped myself for not doing things fast enough before she wakes, I know she'll give me another problem.
"where are you dressing to go to? " she asked
"I want to go to the market" I said
"then you'll have to wait for me to take my bathe, it has been long I did exercise" she said
Walking with her is another problem, she'll complain I'm walking to fast or too slow.
"okay just be fast" I said, I was dressing when she entered the bathroom.
She gave me some clothes when I came newly, that's when she was on her normal self, I took a beautiful gown out of it.
After putting on the gown I applied make up, I sat beside the full mirror admiring myself not knowing she has already taken her bathe and have put on her dress.
"what are you doing?" she asked tapping me.
I looked her surprised "you're through? " I asked.
Immediately she saw me she began to cry, I inquire to know why she was crying "you look more beautiful than I " she said
"no no no, God forbid. You that looks like pure gold, you deserve to be called ruby. Do you know that latest song titled brown skin girl by Wizkid and Bounce? " I asked trying to pet her and save time, she nodded her head.
"they're actually referring to you as the brown skin girl, especially when Beyonce said your skin is not only dark, it shines and tells your story and the sweetest of it all is that she wants to trade eyes with you cause yours is sexy but for me, I'm fair and ugly like ugly duckling" I said
"are you sure I look more beautiful than you? " she asked
I shook my head "yeah you look more beautiful and you're the most beautiful " I said before she wiped her tears and went to the market with me.
When we got to the market she was busy touching and pricing what she'll not buy, the thought of resigning was on my mind but I know my mum will not agree. She told me to endure since Anita's attitude was not only towards me but to everyone.
I was buying vegetable when Anita said she wants pineapple, thank God we were at the market so I took her to where they sell pineapple.
Despite all the plead Anita insisted that the only pineapple that looks attractive to her was the one an old woman has chosen for herself already.
I pleaded with the way to give us the pineapple and promised to buy two bigger once for her, as if she understood everything, she accepted to it.
Anita insisted that I peel the pineapple and give her at the market, I refused but the market women pleaded with me saying she might lost her appetite when she gets home and refuse to eat it.
I had to obey just to please Anita, I was fed up, I don't even have time for myself.
We got home, I packaged everything ready to cook when she said she'll be the one to cook, without arguments I accept.
She took chair and sat beside the pot, she was busy ordering me about to do everything.
She sent me to go and bring onion, later she sent me for knife, I wonder why she didn't asked for the two.
She kept sending me untill I got tired, finally she slept off at the kitchen while I completed the cooking.
Time for dinner, Lina refused to eat saying she was okay. Anita began to cry saying she used her time to cook the food.
Lina had to eat by force then I planned on how to deal with her so that she'll cry and finish the tears.
Is she really troublesome?


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