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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 15


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 15

Theme: fate_of_a_pregnant_lady

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Lina's POV)
I was writing when Timothy came to my office "hi love"
He sat down without me telling him to sit, we're moving cool so I don't feel bad at anything he does.
"we need to discuss about something " he said in a serious tune, I blushed.
Ever since we began to flow I discovered I so much love him, people might complement my dressing but Timothy's complement is the one I always expect.
"I want you to know my family members and I want them to know you also " he said
That's the best thing I like hearing, I just want his parents to love me just the way he loves me especially his mother.
I remembered his sister, the one I mistook for his girlfriend and how I've insulted her, I know she might be angry with me but I'll apologize.
"wow, I'd love too" I said to him.
"but before then I'll introduce you to my best friend Akin, he has been my childhood friend but we separated at secondary school, I left for Uni-Ben while I know nothing about him, later I got to know he was at Turkey when I came back from school. He wants to see me now cause he said he is in town so I want you to dress up so we could go and see him tonight." he said
I frowned Akin is the last person I'll like to see, I don't want to decline Timothy's request.
I know there is no any other Akin from Turkey whose parents lives here other than my ex.
"why are you frowning your face? You don't want to see my friend? " he asked
"not really, I'll love to see your friend. What time are we going? " I asked
"by 19:00 today"
I'm not good at lying but I tried hard to lie "oh no, I have a program to attend at church by that same today. " I said
"okay let's make it tomorrow " he said
"if you say so then no problem " I said
"alright take good care of yourself " he said and pecked my forehead before leaving.
Mary came in shortly after he left "my beautiful miss" she said
"madam Mary what's happening to you "
She looked at herself from the mirror and opened her arms wide like someone who was searching for something but finds nothing.
"I don't get you, what did you see? " she asked.
"I mean those days that you look somehow was because you really need a man now look at how you look fresh" I said
She chuckled "common stop embracing me, if Kelvin is here he'll be blushing saying it's his handiwork." she said
"of course he is really working on you" I said
"na yeye dey worry you " she teased, we both laughed out loud.
"let go and take lunch cause I'm seriously hungry " she said
"it's because Kelvin has scored goal, I just hope the one baby will be big" I teased
"please o don't kill me, then my mum use to tell me to be eating okra soup when I get for safe delivery and I'm praying for the baby to he small so that I'll not use too much effort to push. But how do you know I'm pregnant?" she asked, I couldn't stop laughing
"I'm not a kid, and I can range the month of the pregnancy if you wish" I said
"well done doctor Lina, I don't even know I'm pregnant " she said
"spear me those stories cause that pregnancy was showing effects two weeks ago " I said
"you ehn, I'm waiting for Timothy to score " she said
"ah, wait let me enjoy my life until we get married " I said
"yeye dey worry you, abeg stand up make we go eat joor" she teased, I couldn't stop laughing.
I took my bag and followed her, we chatted while walking. At the restaurant the waitress happened to be Anita.
"oh my God Anita you are now working? " I asked
"yeah, I'm working to keep myself busy and to stop asking from daddy and mommy at all time. " she said
"wow I like girls like you " says Mary.
Anita looks unusual and it seems something was wrong with her but I couldn't figure it out because Mary was busy talking.
"Mary when last did you spoke with Bella? " I asked
Her mood changed immediately, it seems she wasn't expecting me to ask such a question.
"you know Bella is married and I'm also married so we have little or no time for ourselves " she said
"what a genuine excuse" I said sarcastically.
"you better eat your food before pepper hook you " she said

(Anita's POV)
I was shy at first for seeing Mary and Lina. Alicia brought me to the restaurant where she works and luckily for me I was given a job there.
I was washing the plate when Alicia came to me that someone wants to see me.
I went to see the person, it was Lina, I was scared because I remember I insulted her the other day.
"miss Lina I know you are here because of how I've insulted you but I'm begging you to forgive me " I pleaded
"not at all, I'm here because of you "
"because of me? "
"yeah, I know you are having problem, please don't lie to me what is the matter? " she asked.
She took me aback, tears drop down my eyes. She wiped my tears and hug me.
"it's okay I understand and I'm sorry for reminding but I want to know " she said
I narrated everything to her and how my father sent me away. "oh my God, you'd have told your sister or Mary " she said
I narrated my sister's part and what I've observed with Mary "it seem her and Mary are not getting along with each other "
"my dear this is an award situation but I have a suggestion for you " she said
"wow, tell me about it"
"come and stay with me since I'm living alone, I promise to take good care of you and your baby" she blurted out.
"Lina are you for real or you're kidding me? " I asked still in surprise.
"sure I'm serious "
I stood up to hug her, Alicia has been complaining indirectly but now I've got somewhere to stay
"anytime you feel like working you'll go to my boutique and watch my workers" she said
I was over happy cause Lina is a very rich lady that is capable of doing what she said, life with her will be more comfortable than my parents but not complete without them.
"I'll come and pick you when I'm close for work though you've made mistakes but you have to take good care of yourself and the baby" she said
"thank you very much for your understanding, I wish my dad knew about this it would have been better "
"don't worry about your parents for now, all you need to do us to focus and Mame sure the baby comes out safely" she said, I gave her a warm hug in appreciation.
I told Alicia about it, she frowned instead and warned me to be careful "is not that I'm against you living with me, is just that I don't have sufficient fund to take care of you " she'd said to me.
"don't worry Lina is kind in nature and I believe all will be fine with her" I assured her.
I've never work before, that my first time and I didn't find it easy, from my shoulder down to my waste were paining me seriously.
I and Alicia waited for Lina to come cause she told me to wait for her, she came at 18:08 with her car.
She took us to Alicia's house where I picked all my belongings and left with Lina.
Lina's house looks like that of family but she lives there alone. "my dear go and take your bathe, you've suffered a lot in that restaurant I guess" she said as if she was reading my Thoughts.
She showed me my room which has a bathroom in it. "please feel at home, I'm just like your big sister, you can confide in me and always ask for my help when you need me, " she said, I thanked her before going to the bathroom where I went to clean up.
After dressing she called me for dinner, I was surprised. I've never had it on mind that Lina is such a nice person.
"I'm not always at home so it's better I get you a maid, she'll do the house chores and keep you company " she said
"ah no miss Lina, you've done enough for me, I'll do the rest myself " I said
"I still insist because time will come when you'll not wish to leave your bed, it's better to have a maid" she said
I couldn't help but cry for her kind attitude towards me.

(Mary's POV)
I was turning on the bed restlessly remembering what Lina had told me, I don't know what to tell my husband.
We had intercourse just month ago, he will not believe me if I tell him I'm pregnant.
My plans is changing with the way things are going.
I stood up to look myself from the full standing mirror, my tummy looks as flat as ever.
"Lina must be a witch " I thought to myself.

To be continued

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