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The Bride's Mistake Chapter 14


The Bride's Mistake Chapter 14

Theme: fire_on_the_mountain

©Joy Ajuma Moses

(Anita's POV)
I remembered I once called my sister using his phone so kept my bag with a friend called Alicia and headed for my sister's house.
Luckily for me I met her at home, I was already tired of crying, my nose were filled and my eyes were reddish already.
As if she knew I was not okay, she yeild when she saw me "what happened? "
I busted into another version of uncontrollable tears, she calmed me down and demanded for explanation.
"I'm in trouble " I said still crying
"what happened to you and stop crying big sister is here for you " she cheered
"I don't think you can solve this but nevertheless I believe I can get something from you. Did you saved the number I used in calling you the day you have issue with your husband? " I asked
"I wanted to even ask you how comes you know him" she said, I was shocked but I summoned courage to speak.
"you know him too? " I asked
"not reall" she answered aching her brows, I suspected something but I don't know what exactly was that.
"tell me what you know about him cause he doesn't know you " I said
"he is a poor brat that has something to do with Flora, you know that girl likes helping people so I don't know their connections but I collected his phone number when we were at the hospital waiting for her" she said
"you're really confusing me, Donald is Stinky rich and you just call him a poor brat? " I asked
"what we're you even doing with him? " she asked angrily though I was confused why she was angry but I couldn't ask.
"he was my boyfriend " I said
"thank God you said, he was and not he is cause you can never be the boyfriend of that poor dangerous human " she said
"stop all this, I'm pregnant for him and dad sent me away " I blurted out
"you lie" she said
I was wandering why she said it was a lie. "I'm serious, I'm pregnant for him" I said
"well I'm not upset that you have start having s*x with Donald but the truth is that he is not responsible for it, maybe some other guys you slept with are responsible " she said
"I'm serious, he is the only one I know and I we did it just once" I said
"my dear I still call you a liar, Donald doesn't release inside a lady no matter how you drug him, he is smart in that aspect so don't tell me story" she said
"what!!! So you've been sleeping with him? " I asked
"if you mention rubbish like that I'll slap you and send you out of my house you shameless fool, how will I be sleeping with him when I'm married? "
"how do you know about his s*xual life if you haven't done several practicals together? " I retorted.
She slapped me hard, "one more word from you I'll send you out of my house, I will give him a call now so that you will hear it yourself " she said.
(Donald's POV)
I was at the living room watching movie, I've gotten all I wanted as proof against David because I can't just accuse him.
I stole one if the guys paper where they sign to work with David, he went on the operation with them.
I've been living with the guys for months, I was so happy cause my plans is to leave early in the morning.
My phone rang I checked the caller ID, it was Martin, I prayed within me that he has a good news about Anita.
"cool guy what's up " he greeted
"I'm okay, how is everything going? "
"cool as you just that your stupid girlfriend came here with her father claiming you impregnate her, you need to see how I deny her because I know you are too sharp in that aspect" he said
"what? What do you mean that in too sharp? " I asked angrily
"of cause, I know you don't c*m in ladies so I believe she was just trying to set you up " he said
"please I hate rubbish, Anita is carrying my baby though I didn't expect her to be pregnant but I'm responsible " I said
"you be mumu guy o, what has she done to you? Abi she give you piss drink? "
"I'm begging you, I love that girl. In short don't worry I'm coming tomorrow, I might have caused her a lot"
"ehehehehyou want to show up at tomorrow?" he asked.
"no yesterday " I answered sarcastically.
We were still speaking when I got a call from Bella, I held Martin's call and picked her own cause I know she might have something to tell me about Anita.
"what have you done to Anita? " she asked.
I wanted to speak when Micheal came into the house handcuffed accompanied by the police.
"do not move" they said to me.
"I am inspector Shehegun from..... " one of the police men was speaking when the other one interrupt.
"no need for introduction he is also a criminal and he is under arrest " he said moving to my side with handcuff.
I was handcuffed with the rest of the guys and taken away.
(Bella's POV)
"you set me up I must say, you know Donald and you've been sleeping with him, why did you add me to the game? " Anita said crying
I slapped her and she reciprocated with a resounding one, I find it hard to believe she slapped me back.
"you've done enough, now leave my house " I said pointing at the door.
"I'll leave but it I get to know you have hand in this I'll never forgive you in my life" she said and leave.
"Anita will you come back here" I shouted but she left.
My heart began to pound at the mention of never forgive, I love Anita and I never pray for us to become enemies.
I dialed Donald's number again but he refused to pick then I text him.


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