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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 16


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 16

Theme: The_mistake_begins_with_lie

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Anita's POV)
The house was damn lively even though I was the only one at home, I played game and watch movie, Lina has all what one could need in the house.
I went to the swimming pool, the thought of Donald came into my mind.
I cried and ran to my room to pick my diary "Donald I know you'll be somewhere merrying with your new catch, I just hope you get to know you left me with something and the worst of it all is that you sold your house to someone just to avoid me.
I hate you " I wrote down on my diary, shouting i hate you and punching the diary with my pen.
I fixed my gaze at the ceiling as I allowed the tears to flow freely on my face, if only life could be previewed, I'd have slapped Donald the first day I met him.
I brought my head down and watch my stomach "so in five months time you'll be as big as calabash right" I asked the quiet stomach.
I wonder what my pastor and friends will say if they get to know from my parents. I slapped my head several times "Anita what is wrong with you? The deed has been done already " I thought
Soon I heard the door bell, I quickly wiped my tears. I went to the bathroom and washed my face, I used a soft towel to clean it and creamed my face immediately.
I don't want Lina to know I'm crying it will make her feel bad, I ran to opened the door.
She came in with a girl of about my age who stood behind her holding a bag "sweetheart so you've been sleeping? " she said in a cool voice
"yeah, you're quick today what happened "
"yeah I'm trying to avoid somebody that's why, here is the girl I brought do you like her? " she asked
Who am I to say no, I know the lady needs the job so I won't be the one to turn the tide. "yeah I like her" I said
"her name is Deborah but Debbie sounds better " Lina suggested.
"Debbie come let me show you our room " I said pulling her hands.
I feel lonely sleeping alone, I want someone that will always be with me so that I'll not have time to think about Donald.
"no no no she's your maid and somehow friend, I have a room for her" she said
"giving her a room will do no good so I prefer her to stay with me"
"if you say so then you can go with her, your happiness is my priority " she said, I pecked her before leaving.
I told her many things I know about the house and showed her round, while we were at the living room I heard Lina lying to someone on call that she was ill.
Her voice was somehow and I know she was faking cause she looks perfect. I wonder why she had to lie.
Debbie left for the kitchen while I stood waiting for Lina to end the call "miss Lina you just lied to someone " I said
"I really need to lie, imagine my man told me he wants to introduce me to his friend and his friend happens to be my ex. How do you expect me to go with him? " she asked
"now that you've lied to him, when you get well from the fake sickness what excuse will you give him or will the fake sickness continue forever? " I asked back
"Anita forget about that one, I have more excuses for him" she said
"did you wrong your ex or did anything that gives you bad record? " I asked
"never, he hurt me instead by bringing another lady from his trip " she said
"that is why you need to go and see him so that he will know you're doing okay, go there and shake him freely let his conscience judge him" I said
She laughed out loud "Anita, who gave you this idea?" she asked.
"is God o, I don't like when you lie about your health. Promise me you'll go and don't forget to do make up" I said
Lina is a good make up artist with the best boutique but she hardly apply makeup on her face and dresses like old woman just that she's changed of recent and I wonder how comes the changes.
"hmmm if that's what you want then I'll go" she said, I smiled
"now you're talking, let me take nap. " I said
"after all the sleeping? " she questioned, I haven't sleep but I couldn't tell her.

(Mary's POV)
"sweetheart! Sweetheart!! Sweetheart!!! " I shouted running towards the bed room.
"what happened " Kelvin asked confusedly.
"guess what? " I asked still faking the happiness.
"you know I'm not good at guessing " he said
"just guess for my sake " I played
"hmm you've been promoted? "
"no not at all, guess something better" I said
"I can't guess" he said opening his palms wide.
"the doctor confirmed I'm one months pregnant " I said
"wow that's a good news but doctor Jonah hasn't called to congratulate me" he said
Doctor Jonah is our doctor and going to his hospital will expose me so I have to lie.
"no I went to another doctor whom my friends recommended as the best" I said
"but why? Jonah is still cool cause he studied outside " he said
"sweetheart just let me follow my choice " she said
"it's okay by my so long as my beautiful wife and the baby are okay " he said kissing my forehead.
"so where's the test result? " he asked, I have to follow him carefully cause he has been acting like a devil.
"oh my God I forgot it at the hospital due to over happiness but I know it's safe" I lied.
"alright, you know you need to work less and rest more now right? " he asked
"no sweetheart I don't want to be lazy, after all the nurse told me exercise is good for me" I said
"wow that hospital must be great, you've start lecture on pregnancy so soon? " he asked
"yes, that's why I accept to go there, you need to see how they are treating me like egg. Later I'll start going for antenatal care. " I said
"wow that's really awesome, I can't wait to be called a father" he said happily.
I excused myself to the bathroom feeling guilty, the pregnancy was confirmed three months of which I know it's from the incident that happens but I can't withstand the shame.

(Kelvin's POV)
I was over excited when my wife told me she was pregnant.
I began to plan on how I'll go to baby's ward in boutiques to by things for our baby.
My phone rang, I picked the phone to check the caller ID, it was Bella. It has been long I heard from her neither my wife or her husband has spoken about her to me.
"hello Bella it's been a while " I said
"yeah, how is everything over there " she demanded
"so cool and yours"
"pretty bad and I need your help " she said
"really, speak out I'm listening "
"please talk to my husband, he has been abstaining from me ever since that incident occurred, he hasn't touched me talk more of k*ssing me" she said
"are you serious? ......" I was still speaking when she hung the call.

(Bella's POV)
"oh you're now reporting me to my God right? " u heard David's deep voice saying. I quickly hung the call to face him.
"David I'm tired of all this, I'm your wife for goodness sake " I said
"who told you, you're my wife? You're a house warmer" he said
"I'm not a house warmer, I'm your wife and full house wife" I said
"I've never lay my hands on a woman so don't make me do that cause you'll hate yourself, if I don't touch you don't you know the road to the person who loosed you? All you do is to sit comfortably in my house, flirt and spend my money as it pleases you " he said
I got angry and faced him "I'm a graduate, you told me to stop working cause you gave enough money, why are you complaining? " I fired back.
"if you were wise or ready to work you'd have convinced me but it was pleasant to you so that you'll remain at home calling your stupid male friends " he said
"I'm far better than some foolish men that have skeleton in their cupboard yet they can't forgive others for little sin they commit " I said, I remembered what Donald has told him the other day, I stayed in an hidden place eavesdropping, though he didn't mentioned what David did but I know it was something terrible.
His faced turned furious and his eyes were red "and who are the foolish men you were talking about ?" he asked angrily
I ignored folding my hands and turning towards the large wedding photo "will you speak before I kill you " he said holding my neck so hard, I find it hard to speak as I coughed hard until he released me.
I held his collar crying and shouting "David you must kill me today.... "

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